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A schedule is a schedule, after all.

I’m a scheduler. It’s not very romantic or exciting. I don’t wait for the magic of summer to hit us–I plan a schedule for our day. 113 more words

Little Failures, Big Successes

So, I hit a wall. I was moving along, kicking ass and doing all the preliminary work for my new project, editing my short story…when I just pooped out. 456 more words


Deadline Madness!

Life intruded on the editor of the anthology I’m going to be a part of, and she was a week late getting our edits back to us. 548 more words


Are Squirrels Interfering With Your Writing Routine?

Lord have mercy, the squirrels are loose in Lyman! No, I don’t mean the nut-gathering, fluffy-tail kind. I’m talking about the partying kind. And, they’re having the time of their lives running amok in my brain. 308 more words

Writing Tips

Old and New: Edits and Progress

Now comes the real balancing act. I should at some point today get the edits on the short story I have coming out in August. I am slowly working on the new stuff as well. 620 more words


Vote on my next writing project!

The next phase of my new lease on life involves being held accountable for my writing. I’ve never stopped working on my upcoming Graphic Novel “DUSK” with my friends in the Land of Always Winter (Buffalo, NY) but that’s a project that has taken years, and will likely take a few more. 239 more words


Procrastination Prevention Ideas

Anyone who has read more than a few sentences here in my madness of a blog knows that I am a terrible procrastinator. I’m always looking around for things to stop me from doing so. 605 more words