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#ALP: When You Grow Up

What’s your job? What did you study to be? If you could do anything you imagine, what would it be? What surprising thing did you learn at a job you once held? 86 more words


Writing Prompt: Inside the Museum After Hours

You hide in the museum bathrooms until the building is closed and everyone is gone. What is the first thing you do? Do you touch everything you possibly can or go exploring in the back rooms? 335 more words

General Fiction

Writing Prompt #584

Writing Prompt #584: She woke in a satellite prison with no way to escape or call for help.


Writing Inspiration 003: Building Worlds

While I know I am not the only writer who writes like this,  know that I work a little differently. When I write, I do not build worlds. 302 more words


300 Writing Prompts: 26

Why do you write?

To clear the chaos in my head. Writing is like my version of tattooing; all that’s different is the canvas. I write in hopes of creating something that will live on throughout time. 54 more words

Random Plot Generator UUUU

The grouchy prostitute slowly transforms into a centaur. 


Random Plot Generator TTTT

The greedy librarian becomes an Elvis impersonator.