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CW9 - Inside the Bus Window

Assignment: Write four descriptive paragraphs or short vignettes, each representing different experiences of four unique visitors to a specific setting.

           It was just another bus ride home.  1,131 more words


Prompt #7 - The Queen

Extra credit!!! If you know which classic this quote is from, let me know in the comments.

“Ethan Morgan?”

“I suppose you are the police?”  The man that answered the door must have been at least thirty, with vacant blue eyes behind thick glasses.  788 more words

Writing Scraps

Prompt #6 - Waking Nightmare

The memories swirl in my mind again, crisscrossing through the past.  I struggle to get past them to what was important, the thing I was trying to remember.   921 more words

Writing Scraps

Prompt #5 - Holmes' Fanfiction

A hansom rattled down the street through the London rain, smog nearly obscuring the houses on either side of the street.  The driver, swaying on his high seat, huddled in his patched overcoat and hat pulled down tightly to shelter his balding head.  1,159 more words

Writing Scraps

Prompt #4 - Twists

“I need a place to stay.  Mine blew up.”  Casey spun around, looking through the kitchen doorway into the living room at a man who hadn’t been there five minutes before and whom she’d never seen. 1,220 more words

Writing Scraps

Prompt #1 - One Hour

“Due to fog, Flight 206 for Cairo will be leaving in approximately one hour if weather holds.” The AP System crackled over the constant hum of airport noise.  691 more words


Prompt #2 - Monday's Child

Monday’s child is fair of face.

He finished his task and smoothed a few strands of the girl’s hair into place.  Stepping back, he pursed his lips and examined the finished work.  1,377 more words

Writing Scraps