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Writer Vs. Inner Critic

Sweating with anxiety, I stepped into the familiar and dangerous ring of my mind, ready with padded gloves on.  My inner critic had a fast voice that knew how to bob and weave through my brain, punching out negative remarks in all the recesses of my gray matter.   420 more words



Meditation is a technique that allows a person to relax and tap into his or her creativity. I use it to relax and sleep. People need sleep to be healthy. 460 more words

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Recommended Reads: The Power

“Already there are parents of boys telling them to not go out alone, not to stray too far.”

Its rare that I’ll give a book 5 stars immediately after reading it. 419 more words


When the Words Breathe

A five-week beginner meditation class? Right now? In the middle of letting go…processing loss…the death of my wildest dreams?

Yes, please!

For the first class, I and fifty other beginners settled on the zafu cushions at the local Dharma Center and listened to the instructor’s lectures on mindfulness, the Four Noble Truths, accepting the inevitability of suffering as a path to ending pain, and loving-kindness. 1,013 more words

Writing Techniques

Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert's Paean to the Magic & Mysteries of Writing

Some days, there’s no way I’d believe there’s any magic at all in the writing process. And I’m sure you’d probably agree with me, especially if you, like me, sat for three hours in front of a blank computer screen. 628 more words


A brief observation on writing for actual readers rather than yourself

Two philosophers were walking down the street when they passed between two houses. The owners of the two houses were arguing with each other from open 2nd floor windows. 191 more words

Writing Techniques

The psychology behind productivity

As I mentioned in my introductory post, I’ve learned that the psychology of productivity is, in part, just pursuing the work that makes you truly happy. 587 more words

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