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Journaling to Practice Your Writing

Everyone has to practice. Professional athletes practice their sports. Musicians practice their instruments or singing. Actors rehearse, which is simply just another word for practice. Writers need to practice as well. 483 more words

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Dealing with Rejections

I’ve been wondering, how many rejections should an author bear before he/she begins to suspect that his/her novel is not perfect? Ten? Twenty? A hundred? A thousand? 429 more words

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What makes me read (pick up) a book?

Hello Fellow Readers,

I have always wanted to know what makes people read a book, so I decided today I am going to share with all of you what makes me read a book. 560 more words


Planning your writing day: the thematic

Set a central question

Your work will likely have a big picture idea you’re thinking about as you go.  You might not know exactly what this is immediately, but you must have some idea, or you wouldn’t be writing.  497 more words

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A Checklist for Your Query Letter

I sincerely enjoy reading every piece of advice posted by Carly Watters (a literary agent at P.S. Literary Agency), especially her tips on writing query letters. 431 more words

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Sentence Variation

Sentence sameness is boring. If you have all your sentences the same length and structure, you have boring prose, no matter how exciting the topic. Good prose has good sentence variation. 438 more words

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My Readers - My Heroes

What will you be reading tonight? Readers navigate a maze of possibilities in order to find just the right, comfortable read. It’s rather like selecting a TV show for the evening – the search can take longer than the show. 369 more words

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