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2016 has been a bitch.

On a more global scale, but also on a more personal scale. My husband got fired from his job. As of December 1, he hasn’t found a new one. 766 more words

Writing Life

Writing Routines 101: My Tips to Acing It

People love to ask me how long it takes to write certain pieces or how I find income through this crazy thing called the internet… 1,044 more words

Blog It Up

Writing Help: Self-Editing and Critiquing Critiques


First, a definition. By self-editing, I don’t mean grammar, spelling, and basic English skills (which every writer should have and develop). I mean the ability to step back from your work and see it as a reader. 1,341 more words

Abby Jones

Demystifying Writing Myths

You don’t need to believe everything that goes through your head. This also applies when it comes to your ideas about how you should be as an academic writer, how the writing process should look, or how the text you produce should be. 1,244 more words

Being A Writer

Writing Schedule W/C 7 November 2o16

In order to discipline myself as a writer, I create a template of work to focus on every week.

I must admit that creating and using this has been sporadic and I’ve gone months without even looking at it. 283 more words

Pamela Scott

Long Winter Nights: Where is My Muse?

This week, one of our foxes posed the question of seasonal changes in daily sunlight and the effect of longer nights on our writing schedule. Since I’m semi-retired and have no children at home, this probably has less of an effect on my writing than it would have fifteen years ago. 477 more words


Creating a Writing Schedule

With National Novel Writing Month only two days away, we should have our outlines done or at the least, the idea firmly cemented in our head.   471 more words