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Random Plot Generator X

  1. The proud giant receives a very important phone call.
  2. The giant from the Endless Abyss Within the Realms of Doom, and Despair receives a very important phone call. 

Random Plot Generator W

  1. The knight awakens in the future to become an obsessive compulsive bus driver.
  2. The knight from the Islands of Unholy Dread becomes an obsessive compulsive bus driver. 

Random Plot Generator V

  1. The lazy dancing bear graduates from charm school.
  2. The dancing bear from the Shackled City Within the Volcano graduates from charm school.
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Writing Prompt #525

Writing Prompt #525: She chose not to hide from him this time he always found her anyway.



Prompt: Elaborate

Greetings, Wednesday!

I need to feed the roses today. They provide us with an elaborate show all summer long– not a detailed or complex show, but an ornate one in red and yellow and pink. 119 more words

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt: "Say Cheese!"

“Say Cheese!” And that’s when all hell broke loose!

“Say cheese!” the photographer before clicking the shuttle button to take the photo of my fiancé, Stephan, and I for our engagement photo. 230 more words

Writing Prompts