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A Tale Tell: Fangblade the Coyote

By TV; September 12, 2018

Type:  Practice, TFB Prologue 02

Plot:  Short Story, Imitation of Prehistoric Cave Painting

Setting:  Prehistoric Cave Painting World

In the past where the lands used to be vast with green beauty and prosperous with wildlife untouched by the flames of mankind’s technological civilization, there was a powerful tribe called the River Plain that lived in the golden meadow by the gentle river. 162 more words

Enjoy Life

Upcoming meetings

Hi writers,

Unfortunately I can’t make the Wednesday Write-In at Mocha Monkey tonight. *sad face* The weather isn’t lovely to be out in, either, but I encourage anyone who was planning on writing at Mocha tonight to still go! 119 more words

Meeting Reminders

Seriously? Don't Do That

I have a lot of ideas

but most of them are bad.

Spectacularly, monumentally, Guinness Book of World Records


I have never run out of bad ideas. 117 more words

Writing Prompts

“What was the last thing you read, heard, of saw that inspired you?”

Yesterday morning I was reading my daily S.O.A.P. (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer) and one verse stuck out to me.

383 more words

Challenge 03

Greetings to everybody!

Since this is the month of September, I have always wondered about the months. Do you believe that the twelve months of a year could possibly be represented by the possible elemental aspects of emotions? 159 more words

Know Youself

Basic Bullet Journaling Ideas

Bullet journaling has been a lifesaver these past few months; my life has continued to get busier, so staying organized and inspired to do all the things I love can be a real struggle sometimes. 573 more words

Creative Writing

Writing Prompt #672

Writing Prompt #672: She could finally go home and hug her husband and son but she didn’t even know them anymore.