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Kindle Scout

I’ve only discovered it recently but it seems like an awesome way to discover new stories.

Kindle Scout is a platform that allows authors to publish their never before published stories for people to vote and then hopefully get nominated to be an e-book promoted by Amazon. 111 more words


Writing Tip: Community

Building on what I talked about last week, community is essential to grow your writing. Why?

  1. Others look at your work with a different eye than you do and so can spot problems …
  2. 510 more words

Writing Quote Wednesday 

“Don’t get it right, just get it written.”

-James Thurber


Why Isn't it Like Riding a Bike?

It’s only been a few days away and I’m wondering how writing works.

Why isn’t it more like riding a bike?

Surely, all the ideas I’ve had away from the keyboard should be flowing through my fingertips? 14 more words

Busy Person Writing Tip #6

Read books in the genre you write. Read books not in the genre you write.

However, I will never read horror. Nope. I like being able to sleep.

Me and Mr. Block, We've Got a Thing Going On

The Block and I are old pals. He creeps up at the most significant moments, you know, when there’s a crucial chapter coming, or a self set deadline approaching. 381 more words

Amateur Writing Tip: World building websites

For this I’ll be focusing on two websites you can use to help you build your world. There are many more out there, and there are even more cellphone apps with the sole purpose of helping you build your worlds. 275 more words