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One Last Flight - Day Eight

Micro Sprint: 203 words

Macro Sprint : 758 words


A Dirty Sponge

As I’ve begun writing about the experience that I’ve had (in my 24 brief years) and what I’ve learned through them (still learning btw), I’ve collected a small pile of images that I can use in my writing projects. 781 more words

Writing Projects

New Writing Projects!

If you had told me this was how my new project announcement was going to go, I would’ve told you NO. That is NOT my plan. 674 more words


One Last Flight - Day Seven

Micro Sprint: 256 words

Macro Sprint: 616 words

I haven’t yet broken  a thousand words a day and with only ten days left in the month, I doubt that I can finish this tale in time with only one writing session a day. 35 more words


Book of the Month :: Why Numbers are Scary, and Other Stories.

Freakonomics is, undoubtedly, a brilliant book of essays which almost effortlessly uses causality to knit together seemingly disparate truths. However, for me at times it was a hard set of scenarios to grasp. 1,537 more words

Writing Projects

Writer Wednesday

I need to finish Sir George’s Journal by Sunday, so I can send it to Mighty Editor on Monday and then add it to both the pre-order of the ebook and the POD version I started putting together. 432 more words


Write Off :: The Day before You Came

Occasionally, you come across something that you don’t remember writing. That is the case with this week’s piece, sitting in a folder that had a bunch of house correspondence in it. 2,052 more words

Writing Projects