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Critical Thinking for IELTS Candidates - Analysing Claims

By Matt

Critical thinkers analyse the claims people make in a number of ways. They compare claims with what they already know – sometimes referred to as prior knowledge. 522 more words

Critical Thinking for IELTS Candidates - Generalisations

By Matt

Last week I posted the above article from a local Magazine in Vietnam and cited it as a good example of why you should develop strong critical thinking skills. 384 more words

Woman’s weekly research

Grandparent stalking:

Woman’s weekly research

Task = follow someone in the age range that we are aiming to research (60+). Look at their behaviour, demeanour and what they look like and make a short life bio on your observations. 893 more words

Art Class


To begin this post, I would like to offer some background to the following short story. I was given the following exercise to complete as part of my Masters of Arts (Writing) course that I am completing. 488 more words


September meeting - an introduction to non-fiction

We’ve just finished our seventh meeting and as usual it was an informative and fun evening. Sophie and Robin chatted to the group about the recent Guardian Masterclass they attended on… 217 more words


Legal Theory 1: Writing task 2 on material mistake

“If a material mistake is caused by the fraud of an independent third party, it will not negate contractual liability” Do you agree?

An issue that courts have pondered on greatly is whether or not third-party fraud should negate contractual capacity. 1,259 more words

Law Help

Sixth meeting - we've been meeting for six months, yey!

Yes, it’s true, we have been meeting now for over six months. It really doesn’t feel that long since we set the group up but tonight, as we discussed all the topics we have covered since we started, we realised we had come such a long way in such a short time. 527 more words