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Writing Prompt #18

Using the picture above make this scene go from good to bad. In one page and using the only the two girls in picture describe how this scene goes from good to bad.


Writing Tip: Write about Your Favorite Unusual Things

So you want to be a poet but you are not quite sure what to write about. You have read many poems about love, heartache, struggles, important causes, politics and nature, but you don’t want to be the same broken record. 472 more words


Characters: Individuals

Think about your favourite book. Who are the main characters? What makes them different from each other? They might be angry, happy, sad, polite, rude, intelligent, dumb … the chances are that each character will have their own set of personality traits that makes them distinct from the others. 342 more words


So What About Chapters in Novels?

For this post, rather than informing or commenting about a subject, I’d like to promote a discussion and ask for your feedback. I’ve heard about – and participated in – various conversations lately about the subject of chapter length – and number of chapters – in novels. 128 more words

Writings About Writing

Writing Prompt #16

Give this animal fight scene dialogue, both internal and external dialogue and do it for both the penguin and the seal.


Writing Prompt #15

You wake up in an unfamiliar place, you vision is blurring and you have a raging headache. As you eyes finally start to adjust, you see two men one laying in a bath tub the other sitting on the toilet. 34 more words