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The Glyphs from Foreign Kingdoms

Pictograms, Ideograms and Logograms

A pictogram or pictograph is a symbol representing a concept, object, activity, place or event by illustration. Pictography is a form of writing whereby ideas are transmitted through drawing. 1,707 more words

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Nab̞èdjø Review!

So, in case you want to test your knowledge of my new conlang, here is a quiz!



The Wise Old Nun Knew the Minds of the Younger Nuns Very Well

賢  |  明  |  古  |  修  |  道  |  女  |  非  |  常  |  知

In the very first post of this blog, mention was made of the various syllabary employed in the… 209 more words

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Sign-Derived Kanji

上  |  下  |  大  |  日  |  中  |  本   |  車  |  治  |  電  |  新  

Previous posts discussed the difference between on-yomi and kun-yomi… 172 more words

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Kanji Origins: Pictographs, Ideographs, Signs, and Phonetics

川  |  子  | 山  |  口  |  日  |  月  |  木  |  田  |  火  |  

The previous posts discussed the different… 194 more words

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Kanji Writing Rules

車  |  鳥  |

The rules that apply when writing kanji are a fundamental building block of the Japanese writing system.  While not following the rules will be of no consequence to the substantive meaning and understanding of a pictogram, those intent on mastering… 268 more words

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