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Crutch Words (Part 2)

Crutch words or phrases lack meaning. They take away from our voice, leaving readers to face wordy prose. Every writer suffers from the use of crutch words. 159 more words


Writing Tip: Reflective Writing

January is usually the month most people reflect on the past year. We wish to refresh our mind’s mental state and hope that we can make some improvements for the days to come. 458 more words

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Colons and Semicolons

We all use colons and semicolons incorrectly sometimes. They’re incredibly easy to confuse or use at the wrong time, especially when you’re trying to ‘spice up’ your writing by throwing in something more exciting than a comma or a full stop. 282 more words


Writing Quote Wednesday 

“The story grows and expands while you are writing it. All the best stuff comes at the desk.”

-Roald Dahl


Writing Tip: Get out of Balance

It’s good to have a balance in all things, right? Like a well-balanced diet – not too much protein, not too many carbs, lots of vegetables. 354 more words

Writings About Writing

Writing Tip: Resolutions for Writers

If one of your goals for the New Year is to write more, then don’t let anything get in your way. To be a better writer, you have to never stop writing. 500 more words

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Your Fiction Checklist

Have you …

  • Completed at least two drafts before moving on to editing?
  • Checked for plot holes?
  • Edited at least once to check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors?
  • 149 more words