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Creative Writing Prompts: Monochrome

Words became lost in the wind that haunted the city as of late. Those who tread the busy streets appeared to be looking straight ahead, an uncanny gloss shielding their eyes. 342 more words


Thoughts of a Quixotic Nature

Don Quixote, how do I explain how much joy the privilege reading this work means to me? I ask you to have ‘Patience and shuffle the cards,’ while I  explain. 630 more words

Writing Prompts

Intro to Poetry - Day 1

Hello everyone. It seems I have enrolled into Blogging Univerisity.  This is an interactive series of online blogging classes provided by WordPress, who are my hosts.   743 more words

Weekly Writing Prompt: 7/24-7/30

Hey, guys! Sorry that this is a day late, but yesterday was my birthday, and I was busy for most of the day. I still managed to get my 1k (I’m not going to let that get ruined for anything), and then when I got home I found one of my pet rats had passed away. 161 more words

Creative WRiting

The Hummingbird Man

Prompt: Sanctuary

Cash had heard that migratory birds sometimes stopped on Brasseux Lake on their way south; unusual birds for the region, like pelicans. He had never seen a pelican outside a zoo, and was fascinated by their prehistoric appearance, so getting a good shot of a pelican was his quest for this day. 725 more words

Writing Prompts

Sanctuary... A fancy word for hideout?

I was caught off guard this morning when I read Ben Huberman’s word prompt for the day — Sanctuary. If he’s referring to a place of refuge, it occurred to me all of a sudden I don’t feel like I have one. 508 more words


Writing Prompt: Train of Thought/Stream of Consciousness

This week’s prompt: write a character’s internal monologue (or dialogue!)/train of thought. I’ll be practicing this with punctuation this week, then attempting true stream of consciousness a bit later, if I can force myself to work at it. 152 more words

Writing Prompts