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Bad Writing Advice you should ignore

There are thousands of writers who have blogs focused on writing. While much of it is useful, a few pieces of bad advice have gained popularity and keep showing up in my feed. 1,254 more words

Writing Craft

Why write...

Writers can’t help but write. If we are not actively scribing to paper or rearranging digital ink in our laptops, we are observers to this life. 915 more words

Writing Practice

Amateur Writing Tip: Different Mediums

You can’t tell every story using the same medium. A story suited for a comic may not be suited to become a movie without some changes. 162 more words


Writing Quote Wednesday 

“At the end of the day, the only thing I can control are the words that I put on the page.”

-Zoraida Cordova


Writing Tip: 70#

You need to keep out of the house and explore whatever world you are trying to write. There’s only so much you can research.


Building Your Writer's Brand

Indie authors are jack-of-all-trades. Not only are they writers, but also promoters and marketers of their finished product. This for most writers is difficult and for some an afterthought. 723 more words

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Writing can be easy...and hard.  The easy part is jotting down all the wonderful story ideas that float in our heads.  The harder part comes with editing and getting the finish product before the masses. Knowing what to do or how to do it can be frustrating.  But with great advice on brand building from fellow writers like E. Denise Billups, how can we ever fail.