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San Diego Comic-Con: Reflection

Four years ago I decided I would one day go to San Diego Comic-Con. Sparked by a story idea and bundled with my own singular desire for adventure, I stated to the entire universe, God in his infinite wisdom, and my husband in his introverted manliness that I was going and I they all needed to help or get out of the way. 461 more words

Writing Rambles

When Technology Passes a Book By

I’m reading through my old books, deciding which to keep and which to sell or give away. A number of books are Star Trek novels. I’ve already given a lot away, sold them. 211 more words

Writing Rambles

Writing Rambles: Can We Stop Killing the Family Dog?

I’m so tired of this trope. Why does the animal have to die in order to provoke an emotional response from the audience? I’m a huge animal lover. 609 more words


I Quit Smoking: And Now My Writing Is Different

When I did smoke, I didn’t advertise it. To be honest, it was not something I was proud of. It’s what happens when I started working retail. 460 more words


Writing Rambles #5

Trying to write mentally ill characters is very difficult. You don’t want it to be over the top where it doesn’t feel like a person anymore, and more like a trope ridden character to the point of comic relief or the subject of an angry Tumblr user’s post. 522 more words


The Perfect Pen

When writing my first drafts I prefer to write with a pen in a notebook. There’s no battery to monitor. There’s no powering it up and opening up a word document. 254 more words

Writing Rambles

Writing Rambles #4

I love elves.

I love elves so much.

I love writing them, reading and researching about them. I mean, it’s even in my URL. I’ve read so many books about elves that you would think writing about them would be easy. 260 more words