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Writing Prompt #94

It’s Friday again?!  My life is flashing by…gracious, I better start making better use of my down time!

I honestly planned on posting this Wednesday, when I was supposed to, but it was the first day in nearly two weeks I had the house all to myself, so you can imagine what I did.   58 more words


Writing Prompt #92

I was struck by today’s prompt visually, but I don’t have a story idea…yet.

Are you inspired?

Come write with me!


Writing Prompt Challenge Accepted #20

I try to take advantage of the down time I get at work, which, if you’ve read my fan fiction, you’ll know is a great deal.   364 more words


Opportunities for Writers

When I find a writing opportunity, I like to share.

If you’re not following Aerogramme Writers’ Studio yet, you definitely should!  Like right now.  Go.  I’ll wait.   181 more words


Writing Prompt #91

Seriously…where does the time go?  I’ve been working on a rewrite, and the time is just flying by.  And what’s bad about that, you may wonder?   87 more words


Quote Monday

In light of my last post, I’m having to give myself daily pep talks in order to keep moving forward.  It’s a struggle all creatives must endure, and if you’re like me at the moment, know that you aren’t alone. 28 more words


Fear of Success

I’m certain I’ve talked about this subject in the past – the idea that even if our lives are chaotic and unsatisfying, we’re comfortable with what’s familiar, what we know.   599 more words