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Sentence Length

The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.

When I’m reading with a critical eye the only thing I’ve been looking for in sentence structure is crazy-long sentences. 153 more words


The joys of 'found art' for writers

There is a lot to be said for ‘found art’ – something true for writers too.

Let me explain. I once heard a wonderful story about the time Rick Wakeman – then keyboard player for Yes – was sufficiently unimpressed by the artwork for their 1978 album Yes Tor that… 382 more words


Parting the gauzy curtain of misdirection

Murder mysteries

What is a mystery novel without a puzzle? Guest writer Daniella Bernett explores some of the elements that make up the puzzle.  Bernett’s second mystery in the Emmeline Kirby-Gregory Longdon series, … 579 more words

New Mystery Book

TIWC Challenge Four - A Weird Poem

All hail the Queen of Weirdness and Awkwardness! *waves to crowd* *accidentally slaps random people in the face* *retreats inside because the mental drain of socializing is too much for an introvert* Anybody relate? 365 more words

My Writings

The World That Was: Methuselah

We have been looking at how I wrote The World That Was series. Today I will take a look at character development as it relates to Methuselah. 342 more words


Constructive compassion in difficult times

Due to recent events in Half Moon Bay, I’ve been thinking a lot about death of late. Don’t mean to be morbid. In fact, the suicides, car and plane crashes and even bear attacks that I’ve covered this month have not left me feeling particularly blue, but they have made me think hard about how to converse with people in various states of mourning. 288 more words


Using Images to Create Atmosphere

During the writing of my current book and the previous one, Danger by Association, I have found a technique that is useful in creating the atmosphere for a particular scene in a novel. 430 more words

Crime Novel