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A Single Writing Morning, NOT in the Footsteps of Ulysses

5:33 a.m.:  Sitting in front of blank screen, swearing at futility of extracting a few unique words, a few glittering gems, from sleep-deprived brain. It’s like playing cards, hoping that Fate (or Chance) rewards me in the next moment with winning hand, with frameable scoresheet, proof of life. 235 more words


Writer’s Block

We’ve all faced it. The blank page with no words at all. Nowhere. It’s writer’s block and it can be scary. It can also be overcome. 455 more words

General Opinion

I Need a Coffee Date. Now.

If you and I were drinking coffee together, sitting in that Starbucks, you know the one, the one across the road from David’s Photography, where I once posed for my portrait, the gleam still in my eye, I’d tell you about my week. 518 more words


What Can Writers Learn From 'River God', by Wilbur Smith?

There is a lesson to be learned in every book – whether it’s a life lesson, or a lesson on writing techniques. In this blog, I’m going to be focusing on the latter; I’ll be reviewing books that I’ve recently read, and then discussing what writers can take away from the story and apply to their own work, or avoid doing. 809 more words


Everybody's NOT a Critic

Dear ___ and ____,

On a day filled with somber news of an impending hurricane, accompanied by much potential for a panic attack due to other matters, I ran across something that made me laugh out loud: 544 more words


Where I Write, or, A Room of One's Own

I write in a small room, its dimensions that of a one-car American garage of long-gone days. My “room of one’s own,” as Virginia Woolf would call it, abuts the tiny kitchen in my house, so that if I’m cooking while writing, I can jump up when I smell the beans burning or the timer screams at me that it’s time to take the bread out of the oven. 357 more words


Creating Compelling Characters

Plot is key, but not at the expense of character. We’ll go anywhere with a full character but question every move with a thin one.’ 300 more words