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Connections: Success Story

We have discussed several ways that writers can connect with others – writers, readers, editors, publishers, etc. – online during this month. If you would like to look back through the posts, then here are the links: 556 more words


Writing Tip: Follow Contest Guidelines

Many sites like CTU give writers an opportunity to be published with no fees. Other sites charge fees in order to fund their websites, publication costs and maybe even a cash prize. 680 more words


Thou Shalt Show, Not Tell

Whether or not you’re a seasoned writer, chances are you’ve heard the 11th Commandment:

It’s definitely the most common writing tip out there.

But how many people know what that means, and how many actually do it? 913 more words

Writing Tip

4-27-2016 #WritingPrompt - Mystery

From Mr. Bean and Hitchcock … to Rearview Window and A Beautiful Mind… Mystery plays a big part in our entertainment… so for today’s writing prompt we are going with Mystery… even if you don’t consider yourself a mystery writer, there is a lot to be said for adding just a touch to your normal genre… 462 more words


Why you shouldn't edit as you go

Editing while writing is a common habit for many writers – and most of the time, it’s not an intentional or beneficial one. Even I’m doing right now, as I write this post. 285 more words


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photopin_5020253586_9cf4dbb2ec_b I often write and edit as I go under the guise that I'll be done with the writing process quicker.  But as mentioned, this can be time-consuming to the point of missing out on getting the story done. A couple of months ago, I spent an entire day on one paragraph.   I wanted it to be perfect, but in the end I was frustrated, tired, and it still wasn't to my liking.  After taking a step back, I made a highlighted note of what I really wanted from that part of the story and then moved on to the next piece.  It was hard to let it go, but to keep from hindering progress I had to do it.  I managed to get two chapters written the next day. Photo: An insight into my process of content creation for the web via photopin (license)

A Glossary of Writerly Jargon

If you’re new (or even not so new) to the world of writing, you may have discovered that us writerly folks have our own jargon. Even if you’re not a writer, if you’re an avid reader you’ve probably associated with enough writers (and/or literary critics) to have heard some odd terms being tossed about. 664 more words

Writings About Writing

Announcement TIME!

I just thought I’d write a short post here to showcase my feathers, sort of like a tom turkey does when he’s trying to catch a female’s attention – except I’m NOT a turkey, I promise. 723 more words