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Mentors Make a Difference

Often in the business world, and even in books about how to be successful in the business world, like Lean In, they often talk about having a mentor. 1,071 more words


Choosing your target audience 

The title of this post is deliberate. Getting straight to the point, I don’t believe all authors can determine their would be buyers before the book actually gets on shelves and sells. 656 more words

The Biggest Error of a New Writer

Here lately I’ve received a rash of emails asking me how to become a freelance writer and make money. Well, actually, they ask how they can write and get paid by me, and then they ask me to mentor them so that their writing is good enough. 332 more words

The World Of The Songstress Murders: Exposition Position! a.k.a. Types of Exposition And How To Use Them!

Today, we finish up (probably) a series of articles and podcasts in relation to my next book, The Songstress Murders, available for pre-order now!  Our topic of the moment is exposition, various types of that, and how it relates to genre fiction and world-building!



Review: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

My wife and I saw this film last weekend.  It was a disappointment.  The film, which is military code for ‘what the f**k’, is based on the memoir,  432 more words

Writing Techniques

To describe, or not to describe?

After my last post about knowing your scene, reader Shari contacted noting the trap of over-describing scenes. She said:

I need to see the pieces of the environment that are critical to the story but the rest of it, my own brain ‘paints’ for me.

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