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What I've been working on lately

With the revival of my blog, I’ve been thinking deeply about what I should write about as a blogger. Before, I had all these grand plans to write about different aspects about writing, like how to do character descriptions, or advice for how to create a brilliant title, just like other writing blogs that I had come across. 710 more words


Progress Report: 18/05/2015 - 24/05/2015

Welcome to week twenty-one.

I’m writing most of this on Friday, as I’ll be away over the weekend. I hope you have a good Bank Holiday (if you have one where you are). 401 more words


Book Two Coming Soon

Just as the title of this post says, “Book two coming soon”. Today I finished chapter seven of book one, this third part won’t be seeing the light of this blog site. 176 more words


Writing Progress: Minotaurs and Rings

Anyone whose advice is remotely worth following will tell you that you can only benefit from meeting other people with similar interests and goals. Writing not least of which. 1,106 more words


Progress Report: 11/05/2015 - 17/05/2015

Welcome to week twenty.

This had been another successful week. I feel like I’ve achieved a fair bit, even if not all the tasks I set for myself have been completed. 582 more words


Nearly Complete

The first major stretch of Zeph’s journey is coming to a close soon. You can catch 2/3 of seventh chapter here. The next book will have a bit more excitement, and hopefully it will remain thus throughout the rest of volume one (books 1, 2 & 3). 147 more words


Day78 Not Great Back to Chemo

6 more months of chemo is now the current diagnosis, Bill had suspicious cells in the last bone marrow biopsy, Not what we hoped for, They have to be removed before they mature!!!!!I don’t know what to tell people it is not MDS ┬áBut it could ┬ábecome cancer again, Wonderful, So He is not making platelets n is now getting blood n platelets again, The plan is to go to Hopkins for the first round then to York for the other chemo treatments. 44 more words

Writing Progress