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Who invented “writer’s block” anyway?

Third of a three-part series

I just got a great idea. I’m writing the second installment of my Nostalgia City mystery series and in the middle of one chapter, my flow of words slowed to a trickle.  821 more words

New Mystery Book

Writers - set the controls for the middle of the Sun

There’s no getting around it. No matter how good a plot you come up with for your story or novel, it’ll be dull, dull dull if you don’t wrap it around a character arc. 302 more words


Review: H is for Hawk

Having read Henry Marsh’s Do No Harm, which was shortlisted for the Costa Book of the Year Award, I have now read H is for Hawk… 496 more words

Writing Techniques

Death in Romantic Poetry

My final paper in British Literature. I enjoyed the professor. The content sort of puts me to sleep. Too many poems. But here’s what I got out of it. 1,538 more words


The secret to writing the same – but different

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it now – The Hobbit and Star Wars (the original 1977 movie) are exactly the same story. Really. So is… 580 more words


How to finish writing your book

Writers are often heard moaning, “why can’t I finish this book?”

I totally know the feeling (got five manuscripts staring at me over here). The good thing is  that I am not stuck. 429 more words

The Imposter Syndrome

A friend, a professional musician, told me that sometimes, waiting to be introduced, he looked at his trombone and thought, “What is this thing I’m holding? 546 more words