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Spring into a fresh habit

Welcome to my blog! With all the spring flowers bursting into their riots of color, it’s a good time to start something new. So… ta-da! 253 more words

Creative Writing

Prophecy and Mythology

So, I’m currently adding to and re-editing my Mythology story to turn in as soon as I can. Since I wrote it several months ago, things have happened in my life that change the way I look at the story. 609 more words


Release Dates

My previous post was about the need for juggling two projects at once, and the release dates for the short story I have worked on only confirm that. 455 more words


Simultaneous Projects

So, with the elongating and soon to be editing (I assume) of the short story I recently had accepted for an upcoming anthology with my publisher, I am in a personally unique position of working on two writing projects at once. 339 more words


Being Fixed

So, despite being given the wonderful opportunity to elongate my story and flesh certain parts out, I have not written so much as a single sentence. 607 more words


Awed Freedom

After the flurry of e-mails described last week, there were a few more, and ones which put me in a place of tethered freedom, and in awe of what I have been given. 589 more words


Um...What Just Happened?

Things have been…odd. Some of you may remember that I recently finished a short story for an anthology and submitted it about a month ago. I hadn’t heard anything, which seemed strange to me because every communication I have had with them gets a response within a week at most, and that includes submissions. 642 more words