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My Charleston Novel

I’d hoped to be finished with this by now, but every time I read it, I find another fact I must verify. Historical novels are not easy, not if you want to do it right. 265 more words

Writing Rambles

Writing Update

This week, I finished my master edit on the third draft of HYBRID!!! *happy dances* It feels so good to have finished a few drafts now. 155 more words


Reading the Last Chapter Before You Get There

I see my mom do this quite a bit, flipping to the back of a novel to see how it comes out. I admit I’ve done it myself, but only because a) I don’t like the story and want to see if it’s worth reading to the end. 251 more words

Writing Rambles


Everyone gains perspective at the end of a year. This time is tailor-made for reflection, soul-searching sipping chamomile, curled in a sweater, tucked under blankets. When you live in Los Angeles, it looks a little different. 595 more words

Writing Rambles

Getting Back to the Basics

When I started this blog, it was for my writing. I don’t quite feel I’ve been doing that these last couple of years and I want to go back to that. 94 more words

Writing Rambles

This Year's Christmas Book - Not

While I wrote a Christmas book this year, I didn’t publish it. I was going to, really, I was. The words were written. The pictures drawn. 163 more words

Writing Rambles

Author Mentor Match: That's a Wrap

What a wild ride that was. When the Author Mentor Match submissions window opened it felt more like a floodgate had broken. There was a wealth of brilliant ideas, kernels of genius, clever characters, and inspirational concepts. 1,197 more words

Writing Rambles