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Swamp Night Delight

There was a shotgun in my left hand. I remember the weight of it keenly. I knew how to use it.

Which was odd, since I’ve never laid eyes on a gun before. 301 more words


Why short stories lashed together as novels don't work

It seems to me that one of the main differences between a short story and a novel isn’t just scale; it’s perspective, which is why novels made up of lashed-together short stories with the same setting don’t always work very well. 493 more words


Editing secrets for publishing - line editing and final quality control

In the last few posts I’ve been outlining how publishers edit manuscripts – which, at this part in the process, is quality control ahead of release. 487 more words


Camp Nano: Mid-month Madness

The storyverse my novel takes place in started out as a world building exercise last year. I wanted to create an interesting system with a few habitable planets, an asteroid belt with a couple of space stations and a big old ship that housed the entire government, which traveled from one orbit to another. 498 more words


A Really Short Post

I haven’t posted in a while, and for that, I apologize.  I’ll try to get onto that soon.

Until then, here’s a post on passive voice… 35 more words


Writing Is A Bad Habit: A Long Row To Hoe a.k.a. Plotting and Pacing A Series

The book series is a popular thing these days.  For good reason, really, as many readers love to get invested into a fictional world and its inhabitants, so invested that they don’t want the stories to end at just one book.  744 more words


Social Media Strategies - Post Haste!

Once again I am taking an afternoon to hone my skills in writing professionally.

I have dedicated today to social media and developing strategies.

Writing for social media, such as this post, comes as a second nature. 184 more words