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Ideas: Thought Showers

Writers are constantly on the lookout for original ideas. This is our subject for February. How exactly can you come up with your own original ideas over and over again? 353 more words


#Editing??? I Don’t Need No Stinking Editing

Gotta love the double negatives in the title.  Especially in reference to the header image. :-)

I for one, need editing. Without it how good could a work be? 131 more words


Using Slang and Curse words – How Much is Okay?

I’ve seen this topic circulating around the writing community a lot lately: when is it okay to use curse words in your story? And on a related topic: how much current slang is okay? 589 more words

Writings About Writing

Using The 12 Stages of Physical Intimacy To Build Tension In Your Novel

Source: Using The 12 Stages of Physical Intimacy To Build Tension In Your Novel

I spotted this blog post the other day, and thought it would be helpful for a lot of writers that hear the words ‘now add some romance’ either from a publisher or critique group, and cringe… … 109 more words


Building a Solid Writing Practice

Veronica Rossi shares her thoughts on setting goals and what it took for her to write her Young Adult series Under the Never Sky and her newest… 90 more words

Theme for February: Ideas

Each month, this blog will feature posts discussing writing tips and prompts on a specific theme. This month’s theme will be IDEAS. I will be discussing different ways that writers can come up with original ideas and sharing posts designed to get you thinking of your next story or poem. 40 more words