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Readers: Other Types of Writing

There are plenty of opportunities online for writers to take advantage of. Some of these are prompts, such as word or sentence prompts; some are challenges, such as timed writing challenges; and some offer us a chance to get outside of our regular comfort zones. 420 more words


Structure: A Simple Plan

Breaking down a large task into workable pieces is not easy for some people. This is the reason many write by the seat of their pants with no thought to the next step. 374 more words

Writing Tip

How to Choose the Right POV for Your Story

Hello, everyone!

Today, I’ll tackle a difficult topic for aspiring and experienced authors alike:

Are you excited? I am!

Let’s start with the basics. There are multiple points of views for you to choose; however, we’ll focus on making a decision between the third person omniscient, limited, and multiple and the first person points of views. 979 more words


#AmWriting - Inspiration

As I mentioned last week I’ve been working on my novel. Since my last #amwriting post, I’ve reached chapter 5, and my characters finally have some direction. 367 more words


Did You Know?

Hello everyone!

Are you feeling good? I am.

Ideas are brewing.

What I mean with this is: surprises are coming your way!

A Freebie

Indeed, I am working on a free ebook for you, guys and gals. 142 more words


Writing Tip: A New Perspective

There are many writing prompts that will challenge you to write from a different perspective. Most of us write in the first person, and most can relate to that point of view. 450 more words


Readers: Reblogging and Sharing

You have probably seen that other writers have had their poetry and stories reblogged or shared on Let it Come from the Heart. This can happen in a number of ways: via email, through the Submit page, or if something on my reader happens to catch my eye. 420 more words