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The Teaching, the Inspiration, the Chupacabra, the Not-Writing

This has been my most public year, ever, in my life. It’s been wonderful… and it’s also been somewhat of an adjustment for a shy person like me. 1,113 more words


The Write Place #1: Laura Perez

Let me begin by saying that for me, nothing beats a notebook and a smooth writing pen. I hesitate to use this word, but here it is: I’m a bit of a pen “whore.” They are like pretty play things. 593 more words

Writing Is More Fun with Toys

So I got a new writing toy. Is it crazy-exciting? No, it is not, but I think it’s going to be very, very useful. I got an adjustable table that slides under furniture, so I can now write pretty much anywhere I want. 286 more words


Where do you Write best?

Where do you write best?

Is it in the quiet space of your familiar office? On a stack of napkins at a quaint restaurant? Or on your phone during that long bus ride home? 192 more words


How to sneak in writing (and where to find good writing spots)

Part of the writing process deals with the “what” and the “where.”

The “what” is doing the actual writing and the “where” is the physical place you, the writer, feel most comfortable sitting down and getting lost in the words. 381 more words


The Best Places to Write

Two months ago I had a very limited choice of writing spots. They consisted of a cramped bedroom surrounded by bicycles and scattered clothes, a local café where I sensed the owner resented me buying one cup of tea and staying for three hours, and my local park which was rarely dry enough to visit and always less comfortable than I remembered when it was. 705 more words


My Writing Space

I have been meaning to post photos of my first ever writing space but my time was taken up with last minute work on an event that took place on Saturday. 504 more words