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It's Quote Monday

I remember when I started telling people I wanted to be a screenwriter the reactions I often received.  I received a lot of scoffs and naysaying and “words of wisdom” that I should choose a more practical career path.  297 more words


Fun Fact Friday

I found this interesting infographic in regards to how writing helps the brain and thought I’d share with my fellow creatives.

I found the graphic… 34 more words


Writing Prompt #44

It’s Writing Prompt Wednesday!

I started the prompts as a way to help other writers find inspiration, but I have found I enjoy the escape they provide as well.  43 more words


Writing Prompt Challenge Accepted #10

I kept the promise I made to myself and wrote a couple of flash fiction pieces.  I used them as a warm-up exercise as I pushed past that third act hurdle I have been struggling with… 414 more words


Resolution Write: February Edition - The Lure of Cotton Candy, Puppies, Beer, and Chicken Wings

by Kate Barrett

A few weeks ago I stuck around Lighthouse after classes had started for the evening to try pumping out a few words. I wanted to see if it might work better to write while other people were talking about writing, as opposed to writing in my living room where roommates and dogs come and go, and sometimes I’m called upon to chase mice from the kitchen, or come outside, or taste a new brew, or just be generally present in the right-now lives of people I care about. 807 more words


Writing Prompt #43

As many of you know by now, I love history and lost worlds, and when I found this image, of course I was immediately intrigued.  A little Goonies reference perhaps?   39 more words


It's Quote Monday...kind of.

The last couple of weeks, the impending doom surrounding my birthday has caused random outbursts of emotion.  I’ve had some bad birthdays, but this one is different.  324 more words