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The Daily Me (Journal) Goals – 12/02/2016

Today’s prompt comes from 100 Inspirational Journal Prompts by Melissa Bolton @ The Mogul Mom

And as from yesterday, this also comes from my death bed. 230 more words

Diary of a Writer - December writing prompt - When is that project too big?

When is that project too big? I’ve always loved knitting and have dabbled with crochet, too. I find, despairingly, that I sometimes set knitting aside when I have worked out how to complete a repeat of the pattern. 320 more words

Bella's Betrothal

Initial statement

London Monster Hunter Agency is a private organization that hunts, exorcises and, in general terms, purges monsters from this plane of existence. Its activity, based primarily, but not limited to, the Greater London Area, was first established in 1957, and has since been a private and independent organism that has acted according to the legal bounds of the contracts with their clients and the current state of the law. 324 more words

Writing Projects

Book Project Blog 1


Here’s the list you should be considering when embarking on this kind of project:

  • When is my peak time for writing productivity?

All of us have different times of the day when we find that we work best on certain tasks. 463 more words


Pesky Errors

At some point in the late 1980’s, I wrote a chapter for a human relations textbook. I had been working on a text of my own and had pretty much completed the chapter on prejudice and discrimination. 644 more words


The Eco-revolution: Prologue

2016 had been a year of surprises. Several unexpected events, like the Brexit vote result and the US presidential election result, had somehow transcended and, in a mass media storm, overturned all polls, studies and calculations in the last minute. 507 more words

Writing Projects

A Home Divided

I see you. You think I don’t

But I do.

I’m far away from you

Just a phone call or a text

Or a word or a smile… 133 more words

Writing Projects