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The Joy of Re-writing

For this New Year, my project is to re-write my crime novel Drowning Not Waving. Re-writing is often a real struggle, especially for novice writers. 491 more words

Creative Writing

Plot Twists--A Clash of Kings

Plot twists in a novel are impressive. To have your assumptions on how the narrative will turn out upended or be completely blindsided by a turn of events is a wonderful aspect of any story. 286 more words


The Benefits of Research

Nobody likes to look stupid. An author that doesn’t do their research properly can look stupid as well as lose readers. That’s never good. Research can make your writing much more real. 488 more words

General Opinion

BEWARE: How to test an expert in writing & publishing

I am often appalled at who is selling themselves as gurus and experts in books. Because I am a writing coach and also coach on publishing for indie’s in which I defer to many other real experts, I see many ads online, often targeted to me, telling me about someone who is the latest publishing expert. 1,036 more words


Branching out

Like many writers, I have a stack of scribbled notes of story ideas, and notebooks filled with the beginnings of stories or character descriptions or sometimes even single scenes – whatever flash of inspiration may have occurred at the time. 415 more words


Editing While you Write: Is it Effective?

We are taught that multitasking is efficient for getting work done quickly so we have less to do later, and as we multitask, we learn more efficient ways of multitasking. 257 more words


A Novel Cycle

While involved in random research I followed a thread to Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With A Thousand Faces and his A Hero’s Journey, wherein he outlines a path the lead character will take in hero myths and stories from around the world, demonstrating the commonality of these specific stages for all heroes. 834 more words

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