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Military Dependents As Main Characters

Having grown up on military posts, I like that there are more children’s books with kids who have a parent (or two) in the military. If I see a book like this I pick it up, but sometimes with reluctance. 269 more words

Writing Rambles

Author Mentor Match: Seeking Unicorns

In the YA and MG (that’s Young Adult and Middle Grade, for those accidentally wandering onto this blog) community, helping other writers find their voice and reach their potential is a common, time-honored tradition. 193 more words


Development in Writing Part 2: In Which we Demolish World Building

If you missed out on Part 1 of Developments in Writing, then ya probably should go check it out before continuing to read this (just a suggestion though, you can totally rebel against my wishes if you want) 813 more words

Writing Rambles

Developments in Writing: In Which we Establish the Basics

Greetings, hello @ my fellow readers,

I thought I’d switch the content of my blog up a bit, since I’ve never shown any actual semblance of organization here, and add a strange and random segment for benefit of your entertainment, or maybe knowledge or maybe you’ll just ignore this entirely… 694 more words

Writing Rambles

Taylor Swift has a Reputation

There is something that has been spawning in my brain all day — ever since I listened to Taylor Swift’s new single. I should probably begin by saying, I am a reluctant Taylor Swift fan. 822 more words

Writing Rambles


When writing there are certain things that make it easier. Inspiration is one of them. Despite needing to learn how to write without it there are a few things that inspire me stop putting off the chapter and get the words down. 386 more words

Writing Rambles

When everything just works

In contrast to the odious middle ground of the novel writing where things are bleak and writers block rules there are moments when writing is fun, and dare I say it easy. 242 more words

Writing Rambles