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How Famous Researchers Work: Claude Lévi-Strauss

Although he wasn’t the typical anthropologist, doing years of fieldwork, Claude Lévi-Strauss (1908-2009) belongs to the most well known thinkers of his field. He became widely known with the publication of his memoir Tristes Tropiques in the 1950s and his name became synonymous with the structural method applied to kinship and myths. 537 more words


Busy? Break Your Writing Projects Into Small Chunks

I have a confession: this blog has been going strong for 3+ years and lately, because the other editor (Mel) and I have been really, really busy, we haven’t been posting nearly as often as we used to. 558 more words


7. Writing Out Loud (Sorry, it's late)

7:30 AM – I woke up. That’s right. I slept in. A whole hour and a half. Or at least an hour. The dogs had me up, but they got a very stern “GO LAY DOWN” from me when they wanted to go out. 190 more words

Bre Faucheux

6. Writing Out Loud

5:30 AM – Damn dogs decided that there was no going back and they had to go out right that second. Fair enough, mutts. I went to bed early and you held it for eight hours. 333 more words

Bre Faucheux

Pondering my next writing project

My favorite questions tend to start with “what if.” Lately, however, this writer has been asking himself, “What now?”

Ever since I started plotting out… 1,248 more words


Lessons from Activity

So, remember a while ago when I said that the aftermath of the A-Z blog challenge made me surprisingly active with the writing? Well, it continues. 419 more words


How Famous Researchers Work: Niklas Luhmann

Famous for his unrelenting effort to develop sociological systems theory and the theory of society, Niklas Luhmann (1927-1998) produced several dozens of books and many more articles in his career. 520 more words