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Yes, it’s been a little while since we’ve talked. But I have good reasons, well, at least I think they are pretty good.

After the Set Free Worship Conference I needed to take a big exhale and just let everything come back to me before I shared some of the amazing stuff that God did. 218 more words


Writer Wednesday

Sales… nobody took advantage of it (except Tori, thank you for the review), but it’s been on my author of the month thread all this time. 417 more words


The Girl in the Tree - An excerpt

Megan woke suddenly and shuddered at the memory. Shaking herself awake and back to reality. From where she sat she could see the view beyond the park and the trees. 407 more words

In Someone Elses Shoes

Sunday Surprise

Hi guys,

I’m Samantha and I come from another world – the original, old Silvery Earth, where people are immortal and never grow up. When I’m not… 915 more words

Struggles To Get Through

40,000 words

So I have hit the 40,000 word mark into the first book of my Theater Door series.

It’s funny; before you start out on an adventure, you have all of these preconceived ideas about how things will happen and fall into place, whether it’s visiting a place you’ve never been before or starting a new project.   1,013 more words


Writer Wednesday

Soooo, new title out! And it sold two copies before I even announced it! Wonders never cease…

Kerrien prided himself on never getting lost, not even in the deepest, darkest forest.

434 more words

Why I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year.

Hello everyone, it’s November and around the world there are Writers sharing the love of our art and pushing their limits by taking part in NaNoWriMo… And, yeah, I’m not one of them. 833 more words