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Day 26 Slightly Better ?Who knows

Well other than sleeping all the time except. To take meds  watch tbe news. N get a shower,Bill didn’t get.sick yesterday for the first time in days. 132 more words

Writing Progress

Progress Report: 16/03/2015 - 22/03/2015

Welcome to week twelve.

So, anyone manage to see the eclipse this week? I happened to be in the cloudy area of the country (until it was all over, of course) and only saw a glimpse when it was nearly finished. 388 more words


That was the week...


Undoubtedly the highlights of the week are the reviews and feedback that I’ve been getting for Cool Hand.

There are 33 reviews on Amazon now: 29×5-star, 3×4-star and 1×3-star. 653 more words


Why Words Are Good For You … In Moderation

If you pay any attention to nutrition-related advice—and these days, who doesn’t?—the one phrase you’ve probably heard more than a dozen times is that anything is good in moderation… 813 more words

Meg Dowell

New Life Style

Everything is different. My usual routine is different. I am relying on others to take care of things. I am not usually one to delegate jobs. 171 more words

Writing Progress

Progress Report: 09/03/2015 - 15/03/2015

Welcome to week eleven.

This week has been interrupted a little by a family birthday, so not as productive as usual, but progress has been made. 366 more words


Writing Update: Turning Ideas into Plot

At last, things are getting sorted, and I have more time on my hands. So, after it being so long since I worked on the novel, I hope to get back into writing it very soon. 110 more words