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Writing Prompt #59

Today’s prompt continues the running theme of character.  I feel a visual representation of the images you have in your head as a writer are a great source of inspiration.   111 more words


Developing Your Characters

In Sunday’s post, I mentioned how I’ve been struggling to get to know the protagonist of my space odyssey pilot.  I have nearly every other character worked out, backstories in place, and even a number of future episode ideas plotted, but this one character, the main character, still sort of eludes me. 425 more words


Writing Prompt #58

This week’s writing prompt inspires another bout of poetry in me…huh, will wonders never cease?!

What does it inspire in you?

Happy Writing!


Fun(ish) Fact Friday

Once again, upon clearing out my email, I discovered this wonderful series of infographics from Good in a Room entitled “Screenplay Writing Explained in 7 Infographics… 547 more words


The Best of Writing Prompts (#57)

I was thinking that when I reached a grand number I would do a sort of “best of”.  Instead of waiting for the distant future, let’s do it today! 39 more words


Writing Prompt #56

Wednesday flew by before I had a chance to catch my breath and post an image…better late than never, right?!

Here is this week’s Writing Prompt – an image that stirs the imagination in a variety of ways.   11 more words


Writing Prompt Challenge Accepted #13 and It's My Anniversary

In addition to finally doing some writing, I’m also celebrating an anniversary, according to WordPress.  I’ve been blogging (on and off) for two years!  I can’t believe I got off my buttocks and started this blog two years ago…?!?!   571 more words