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Busy Writing Person Tip #42

Another series tip… If you are bored with the series, your writing will reflect it. Take a break, try a new story that is unrelated, read other works, or consider ending the series. 109 more words


Main characters, in fact any character who is even mildly significant in your work, can be slippery little suckers. You, as their omnipotent and omniscient creator, have your work cut out translating everything you know into something vaguely human your reader can relate to. 1,091 more words

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Square Dancing as a Metaphor for Writing

Writers tend to think in metaphors, and have a penchant for turning non-literary stuff into something literary. And so because of that, a great many non-writing things in life can be held up as useful for the writing life. 304 more words

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The Benefits of Handwriting vs. Typing: Why the Pen May Be Mightier Than the Keyboard

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I LOVE infographics.  They offer a quick snippet of information in a visually pleasant manner.  So imagine my awe and delight when I ran across the one below. 33 more words


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For awhile now, I've been using a combination of keyboard and handwriting.  Most recently, I purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro to make it more convenient when I want to switch back and forth between the two. When I'm ready to handwrite, I use apps like OneNote or Myscript Nebo.  The beauty of both is the ability to convert the handwriting to text.  The former is the primary one I use because of how well I can organize my thoughts and writings into notebooks, sections, and pages.  I can also share the pages via email or the entire notebook via invitation. Another perk of OneNote is the clipping tool (downloaded separately and installed as a browser extension).  If I find something on the web I want to save, all I have to do is click the icon in the browser bar and viola!  It's saved to the location I choose. Myscript Nebo is a great tool as well.  However, the sharing option is limited, and I can't clip and save like OneNote.  A positive for this app is the bar that shows your writing as text and auto-corrects.  So even when my handwriting isn't the most legible, Myscript figures it out. Which do you prefer, handwriting or typing?  What devices and tools do you use?

Busy Writing Person Tip #41

For those who write series, REREAD your previous work or take exceptionally good notes and REREAD them often.

Readers will catch all discrepancies, inaccuracies, and changes in voice. 67 more words