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Once you get comfortable with your writing, explore genres outside of your comfort zone. Do you usually write romance? Try sci-fi romance. Usually stick to fantasy? 12 more words

Writing Tip

Different kinds of critiques

I don’t know about you, but I’ve REALLY been enjoying my critique series. I haven’t ever delved into it this deeply before and analyzed how it works, how it works best, and ways to derail one’s critiquing career (both as giving and receiving), so this has been super fun for me. 523 more words


Sometimes the Best You Can Do is "Delete"

Most little girls sit in their princess costumes, watching princess movies,  singing along and wishing that they were a princess too.

And though I did enjoy watching the dashing prince slay the dragon, … 389 more words

Why Do You Write?

Every writer has a different reason for writing.

Some write from a place of pain, and their writing is both healing to themselves and a message to the world about true hurts. 256 more words

Writings About Writing

How to write when you don't feel like


Let’s be honest, there will be times you won’t feel like writing. You’ll be tempted to do every other thing except to write. Sometimes, you may not be in the mood for days or even weeks. 521 more words

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Five Lessons Turbo Taught Humans

Ever seen a snail win a Formula One competition? Well I have, in HD. You probably have seen it too.

Before you start rolling your eyes, I have been sleeping on bike for just watching a movie that was released five years ago. 591 more words