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Week 3 writers block..

Have you ever been too tired to post? I’ve re-written this blog post 4 times….well, this is the fourth time and I just can’t seem to get it to say what I want to. 410 more words


Which Creative Season Are You In?

What is a Creative Season?

Yesterday I read this article by Victoria Fry about creative seasons, and it got my wheels turning. First of all though, you’re probably wondering what a creative season is. 614 more words

Writing Resources

A Letter to George RR Martin

To George RR Martin,

I just watched the season finale of Game of Thrones. I am in awe, and in love, and possibly hate you with a tiny piece of my heart. 799 more words


Writing Motivation Questions

I think my writing output is an attestation to one thing: I do not understand discipline. A procrastinator by habit, I find deadlines to be motivators, but when you’re floating around ambiguous dates and no contract with a small publisher, there really is no deadline, so there’s no motivator. 783 more words


Diary of a freelance writer: 22 June 2016 (*** list alert ***)

Well, well, well. It’s Wednesday and I’m updating the diary on time. Looks like I’m catching up.

We’ve still been living in 2 houses, sort of, finally moving the big stuff over to the new house on Saturday. 1,061 more words

Diary Of A Freelance Writer

The Starving Ego

Double-dipping into my writing well has gone ridiculously well these last ten days. I am floored. Truly. Somebody Swiffer me up and toss me out with the potato peels. 67 more words


From Couch to Computer: A Beginner's Writing Plan

I’ve started running again, and, well, the beginners guide to running a marathon, which I used two years ago, seems impossible now. Now, I have to ‘fake breathe’ after one flight of stairs. 529 more words