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Reading & Writing Poetry #1

I’ve decided to launch a new series on my blog about reading and writing poetry. Each post will feature a poem – mine or maybe (if I can persuade them to) another poet’s – followed by a brief explanation of how it came to be written. 706 more words

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We have all read the thesis or dissertation chapter where there is no frame narrative, no explanatory container.

In such cases it can feel like the writer has done a good job of marshaling sources but has not yet figured out how to talk… 320 more words

The halfway point

Just a short post to mark the passing of the half way point of NaNoWriMo, and a few musings I have had so far. This isn’t about word counting (mainly because I’m well below the target number for this point in the proceedings, though I did say when I started I would be happy with getting even half of 50,000 – a target which, I’m happy to say, I feel confident I will surpass very soon.) 281 more words

Writing Techniques

Timed Writing

Sometimes when I’m writing, the words just don’t want to come to me. I try to keep writing through those times. I use a variety of methods to get the words out. 443 more words

Writing Techniques

A is for Author 

Years ago, teaching writing classes and coaching new talent convinced me that my entry-level writers couldn’t find access to enough feedback. There’s a number of reasons for this, not least of which is how subjective it all is. 261 more words

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It’s a pretty common practice for authors to select keywords and then forget about them. Okay, keywords done, now on to the important stuff.

Big mistake. 294 more words

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I have one helluva story idea. It’s about a guy who is sent undercover to a ladies strip club–

No, that isn’t it. It’s really about this ex-military guy who’s never managed a long-term relationship with a woman, and he– 439 more words

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