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Writing Prompt #80

I set the deadline to complete the rewrite of my pilot for the 30th, which is only a couple of days away.  Because of this, I haven’t written anything else, except a bit of fanfic when I’m at work.   44 more words


A Screenwriter's Concept Checklist

I’ve been slowly going from room to room, computer folder to folder, spring cleaning.  I hate clutter.

I came across an old save from a website called… 435 more words


Writing Prompt #79

As many of you are aware by now, I have a “thing” for lost worlds, history, etc. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to ruins and abandoned places and things. 25 more words


Writing Prompt Challenge Accepted #17

I present to you my works of flash fiction.  My escape into free writing.  I don’t think too much, I don’t edit too much, and I don’t give myself too much time.   941 more words


Writing Prompt #78

This week’s Writing Prompt is in the form of a dialogue prompt.  I have found a number of wonderful snippets that could be the beginnings of an intriguing story. 24 more words


Quote Monday

Besides the adorable-ness, the lessons are a great reminder of things (sometimes) forgotten with age.

As writers, I think we, generally, embody 2 of the 3, with happiness getting lost from time to time.   233 more words


Writing Prompt #77

I’m feeling a little romantically inclined today.  Perhaps it’s because, in part, I’ve dreamt of Tom Hiddleston 4 out of the last 5 nights…I haven’t even seen him in anything recently, so who knows?! 80 more words