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How to Create Your Fantasy Map

I’ve recently begun a new writing project: an epic fantasy story this time around. I’ve written in this genre before, but when I was very young, so I’ve had to start dusting off some of the old skills and tidbits of info to get it done. 1,546 more words


Writing Comp's, Degree's and I must be Mad!

My mind has been jumping lately, going in directions that are spurring me forward on one hand, but also wrecking total havoc with my concentration on the other. 223 more words

Flash Fiction

Things that make Characters Interesting (for me...)

  1. A sense of humor

Seriously, I will forgive a character almost anything if they can make me laugh.

  1. A romantic relationship OTHER than a love triangle or angsty teen infatuation…
  2. 428 more words

Writer's, Author's & a Degree in English!

Do you have to have a Degree in English to be a Writer/Author?… I hope not, as I certainly do not have one and yesterday my whole thinking process, believing I could only make it if I did have a Degree, left me feeling depressed. 336 more words


Books, E-Books, Authors and Libraries!

The feeling to write about books has grabbed me, and I’ve a lot to say. I have devided the post up to highlight my various points. 636 more words


Writer's Block - Again

This is doing my bloody head in….Writer’s Block has arisen again.

I know everyone suffers with it from time-to-time and it gets tedious and damn-right frustrating…. 180 more words

Flash Fiction

Writers - Beware of this....

Want someone to read your writing work and story’s?…Be very careful who you choose as it can bode either well for you or plain bad. 229 more words