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Drifting in the confusion of "What do I do now?"

So, I just finished a book.  I’m marketing it … What do I do now?

Start a new book …

N.R. Allen

Study Saturday: Blood Sport

We meet again.

In a (quite frankly) desperate effort to resurrect this blog of mine, I have decided to launch a project, aptly named as… 545 more words


Random Friday

And the publisher’s page is up! There’s still some work to do, but well… this weekend, I guess I’ll be busy again. Writing, hopefully drawing and completing what I need to complete on the web page – probably “cleaning” this blog as well. 306 more words

Struggles To Get Through

Writer Wednesday

Sooo, soon this blog won’t be used for publishing announcements anymore, therefore I might reduce the number of posts again. I’ll still ramble on writing on Wednesdays and on other stuff on Fridays, but we’ll see. 312 more words


Chapter 3 - Cracking

He had a friend who wanted to go to the movies but his friend didn’t want to go to the movies alone. So, he suggested we all go to the movies together. 942 more words

Writing Projects



The words I want to say today I can’t
because I know it will upset you

The words are not about you
but you will not see that… 53 more words

Writing Projects

Writers' Bootcamp Day 13: Dialogue

Probably the most compelling reason for me to put off ever trying to write a novel. I’m not sure I know how to conduct “natural” dialogue in my real life, never mind on a page. 299 more words

Writing Projects