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Poets Cornered

I do love our writing group. It’s difficult for newcomers to relax into the quick-write ethos of it but they aren’t intended to produce final products. 228 more words

Kiersty Boon


(My Bad)

It’s just manners
Not to tell the truth

It’s just spanners
Fucking up the
Friends ‘thing’
If you call them a dickhead… 62 more words

Kiersty Boon

Ode to an Old Pair of Knickers

Sometimes things need to be written that have barely been thought. Please note this is probably not suitable for a younger audience. Or men. Or most women to be honest… 229 more words

Kiersty Boon

Birds of Paradise

Peter Buckley of Peter and the Hare, is a good friend and constant inspiration with his faraway poetry and extraordinary thoughts. He often helps me out with writers block by setting me prompts. 183 more words

Kiersty Boon


I am very privileged to be a part of the writing group ‘CONArtists.’

Each time we meet, we do at least one speed writing exercise for 15 minutes. 19 more words

Kiersty Boon

Third Avenue

So I kept wishing a poem and two came at once. It is rare for me to wait for buses… I normally choose to walk, regardless of the weather. 72 more words

Kiersty Boon


Three men stood and watched reverentially as the mechanic removed my all season tire from its rim and replaced it with the new winter tire. 150 more words