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It counts for something

In regards to my in-progress novel, at the very least, I’ve started to play rearrange on some extensive notes for the second half of a chapter. 29 more words

Writing Projects

Drowning in a sea of MP3s

As much as I value the use of recorders to dictate notes, when I get on a roll, those notes become numerous. The other night I realized, or rather, remembered, I had an entire folder yet to be transcribed. 76 more words

Writing Projects

Friday Ramblings From An Author-NaNoWriMo Mid-Point

Another week has flown by and it’s now two days past the mid-point of NaNoWriMo. While I haven’t been writing fiction for this year’s challenge, I’m doing well with┬áthe two non-fiction titles I’m working on. 261 more words


Writing Update

Can’t talk now. NaNoWriMo.

“The Other Five Percent”:

Total word goal: 55,000 – 70,000

Word goal for November: 50,000

Words written so far: 37,723!!

Guys! I am killing it! 50 more words

Writing Projects

Writer Wednesday

So! New title out just for Tori, so she can read the rest of the fall of the southern kingdoms! I’ll make a one volume version whenever the cover artist delivers the cover. 453 more words


The Great Big IoW Survey

I promised, back at the end of October, that I’d be giving everyone who reads my blog (i.e., THE ENTIRE INTERNET) a chance to offer feedback on the Internet of Words content thus far. 76 more words

Writing Projects

NaNoWriMo :: Day 13

Well, here’s a thing. It is all going REALLY well. I’ll grant you, some of my writing is shonky as hell at this stage, but the plot is golden. 395 more words

Writing Projects