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Recommended #4: Helen Sword's Air & Light & Time & Space: How Successful Academics Write (2017, Harvard University Press)

Helen Sword has done it again: She took the time to perform extensive research on the writing habits of academics and to write a book about it (similar to what she has done for Stylish Academic Writing). 263 more words


Making a Writing Schedule I Can Stick With

After two weeks of achieving, if not nothing, then certainly less than I wanted to achieve, I’ve been forced to take a closer look at how I spend my day(s). 812 more words


Perhaps to Dream


Sometimes being in a corner feels like you’re trapped in a locked box. Sometimes the road buckles on the way to nowhere and the signs to return home are obscured by curves behind which you can’t identify the landmarks. 961 more words


What I'm working on now

If there’s one good thing about my Twitter ban, it’s that it’s impossible for me to waste time on social media when I should be working. 404 more words

Eat Me

Deadlines: whooshing or otherwise?

An oft quoted phrase attributed to Douglas Adams is “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” I’m not sure if it is emblematic of my tendency to comply, but deadlines tend to translate into results for me. 402 more words


clarion west write-a-thon week 3 report

Short story: “The Hounds of Stony Mayhill” (formerly “The Emperor’s New Dogs”)

Word count: 2,890 (5,604 total)

Status: Complete!

The good: Cybernetic space wolves…getting revenge. 225 more words


clarion west write-a-thon week 2 report

Short story: “The Emperor’s New Dogs”

Word count: 2,714

Status: Incomplete

The good: Cybernetic space wolves and mothers out for vengeance.

The bad: Someone decided they wanted the cybernetic space wolves for themselves. 359 more words