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Writing Schedule

The last few months have been very interesting. While I have been writing all my life, it’s only recently that I decided to actively pursue self-publishing as a career. 398 more words

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How I plan to schedule my writing

Currently my schedule involves working on blog posts and client stuff in the morning, then fiction whenever inspiration strikes later in the day. I want to transition to being a full-time fiction writer and I want to do it with income from indie publishing so that’s what I’m changing my schedule to focus on. 375 more words

Camp NaNoWriMo

Michaeline: Gordon Ramsay Crossover Writing Lessons, Part One

WARNING: Profanity. (It involves Gordon Ramsay. What did you fucking expect?)

To a certain extent, art is art is art. Still, I was surprised how applicable some of the lessons Gordon Ramsay taught his restauranteurs were to the art of writing. 1,204 more words


Manuscripts breath life for themselves

I apologize for not updating my blog since late October or November. I had gone through a few things emotionally with my mother’s death and cleaning up my mental state and having to let go of a few things. 638 more words

Soul's Little Lie

The Effective Author: Writing Time, Writing Results

The Effective Author: Writing Time, Writing Results

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There is a close correlation between the writing time… 717 more words

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Taming the Chaos of Our Writing

Life is chaos. The whirlwind of existence will forever thwart our plans, hinder our intentions and throw the proverbial monkey wrench at us at the most inopportune times. 540 more words


The importance of your screenwriting momentum...

It happens to all screenwriters eventually. You’re working along on at a good clip, maybe writing five or more pages a day, and then a giant barrier drops in your way. 995 more words

Screenwriting Survival Tactics 101