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Happy Spring, my dearest Roadlings! ^_^ *frolics*

Since today is, in fact, the first day of Spring (for those of us in the northern hemisphere), and this is, in fact, a writing blog (little as you may notice with all the bookish things going on from time to time. 941 more words


An Editing State of Mind

I just spend well over an hour organizing my e-mail. My brain is looking for structure and organization, and by imposing order on the world, it is easier to impose order on itself. 396 more words

Life Happens

Writer's Corner - January Writing Recap

Welcome to 2018’s first monthly writing recap! Each month I’m going to revisit my three writing resolutions that I talked about in this post to let y’all know how things have been going – I need to stay accountable! 385 more words


Four: Writing Tips

1. Read at least one short story a week. 

At the moment, though I’m writing one longer piece that almost resembles a novella, I’m focusing on shorter pieces for a number of reasons. 403 more words


Quote of the Week

This one spoke to me this week, and as I reevaluate my 2018 writing goals (which are lofty), it seemed appropriate.

I wish for you amazing things this year!


Writer's Corner - 2018 Writing Resolutions

We are ten days into 2018 now, and I’ve decided to start another new segment that will appear sporadically on the blog – Writer’s Corner. 2017 was a banana-pants year, and I let my talk of writing, my progress, and craft go by the wayside. 639 more words


2018 - A happy new writing year to all!

A wonderful 2018 to everyone! But special wishes for a productive new writing year to all you writers out there!

Usually, this is my time to make writing resolutions for the new year. 94 more words

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