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There is No Excuse

When you use your real name as a domain name you’re making yourself something of a public figure. (Possibly in the loosest sense of the word, just go with me for now). 261 more words


Stephen King's — On Writing

King has a way of writing that often had me laughing — in a book on writing? Oh yes!

After writing for fifteen years there wasn’t a lot I didn’t already know from reading this novel. 78 more words

Book Review


Huzzah, it’s my birthday! The perfect occasion on which to get all introspective.  Or at least more so than other days.

I must say, I’m excited to turn 32.  1,327 more words


You Can't Capture Reality

One really important–and freeing–thing about writing is when we have a basic understanding that in our modern/post-modern/post-post-modern world (now is not the time for that debate, although I always like a good “what-version-of-modernism-are-we-in-now?” chat) that no writer can REALLY capture a single reality. 1,415 more words


Writing Techniques: Music

When it comes to my own writing projects, I typically construct playlists to listen to while working. I LOVE when I read a great book and the author includes a list of songs they listened to while writing, either on their website or in the back pages. 1,156 more words


Creative writing courses, writers’ festivals, workshops, seminars, books, and blogs; been there, done them all – not once, not twice – repeatedly. Why? Certainly in the beginning I had a knowledge and skill deficit (and I pay tribute to Oxford University Department of Continuing Education in… 118 more words

Writing Techniques

Haiku fragment and phrase

“First and foremost, and certainly the guideline which I have consciously or unconsciously followed the longest, is the one that a haiku must be divided into two parts. 67 more words