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Potential Future Project

So one of the things I’ve been working on for a bit is a potential visual novel. I’ve been a bit inspired by the whole ‘playing through Fate/Stay Night’ thing as well as the whole ‘watching Unlimited Blade Works’ thing. 208 more words


PROJECTS 2016: Writing & Other Artsy Endeavors

Summer vacation will soon be over, and already, along with the unannounced but short afternoon to evening downpours, it feels as if the remaining heat of May is being wrenched out of the sun and into the city, melting roads and revealing mirages, as a last-ditch effort to extend the break. 375 more words

Mea Lacuna

Blogs versus Books: A Battle of Motivation

BLOG: Have you finished the posts for this week yet?
WRITER: Ummm, no. I was just going to-
BLOG:-Then, you better get on that. We have a strict posting schedule to keep up.

636 more words
General Thoughts

Writer Wednesday

Okay, first here’s the Booklinker Amazon Link of the latest title, click on it before Booklinker starts sending me emails that I didn’t put it to good use and I’m missing sales. 392 more words

Struggles To Get Through

Saturday post

Since this week is screwed anyway with three posts in a row, I thought I’d do one on Saturday instead of Friday. And since it’s not a usual day for a post, I’ll do an unusual post – the maps post! 256 more words

Writing Projects

Writing Exercise - Grandma's Cupboard

Title: My Grandmother’s Cupboard

The old gas hot water heater sat near the kitchen stove and gave off just enough warmth to make the kitchen comfortable and cozy. 249 more words

Write about an Experience

First draft —  The Wedding

She was a beautiful young lady with chestnut brown hair and golden brown eyes.  Being tall and lean was a gift from her father’s DNA and she took great pride in her Cherokee roots.  148 more words

Writing Projects