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What's in a Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

-William Shakespeare

How do you name your characters? 

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Very nice post Kelsie! Awhile ago, I made a list of a bunch of names so that in a crunch  (or when my mind goes blank :-) ) I could stick in a name for a character.  When I made the list I kept a few things in mind - ethnicity and meaning, commonality of the name in today's society, and uniqueness.  Depending on what the story is about determines what name I'll plug in.

5 Things You Should Know about Writing a Novel

Even though I have not yet published a novel, I’ve written several full first drafts of novels. For the fantasy trilogy that is my current main project, I’m working on the third draft of the first book. 601 more words

Writings About Writing

Writing Exercise: Online Dating

Over the past several weeks, I have been dipping my toes into the chilly waters of online dating. Weird as it may seem, the thing I noticed the most from this new venture is how great of an exercise it is for writing/storytelling. 337 more words


A Word About Dialog

Here’s an interesting article about writing dialog. I’m not sure I agree that ‘dialog is action,’ but I definitely think dialog should be succinct (Nothing like real conversations!) and ideally work on multiple levels at the same time (Advancing plot, developing characters, building conflict, etc.). 596 more words


Writing Tip: Characterization

Wrote this for Mibba a bit back, but thought I’d transfer it here.

Characterization is defined as ‘the use of literary techniques to create a character.’ 701 more words


Writing Tip: Form: Prose Poetry

I love reading prose poetry, but I find it very difficult to write. It sounds too much like a story and not enough like a poem when I read it back to myself. 371 more words

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Now Seeking Blogger: Writing Tips & Writing Related Articles.

Now Seeking Blogger: Writing Tips

Creative Talents Unleashed is currently seeking article and blog post writers for our Blog. We are looking for Guest Bloggers to share Daily Writing Tips and writing related articles. 132 more words

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