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The Dance of Daily Life

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

I found this song called “Falling for You” by Lyon Hart. It’s a perfectly fine song but the part I find more interesting is the music video. 75 more words

The Boy In The Heart Shades

Monday's Musings...

Wazzup Pussycats?

Must be Neko right? Anyways… I’m musing on giveaways today and am curious for your thoughts and input! 374 more words


31 Writing Prompts in 31 Days: No. 23


One thing was clear. This was no ordinary book.

Write on.


Monday Writing Prompts-Five Phrases

This week’s prompt focuses on five phrases that you have to squeeze into your story at least once.

They are-

Gummy bears.

Every day of the week. 18 more words


QKJ #23

You know about the blind men and the elephant.
And you know Vermeer’s “Milkmaid”*

Write “The Blind Men and the Milkmaid”

*Click on the image if you want a MUCH larger view


Like Riding A Bike

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Write a poem about a skill that you feel you’ll never forget. Even if you went years without using the skills, are you sure that you’d retain the ability all the same? 35 more words

The Boy In The Heart Shades

Reality vs "Reality"

Prompt: Successful

The election, the inauguration, and the President-Elect himself were all successful, if you simply choose alternative facts instead of, well, facts. (The election was successful in the face of foreign interference— the Russian hacking, and domestic interference— voter suppression laws. 103 more words

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