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Distract from distraction

It helps, when you write, if you (well) write.

For some reason investigating the turbulent history of cat memes doesn’t write a story — I don’t know why, it’s just true. 286 more words


Writing Tip: 36#

“Interesting verbs are seldom very interesting.” — Jonathan Franzen


Writing Tip: 35#

Always carry a note-book. Always. You never know when creativity will strike.


Writing Is…Seeing the Details

Writers are observers. We need to observe life in all its grand scope and small detail—places, things, people, events, words, emotions.

A couple of weeks ago, I moved from one state to another one—literally across the country. 196 more words

Writings About Writing

Word Clouds!

Here’s a neat idea I picked up from Twitter (thanks @BrianneZwambag and @emsheehanwrites!):

Want to know what the most used words in your manuscript? Build a word cloud! 85 more words

Apricot Seeds And Wolfsbane

Writing Quote Wednesday 

“Work on your craft, whatever your medium. Determination is your headway toward reality.”
-JT Sanz


Writing Tip: 34#

Get a writing buddy who can whip you when you refuse to write.