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Edits Done, Work Begun

I couldn’t help the cheesy title.

So, I turned in my last edits earlier this week (and am happy to announce that during this round I had only two marks from the line-reading editor and one from my main editor). 491 more words


SJ's Writing: Anthology Answers

It occurred to me that like so many things, my perception of my creative life is way different than everyone else’s, because I actually know what’s going on behind the scenes. 434 more words


A schedule is a schedule, after all.

I’m a scheduler. It’s not very romantic or exciting. I don’t wait for the magic of summer to hit us–I plan a schedule for our day. 113 more words

Little Failures, Big Successes

So, I hit a wall. I was moving along, kicking ass and doing all the preliminary work for my new project, editing my short story…when I just pooped out. 456 more words


Deadline Madness!

Life intruded on the editor of the anthology I’m going to be a part of, and she was a week late getting our edits back to us. 548 more words


Are Squirrels Interfering With Your Writing Routine?

Lord have mercy, the squirrels are loose in Lyman! No, I don’t mean the nut-gathering, fluffy-tail kind. I’m talking about the partying kind. And, they’re having the time of their lives running amok in my brain. 308 more words


Old and New: Edits and Progress

Now comes the real balancing act. I should at some point today get the edits on the short story I have coming out in August. I am slowly working on the new stuff as well. 620 more words