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No Excuses. Just Write.

I just spent a week in Hawaii, and it made me realize something:

I’m angry. Have been for a while. I don’t want to be anymore. 1,119 more words


Formatting An Email Query

In my quest to submit the perfect query for my story The Big ‘a Wandering I searched for hints and suggestions and guidelines, wading through books, websites, and magazines, until I get really tired of looking at them and just send the darn query in hoping it’ll do. 128 more words

Writing Rambles

Put my Patella Back

This year so far I have…

Busted up my face falling down a ladder

Been in a fender bender

And most recently, dislocated my kneecap. And it’s April. 1,339 more words

Writing Rambles

The Picture Book

I don’t know if it was because of the notepad I made at the library or that I sprained my hand and couldn’t use the computer a few days, but I started my picture book. 262 more words

Writing Rambles

What's up Wednesday: The Final Countdown

Thank you Jaime and Erin for hosting What’s up Wednesday these last two years! I have met some of my favorite writing people through it. You guys are amazing! 442 more words

Writing Rambles

47 Parks SC

I created a new blog, 47parkssc – 47 Parks SC, SC for South Carolina. The idea came about after perusing one to many travel magazines with high priced hotels and exotic resorts. 387 more words

Writing Rambles

Waiting Ring

When you are a writer in pursuit of publication you wait. A lot.

First, you wait for feedback from critique partners and beta readers to tell you your manuscript is ready to query. 567 more words