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In Defense of Reading When You're a Writer

At some point you may have seen “A Wordplayer’s Manifesto” by K. M. Weiland: 476 more words


The Ideal Writing & Posting Apps for Android

I’ve been looking for decent apps on Android to use for writing posts.

Now, my attempts at using Google docs has been, shall I say, a pain in the arse. 230 more words


Dead End Lane is here!

On the off chance you’ve not heard me shouting from the top of my lungs (it’s impressive, I assure you), the final episode in the Lane Chronicles is finally here! 116 more words

Writing Rants

The Painful Endurance of Writing

I love writing. I love it so much that I get excited over the very act. I enjoy the feel of a pen or pencil in my hand as I scribble on paper. 664 more words


My Depression and Writers Block

Hi guys,

I’ve had a real shit time of it for quite a while now which is why you’ve not had any stories from me along with a lack of communication. 159 more words


Final Words - Pretty Libraries and Me Blabbing

The Blabbing

I haven’t been investigating many articles these past weeks. My time has either been spent logging hours on Scrivener as I get through last chapter revisions or trying to find the right floaties to lift me above the deep funk of my self-prescribed monastic lifestyle. 203 more words

Final Words

Some like it hot!

As Memory Lane is on the verge of release,  I’m curious to know how hot you like your romance. Nate and Roxy, my detective and his lady sleuth, finally get a steam scenes in this episode, and I’m dying to know…. 9 more words

Writing Rants