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Hangul ♡

I’ve been practicing writing in hangul today. The love I have for this language is beyond me.


Nerd alert: Heiroglyphics

Ever since I was a child, I loved Ancient Egypt. The mythology, the history… I used to sit down and read about it in encyclopaedias just for fun, and watch National Geographic/History Channel documentaries about it. 198 more words

Miscellaneous Language Issues

Patwa: t->ch, d-> d, n->ng

When I was first learning the standard way to write Jamaican Creole (Patwa), I have to admit, I didn’t think some things made sense.

To us Jamaicans, the ‘t’ sound becomes a ‘ch’ sound when it comes before an ‘r’, and the ‘d’ becomes ‘j’ in the same environment.  270 more words



Had one of those digital conversations on Facebook tonight about a map. A bunch of people talking about how and why a certain map had never been made. 510 more words


Japanese writing system is vibrant

Japanese writing system is difficult, no one would disagree with that. There is a lot of aspects that make it difficult other than having a couple of thousand characters and various different readings for each one. 576 more words


Old Writing

Out front of a coffee shop in the hutongs south of Tiananmen Square the wall is covered with ancient writing with smaller symbols of the modern equivalent.

It’s quite cool.