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9 ways to review and revise your writing 

It’s easy to equate revision with failure. “If I knew what I were doing, I’d get it right the first time,” many writers think. Revision is the best friend a writer c… 95 more words


Writing Tip: Speculative Poetry

It is easy to write poetry about our emotions, struggles and the challenges of everyday life. For some, poems about nature are a delight to write. 445 more words


Strong Women of Fantasy – Aravis, from The Chronicles of Narnia

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about Glinda the Good Witch (and other female characters) from L. Frank Baum’s Oz series (the books, not so much the… 931 more words

Writings About Writing

Editing: When to Edit

Writing can be a long process. That’s why writers get so excited when they finish something that they’ve been working hard on. We can get a thrill when we think about how all of our efforts have resulted in a piece of writing that we can be proud of. 389 more words



Write about a scenario where your whole world is put on pause. You wake up and everything is frozen – your family, friends, pets, even the rain falling down outside. 19 more words


Writing Tip: How to Write a Short Story

The art of the short story. What is a short story? A short story is a brief work of literature, a piece prose, which can be read in a single sitting.  517 more words


7 Lessons I Wish Someone Had Taught Me Before I Started Writing

When I first started writing, I was worse than a kid in a toy store. I wanted it ALL…NOW. I was desperate to be ‘good’ at writing. 1,321 more words