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From Couch to Computer: A Beginner's Writing Plan

I’ve started running again, and, well, the beginners guide to running a marathon, which I used two years ago, seems impossible now. Now, I have to ‘fake breathe’ after one flight of stairs. 529 more words


AuThursday - Nicole Evelina

Please welcome, Award Winning Author, Nicole Evelina to the Clog Blog.  Nicole, you write in multiple genres, are there any particular challenges with that?

Branding is a little more difficult because I can’t simply say I’m a historical fiction author or a romantic comedy author, I have to explain that I do both. 1,076 more words

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Creating a Writing Schedule

Let me know if this sounds familiar.

You sit down to work on a writing project, and suddenly different browser windows open unbidden in your mind and clamor for attention. 659 more words

Weekly Wrap-Up: May Week 1

It’s Monday… Have I ever told you I hate Mondays? No! Really? That’s a surprised, well I have now. Just to clarify I really, really, really, hate Mondays. 434 more words

4 Day Writing Wrap-up

Yep, the title of this post hits it on the head. If you are unaware, I didn’t get last weeks writing wrap-up post until Thursday so I just did an extra three days on that one. 432 more words

How I Schedule Time to Write

How I Schedule Time to Write

by Sarah Krueger

For 20 years, I’ve been a stay-at-home mom. Nearly every moment of every day has been spent with one or more of our five children. 499 more words

Phoenix Publishing & Book Promotion

My writing routine...And some random thoughts.

I remember reading On Writing by Stephen King a few years back and highlighting the heck out of that book. So many quotes resonated with me. 661 more words