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Endlich mehr Übungsmaterial für die sRDP!?

Englischmatura: Schreibteil

Ist dies die erste von einer Privatperson veröffentlichte Schreibaufgabe, die tausende österreichische SchülerInnen und Lehrpersonen zum Trainieren auf die schriftliche Englischmatura kostenlos verwenden können? 28 more words


B' Senior class: Write a paragraph about your favorite singer, like in the example following.

My favorite singer is The Weeknd. He is 26 years old. He was born in Toronto, one of the biggest cities of Canada. His lasts ong is Starboy and it has become a big hit all around the world. 40 more words

Writing Task

C' Senior class: Informal letter

Write to a friend of yours about a dream you have had and you still can’t stop thinking about. Use the appropriate tenses and don’t forget to write in paragraphs. 16 more words

Writing Task

D' Senior class essay: The end is near!

Imagine this is the last day for humans on this planet. How would you choose to spend it and why?

…as we know it!

Hand in until 18/11/2016. 10 more words

Writing Task

A Poem Reflecting Grief.

So yesterday’s task was to write a poem reflecting grief and loss. So, here’s mine:

As a toss the lilies on the earth

And say goodbye to you, I think what what life is worth without you. 220 more words