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Writing Rambles #1

Lucy (my dog) has been fed, walked and played with until she has worn herself out and has fallen asleep at my feet. Prepared my second cup of coffee and turned on my computer. 54 more words


Where are the Books?

My last post made me remember me telling my mother that on all those houses they show on the HGTV channel we’ve seen any with bookcases full of books. 315 more words

Writing Rambles

The Plight of The Deceased Author

I’m reading through the children’s section, going backward Z to A because that’s just how I decided to do it. As I go, I’m reminded of authors I’ve read long ago, books I’ve enjoyed. 200 more words

Writing Rambles

Historical Novels: How Accurate Do They Need To Be?

I’m still working on my historical novel, doing the research thing, and anguishing over every little detail while telling myself to stop being so anal. It does not have to be 100% accurate. 304 more words

Writing Rambles

straight & fast

I remember yesterday, I ran a red light going at least 60 mph past it. Before this incident, I had just passed another intersection that was green and thought to myself, “I wonder if I’ll run a red light the next time just because.” As I approached the next lights, I just wasn’t thinking. 511 more words

The Year It Snowed Kitty Treats

I am shamelessly plugging my new book here.


It’s one of my annual Christmas stories based of my cats Mietze and Talbot. In the book they are Roly and Poly, two kittens who disobey their mother and sneak out of the house to gather kitty treats that mingle with the snow. 27 more words

Writing Rambles

New blog, same lunatic

Welcome, my lovelies!

As you can tell, I’ve made the jump to wordpress after having so many issues with the old blog.  As always, I wish that I had done it sooner.   333 more words

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