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Exploring Deeper into Japanese

Having studied Japanese for three years as of the time of writing, I decided to delve deeper into the depths of the Japanese kanji. This little exploration would take up a few posts due to the extensive system behind this script, but anyway, some time in the first century CE, the Japanese people had encountered Chinese characters on the items they traded with China, like seals, coins and letters. 786 more words

Use a commonplace book

I found out about this system from Ryan Holiday, but it’s a practice that has been used for centuries by famous figures throughout history. It’s called the “commonplace book,” and it is extremely useful for studying and research. 377 more words


Writing in Africa - The Vai Syllabary (ꕙꔤ)

Our next writing system takes us to the West African country of Liberia and Sierra Leone, in which lie some 120,000 native speakers of this Mande language called Vai. 607 more words

Writing in Africa - The Adlam Alphabet

In the late 1980s, two Guinean teenage brothers, Ibrahima and Abdoulaye Barry, devised a new alphabet to represent their Fulani language, spoken by about 24 million people in the Sahel Region in Western Africa. 369 more words

Writing in Africa - the Nsibidi script

Tucked away in the region of southeast Nigeria lies the birthplace of a writing system used to document the Igbo, Ekoid and Efik languages. This is the Nsibidi script, in which thousands of symbols are found across various items like pottery, wall designs and leaves. 580 more words

Writing in Africa

Africa, a continent of thousands of ethnic groups, the most among all continents. Alongside these ethnic groups lie the linguistic diversity, rivaled only by the language diversity of Papua New Guinea. 527 more words

The Writing System

Have you realized that the English writing system has 4 different “alphabets?” Not only are there the standard vs. cursive systems, but the difference between… 688 more words