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The Elite Three: the coming of the jinns.. 

A young boy ran down the hill to a little boy with matching white hair, his legs dangling from a tree branch. He glanced up as the other ran over to him carrying a small pouch. 1,914 more words

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An Update on My Writing

Otherwise titled Life and Other Things That Get in the Way Of Writing.

I was planning on posting a short story this week but sacrificed my usual writing time for a little bit of a social life, and now look what happened – no stories! 344 more words


Writing Progress August 22 - 28, 2016

August 22

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 157,105
  • Today’s word count: 718
  • Thoughts: It took me all day to get into my writing groove. It was worth it when I did, but I hate fussing over my writing all day without making any real progress.
  • 496 more words

Forming a Habit..

Okay, so writing everyday is going to take some getting use to lol

I prefer mapping out my character/story somewhat in my head before writing anything down or typing anything. 247 more words

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Getting Started

Chinese Proverb: Enough shovels of earth- a mountain. Enough pails of water- a river. 

I’ve been trying to focus on my writing for a while now and a lot in my life has gotten in the way of making progress. 210 more words

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The Pacific Coast

I got to spend some time on the Pacific coast n visit with my daughter and granddaughter Nalua most of the time. I saw my other grandkids for only one day since they were on the east coast with their dad and family most of my stay. 491 more words

Writing Progress

Novel Progress - August

The last month has been a struggle in regards to inspiration. I have done well with blog posts mainly through good timing and luck, but everything else has been a nightmare. 478 more words