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Amateur Writing Tip: Stream of Consciousness

Stream of consciousness is a method of writing where you write down everything and anything that pops into your mind as you think. This method can be used to write entire novels. 141 more words


When the Plot Bunnies Don't Show Up

Plot bunnies. You either love them or you hate them.

The problem is, they tend to come at inopportune times. (such as sleeping or during Zumba class). 490 more words

Writing Tip: 60#

Set yourself allotted time in which to write. It won’t sound like you’re doing a lot of writing if you’re only doing it for twenty minutes.


Writing Quote Wednesday 

“Write like you’re the only one who can say the thing you have to say.”

-Elizabeth Bear


Writing Tip: 59#

Get drunk (responsibly drunk, I’m not falling into a lawsuit) and write. It may be shit, it maybe pure gold, only one way to find out.


Inkslayer's Journal Entry 3

So it’s been a couple weeks now since the release of Beyond Here and…I find that I’m still learning a lot. One such thing I learned is that more people actually wanted a physical copy of the book as opposed to the kindle version. 192 more words