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Writer Wednesday

Getting back into the routine, I can say that I wrote at least 40K in March – the month’s not over, I might write another 10K, so final counts next week, and completed Saif’s story. 365 more words


Writing Project #1

Today’s youth is responsible for the future and whether or not our history will continue through time. They will be the one’s to develop life saving medical practices and maybe even stop nuclear wars to come. 1,045 more words

Writing Projects

Writing Project #2

Finding and Keeping a Significant Other: The Basics to Love and Marriage

Are you having problems finding a significant other? Are you struggling to find someone to share your life with forever? 719 more words

Writing Projects

Writing Project #3

DNA Profiling

DNA profiling, or sometimes known as deoxyribonucleic acid and DNA fingerprints or patterns, is the study of a specific DNA pattern and genetics obtained from a person or sample of bodily tissue. 2,072 more words

Writing Projects

GSME #5 :: Big Time

This last week’s been quite the revelation for Social Media use, especially when it comes to the notion of popularity. When I show you the bar graph, it should be noted that… 835 more words

Writing Projects

Days Go By

You and I need to have a chat about how my creativity’s effectively vanished.

It isn’t like it has disappeared completely or anything, and there’s a distinct vein of fictional thinking going on in my head right now. 395 more words

Writing Projects

Progress March 24, 2017

I’m nearly half-finished collecting the themes I need for my special project! I’m really pleased with how this is coming along. Once I have all my themes I’ll have to get them turned into actual pieces. 307 more words