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Writers - Beware of this....

Want someone to read your writing work and story’s?…Be very careful who you choose as it can bode either well for you or plain bad. 229 more words


Ways to Keep Going when Insecurities Keep You from Writing

Everyone’s been there. You have an idea, and it is brilliant. It will reform the terrain of the literary world! Or… maybe it’ll just sell millions of copies and get a movie deal. 801 more words


Is profanity in blog rants okay?

My friend Gale Molinari at Galesmind.com posted this meme yesterday.

In general, I agree with the above sentiment. We all know people who cuss constantly and after awhile it can become annoying and offensive. 563 more words


Using Visuals to Develop Character and Tone

One of the biggest contributing factors to writer’s block is struggling to get to know your characters or to understand the tone or theme of your current piece of creative writing. 587 more words


Coming up next...

Good afternoon, my lovies!

With the Lane Chronicles finished and in your hot, little hands, and since I’ve gotten several questions about the next release–a Deadly Sins or a Scandal?–I thought I’d share the answer here. 554 more words

Writing Rants

In Defense of Reading When You're a Writer

At some point you may have seen “A Wordplayer’s Manifesto” by K. M. Weiland: 476 more words


The Ideal Writing & Posting Apps for Android

I’ve been looking for decent apps on Android to use for writing posts.

Now, my attempts at using Google docs has been, shall I say, a pain in the arse. 230 more words