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The Year It Snowed Kitty Treats

I am shamelessly plugging my new book here.


It’s one of my annual Christmas stories based of my cats Mietze and Talbot. In the book they are Roly and Poly, two kittens who disobey their mother and sneak out of the house to gather kitty treats that mingle with the snow. 27 more words

Writing Rambles

New blog, same lunatic

Welcome, my lovelies!

As you can tell, I’ve made the jump to wordpress after having so many issues with the old blog.  As always, I wish that I had done it sooner.   333 more words

Free Story Tuesday

The Series Where Everyone Dies

Not too long ago I picked up a book at the library I thought might be interesting. It was with zombies. I think. When I got home I discovered it was the last in a series of five. 216 more words

Writing Rambles

YA Authors, Read Less YA!

Reading YA (young adult) books could be detrimental to a YA author. Yes? No? Candance Moore in her blog article “Why YA Authors Should Spend Less Time in Bookstores” makes some good points. 253 more words

Writing Rambles

Putting Oneself Out There

In a recent forum I read, a person lamented on having to create a blog, join Twitter and Facebook, and do other on-line ‘stuff’ in order to promote herself as an author. 365 more words

Writing Rambles

Meeting Other People Who Write

Writers can be a secretive lot. A number of them are out there, in writing groups and that, but some are hidden away and  won’t tell you they’re writing until you mention it yourself. 183 more words

Writing Rambles

Three Ways Critique Partners Are Unicorns

There are so many articles and blog posts out there detailing the publishing road, it’s various ups and downs, twists and turns, plummets into deep holes of revision malaise and rejection induced cookie-binges. 1,463 more words