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First Steps

A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct…

Frank Herbert, DUNE

I’ve been planning a particular project now for several months.

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Writing Projects

Life Update - 22/04/2019

So! On the morning of 18th April, I finally finished drafting out the entire series of “The Princess Saga”! I’m in love with how it turned out in the end, slightly better than my original idea of its course, actually. 398 more words


Poetry Archive :: Avocado

Really no idea what happened here. You can tell it has been a long week.


A fruit from this tree,
persea americana;
mass phenomena. 32 more words

Writing Projects

Claim Your Pre-Order Gift

In just three days, my post-apocalyptic novella, Exiles, will be released into the world! It is currently available on pre-order for 99c, and every pre-order will receive a gift – Transference, which was shortlisted for the Hammond House International Literary Prize. 11 more words

Writing Projects

Poetry Archive :: Fern

Again, huge fun from a static start. Enjoy.


Tiny, fractal
universe unwinding;
Euclidean space,
Mandelbrot growth.

except, close up
noteworthy mathematics,
expansion, precise. 34 more words

Writing Projects

Look out any Window

Sometimes, I can be a little jaded. Considering the number of submissions made since January, the amount of work that’s been outputted (and already rejected) it is probably no surprise there’s an element of… 264 more words

Writing Projects


Sometimes, like it or not, it’s time to admit your shortcomings.

I am a curious mix of many things: an awful lot of Internet, social pressure, parenthood, genre bias… 370 more words

Writing Projects