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Wattpad: Why do the Popular Stories Mostly Suck?

This is an expansion of a previous rant on Wattpad. You can find that here. 

Wattpad has got to be one of the only writing sites on the internet where your stories can become popular with atrocious grammar, one diminsional characters, and POVs that change at neckbreak speed. 198 more words


Wattpad: Is it a Good Writing Site?

Back in 2012, I stumbled upon this site called Wattpad. It’s a place where authors can post their original and fictional stories to their heart’s content. 469 more words


Writing Rants: Writing as a business.

In this rant disguised as a blog I want to talk about something that I have been noticing more and more lately.

That is people’s attitudes when I refer to writing as work. 429 more words


S&M Podcast 4 - III The Empress

S&M Podcast 4 – III The Empress

Hello again honorable travelers on the path of the fool!  Your allies and humans(?) in arms, the Sorcerer & Magician here.   231 more words


S&M Podcast 3 - II The High Priestess

S&M Podcast 3 – The High Priestess.

Greetings from the Sorcerer!

Continuing down the path we come across a beautiful balance.  In this third installment the magician and I discuss the High Priestess.   277 more words


TSM Davies is Moving

My website is moving. My blog has been on WordPress for more than 5 years now, but the time has come to make a change. What does this mean for my followers? 178 more words

Writing Rants

The site has been created

But first we had to invent the universe.

As we continue to delve through themes and attempt to customize a free blog into a reasonable platform for deploying audio conversations, please bear with us.

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