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recognizing the detail smorgasbord (plus spring giveaway winners!)

This time of year is an absolute boon for children’s writers. If you have children or grandkids, you’ll soon be attending award ceremonies, field days, banquets, carnivals, graduations, end-of-year parties or picnics. 289 more words

Writing Techniques

Novel writing & bridge building

At the Southern Literature Conference in Chattanooga yesterday, the wonderful novelist/short story writer, Alan Garganus, had a great analogy on novel (and I suppose short story) building. 194 more words

Writing Process

Freelance Advice - Writing Big Pieces by Chopping Them Into Little Ones

When I was a freelancer, writing full time for a living (1992-2002), the deadlines never, ever stopped. Easyriders, BIKER, Quick Throttle, In The Wind, Tattoo Savage, VQ, DRUM!… 428 more words


Beginnings and hooks

Beginnings seem a little easier than endings. They’re all about potential, after all. Beginnings set the tone and direction of your story, and may reveal the theme and central conflict. 82 more words

time for the spring cleaning giveaway!

It’s time. As much as it pains me, I must purge my bookshelves a bit. Because I’m your fan, I want to share my purgings with you. 461 more words


Why You Should Listen to Authors Talk

Lend Me Your Ears

How often do you listen to other writers speak? I don’t mean reading what they’ve written, but listening to them talk out loud—hearing the words drip from their lips. 788 more words

Creative Writing

Point of View

I have joined the Florida Writers Association, which is an organisation (based in Florida, but open to non-Floridians) for writers of all kinds.  It has contests, seminars, meetings and plenty of interaction amongst members. 624 more words

Writing Techniques