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I Quit Smoking: And Now My Writing Is Different

When I did smoke, I didn’t advertise it. To be honest, it was not something I was proud of. It’s what happens when I started working retail. 460 more words


Writing Rambles #5

Trying to write mentally ill characters is very difficult. You don’t want it to be over the top where it doesn’t feel like a person anymore, and more like a trope ridden character to the point of comic relief or the subject of an angry Tumblr user’s post. 522 more words


The Perfect Pen

When writing my first drafts I prefer to write with a pen in a notebook. There’s no battery to monitor. There’s no powering it up and opening up a word document. 254 more words

Writing Rambles

Writing Rambles #4

I love elves.

I love elves so much.

I love writing them, reading and researching about them. I mean, it’s even in my URL. I’ve read so many books about elves that you would think writing about them would be easy. 260 more words


Writing Rambles #3

I planned to have four chapters my current story, in Project: Fun Times Snowed In. It looks like it will be a long five or a shorter six. 65 more words


the question

I think anyone who is a person of color has been asked this question. I don’t think it’s bad, but it’s how white people ask the question that’s pretty noteworthy of the cringe and awkwardness in asking. 1,018 more words

Writing Rambles #2

I’m terrible at writing titles. I usually save that for last whenever I work on a new novel or short story. I’ve finished my first short story in my fantasy series and now it’s moved to the editing process. 58 more words