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Identity Crisis: Main Characters

Here’s a quick break-down of the main characters in the TV show that I’m writing and the actors that I think could play them. Ideally, I wouldn’t want  1,156 more words


Book of the Month :: The Ambiguity of Image

The Trojan War is notable as one of the single most important events in Greek mythology, kicked off when Paris, King of Troy, stole Helen, wife to Menelaus of Sparta. 1,564 more words

Writing Projects

Reign It In

I want to share two memories with you today. I’ll just dive right in…

The first memory is fairly recent. I had a meeting one evening before bible study at church about potential opportunities for using my writing for the church. 1,232 more words

Everyday Encounters

Writing a Novel when you have a chronic illness

So, some of you will know what fibromyalgia is, and some may have heard of it but don’t know anything about it, and some few might not have heard of it at all.   440 more words

The Writing Life

Air mail

I joined a writing group.

Oh, I probably should have waited for you to sit down before I dropped that on you. Sorry ’bout that. 461 more words

MoC And Family

Games We Play

A conversation you won’t remember
About nothing more than
An empty promise
A tease that served as
A rekindled blush laughing
At a game familiarly abandoned to… 30 more words

Writing Projects

Adventures in Haiku [TWO]

This week our weekly Haiku was written as a prompt from this image, from @espiroth on Twitter:

The Haiku that followed are, I think, some of my best work so far. 69 more words

Writing Projects