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Try Something New

A year ago last March, I moved house. After the dust settled from that move, I did something I had never done before. I took a yoga class. 401 more words

Writing Techniques

Once upon a time...

Have you ever wondered at the enduring quality of, “Once upon a time?” Has there ever been a better way to begin a story?

I got to thinking about the way we begin a story after reading Eric Petermann’s superb yarn about the “kissing bug” in the Sierra Vista Herald. 338 more words


Writing Workshop

1) Skills of Communication


2) Punctuation


3) Barrier to Effective Communication


4) Basic Punctuation Rules


5) English Grammar and Composition

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Scenes are the building blocks of stories. They have structure of their own. They have beginnings, middles, and ends. Except for the first scene in a story, the beginning of a scene should hook the reader, just like the beginning of a story. 398 more words

Writing Techniques

Literary Devices: Motifs, Symbols and Themes

Have you ever been reading a story, only to be struck with déjà vu? Perhaps you noticed that roses had just been mentioned for the tenth time.

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Wrangling the Dangler: Unresolved Plots

There are many things that can dangle in terms of the grammatical side of writing: participles, prepositions at the end of sentences, fragments, the list goes on. 818 more words


Writing spaces

I know that I’ve talked about the places where we write, idealized versions perhaps, but the places where we write are important. My writing space is pretty much anywhere there is internet connection so I can access my files. 442 more words

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