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Writing Tip: We All Write Bad Poems

Writing Tip: We All Write Bad Poems

There once was a poet
Who wrote a bad poem
It was the end of a very short career… 308 more words

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Writing Tip: There, They're and Their

Writing Tip: There, They’re and Their

A common mistake many writers make is to confuse there, they’re and their. It is all too easy to do. 236 more words

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Writing Tip: Using Youtube.

You ever wanted to make a song or video on youtube loop or repeat and play over and over? Maybe you found a full length album or a movie or something? 372 more words


Why You Can't Quit Your Day Job. Yet.

Many writers think their day job is getting in the way of their writing and count down the days until they can quit because that big book deal is on the way, right? 477 more words

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Key book-organization tools: Secret Writers' Society (ALWAYS)

The Alliance of Literary Writers, Authors and Yabbering Scribes (ALWAYS) —  a tribe of established, Phoenix-area writers — gather once a month for lunch and a chat about writing. 201 more words

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Writing Tip: To Rhyme Or Not To Rhyme?

To Rhyme Or Not To Rhyme?

An important thing to consider when you are writing poetry is whether the poem should or should not rhyme. It is something you should decide on at the beginning, before you create your poem or before it takes on a noticeable form. 307 more words

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The History Of Fantasy: Part 3 - The Aos Si

Ever wondered where the idea of Elves originated?

Modern fantasy draws from a plethora of influences. We’ve examined the Greek, but what about the celtic and Irish? 373 more words