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Writing Prompt Wednesday #30: Fun at the Fair • #shortreads #flashfiction

Writing Prompt: Write a story that features a fair or amusement park. Maybe the story takes place there or the characters are planning a trip to one or they are reminiscing about a time at the fair. 167 more words


Failed Flirtation

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Write a poem about when flirting goes wrong. You were trying to sound confident and ended up sounding arrogant. Or you were trying to be playful but took a step too far into creepy. 69 more words

The Boy In The Heart Shades


Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

Sadly for all my readers I cannot recall the last nightmare I had. 37 more words


The reflection staring back

What does your character think & feel when he or she looks in the mirror?

Part of me didn’t know what to think. How could someone so successful feel so useless, and gross. 388 more words

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt # 130

W.P. # 130   Become someone else for a day. (Write about your experience.)

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt #686

Write a Force-like magic system where literally everything that happens is explained with a hand-wavium and everything is technically possible. In this world, since they can do everything, everyone’s main focus it to make their lives as dramatic as possible, and so they learn storytelling from a young age and essentially role-play out their entire lives.


Prompt - I Have Confidence in Me

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Have Confidence in Me.”

Prompt: “Are you good at what you do? What would you like to be better at?

631 more words