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If in doubt, throw it out – a motto for writing

Quite a bit of what’s written – certainly in this day and age – is really practise, like a pianist running through those interminable Czerny exercises. 308 more words


Thanks to E L James' publicity fail I might have to write Proust fan-fic

In what has to be classed as an epic publicity fail, E. L. James’ Twitter Q&A this week turned into farce when the feed was bombed by people who – well, they didn’t exactly like her books.   220 more words


Mid-Summer Check In

Faculty frequently use the summer months to get ahead on their own writing projects.  The Writing Campus has a few tips and ideas for maximizing that productivity!   196 more words

Writing Is A Bad Habit: My Chemistry Romance a.k.a. A Bad Song Reference a.k.a. Creating Realistic Relationships

On the surface, writing romances in fiction looks simple.  All you have to do is write, with a flourish of your pen if you so desire, ‘He loved her, and she loved him.’, and by your authorial power so it comes to life!   529 more words


Writing Excuses: Generating Story Ideas

(These are my notes and thoughts in relation to the first part of WritingExcuses podcast Season 1, episode 2. I will also disseminate this information to the topical sections of my… 739 more words


Award-Winning Authors - Their Methods Revealed

A question I often hear writers ask established authors is – How do you write? Some aspiring writers struggle to get their ideas into the written the form, others worry that they’ll never finish their story, whilst some just wonder if there’s a better way of doing it. 2,038 more words


Indiana Jones and the Plot Outline of Doom

You might be wondering why, after last week’s blitz of postings, I’ve kind of fallen off the grid. I promise there’s a good reason: I’ve focused my writing time this week on starting my next novel. 725 more words

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