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Writing task - Minecraft -What are you waiting for? - ESO

This writing task is centered around the popular game of Minecraft and involves giving an opinion about the best aspects of the game andthe possible flaws in the game.


Descent (Sample)

The wind swept across the synthetic covering of the tent and woke Rose with a start. The echo sounded bleak across the button grass, and she had realised that Sam was no longer sleeping next to her. 1,123 more words


Half band scores in IELTS, and why did they come about?

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This is a relatively new thing actually.

It really came about because the Speaking and the Writing tasks were extremely difficult to assess, so the IELTS examination board decided to make a new ruling. 183 more words


WHAT DO YOU THINK? Which IELTS task is the most difficult?


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Whether you are an ESL student or an ESL teacher, you will both have to admit that the thought of sitting the IELTS exam is downright terrifying. 43 more words


Cruella Deville - A Writing Exercise

The writing task was to take a well known story and write it from the point of view of the villain. I chose to skip the part that we’ve all seen at the pictures. 832 more words

Penny Luker

... it's all relative, or is it?

Getting students to write something might prove to be quite a challenge. Sometimes even the most interesting topic, the one they stongly feel about, won’t do the trick. 231 more words

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Writing Task; The Propriety of Advertising

Recently, a great deal of attention has been paid to the effect of advertisements. Therefore, there is a growing discussion over whether advertising should be helpful for our needs. 256 more words