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52. Interviews with Ann Richardson and Jacky Dahlhaus


Máire caught up with writers Ann Richardson and Jacky Dahlhaus when they were in Dublin for the Dublin Writers Conference. Ann talks about her non-fiction writing and Jacky talks about her vampire trilogy. 24 more words


Your book idea probably isn't original, here's why that doesn't matter.

My book series, the Chronicles of the Great Migration are about giant walking cities in a dystopian future. When I first started writing about this idea, I thought I was the most original person in the world. 1,410 more words


Get Active on Your Goals - Let's be Accountability Partners!

While I was meeting with my writing group today, I wrote down the goals in my journal and spoke them aloud. This whole accountability thing is a big deal! 283 more words


How long should a scene be?

One of my clients asked me this question. This may seem like a dumb question, but it’s worth discussing so as to help writers who are new to the game. 229 more words

How a Daily Challenge Improves Writing (and makes it fun)

Writing on a daily basis is like committing to running or some other form of exercise.You start to need it and don’t feel as energetic without that routine. 628 more words


The Odds of Advertising Your Book

by Richard Risemberg

This is the way it is: if your book does not enjoy extensive publicity, it will not sell.

This is not a hard and fast rule, as miracles do happen through word of mouth, but the odds favor ads in this word of white noise that we live in. 1,174 more words