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Writing Tip: Don't Edit, Rewrite Instead

This is a tip that I saw on Pinterest and so I thought I would give it a try a couple of months ago and I’m using this Tip currently on editing and expanding my book… 351 more words


U is for Unlocking - #AtoZChallenge

A character has seemingly gone as far as they can go and it looks like they are going to lose the fight if they haven’t already. 300 more words


I is for Ignorance - #AtoZChallenge

Your protagonist has been tasked with saving the world but hasn’t been told how exactly to do this. Because of this they use what they already know to destroy an object of power, however by destroying this object their task has all of a sudden grown that more difficult. 144 more words


H is for Hero's Fault - #AtoZChallenge

At the beginning of the story the intrepid hero does something to prevent an evil man intent on stealing arguably the most powerful object in the universe so that he can dominate the entire world. 148 more words


T is for Temptation - #AtoZChallenge

Your characters reach a certain part of the story where everything seems to be going great for them. There are no more monsters to defeat and no more people they need to help. 327 more words


Busy Writing Person Tip #33

Write; even if you think you’ll cut it later. Write it.

It may be a launching pad. You may keep 10% of it. You may keep none of it. But write it.

Things I Learned From Finishing the First Draft

After 6 embarrassing years and a graveyard of unfinished WIPs, I finally finished my first draft today! Yes, that’s right. It actually took me the better half of a decade to finish a measly first draft that barely clocks in at 40k words. 877 more words