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Re-Learning Character Development

My latest book taught me so many things about writing, but the thing I was surprised by the most was the character development.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written a story with these characters.  653 more words


World Building, Character Creation, and Knowing When to Start Writing Part I.

I have started drafting (actually that’s too precise a word…more like mapping) my sci-fi pilot, and as much as I love research mode (that’s not sarcasm, I really do!) at what point do you know enough to start writing? 753 more words


Dealing with Rejection, Badly.

I have been rather busy the last couple of weeks, and many things have been pushed to the back burner, causing a bit of stress. 894 more words


Doneness Update and Announcements

So, I went away for a while.  I didn’t update the Doneness Project like I said I would, I didn’t even keep up this blog like I said I would.  400 more words


Writing Prompt Challenge Accepted #12

Finally…I did some writing!  Yay me. :/

The following are my flash fiction pieces for the Writing Prompt Challenge I offer each week.  As with most things lately, I’m a bit behind.   613 more words


Writing Prompt #53

Apologies, once again, the day disappeared before I had a chance to post.  Here is this week’s Writing Prompt, an interesting image just waiting for a story! 25 more words


Writing Prompt #52

Good afternoon, and welcome to Writing Prompt Wednesdays!

Now, I understand that I am not one to talk about accepting writing prompt challenges when I have written so few of them myself – so far only 21/51…eek!   98 more words