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How to Write Good Short Fiction

So, you have a story you want to tell but unsure of how to begin.  Many writers feel the same way you do but have no fear because with these tips you will be on your way to becoming a best seller in no time. 488 more words


What if?

The end of 2016 marked the end of another year in which I failed to participate in National Novel Writing Month. I must admit I’m more of a reader than a writer these days, plus I’ve always found the concept of writing a novel in a month quite scary, even though I previously worked on a schedule of writing for a certain number of hours each week. 147 more words

Writing Techniques

#15 Your Write to: JUST DO IT!!!

Putting my own lessons into practice makes me JUST DO IT!!!


Antihero Protagonist: Louis Bloom


Louis Bloom

Antiheroes come in shades of grey. Lou is the darkest of dark grey. He would be black in any story that didn’t feature him as the protagonist. 355 more words


When You Don't Have Time to Lose Track of Time

The flow state, for a writer, is an accidental luxury. Once we’re in it, we’re addicted to the high – and once we’re out of it, we crave it. 607 more words

Meg Dowell

What's in a gait? Horses and how they move.

As I peruse writing message boards – especially those seeking advice on certain questions – I often see some variation on this:

“How long can a horse gallop?” “How long can a horse go without rest?” “I’ve got my hero needing to ride his horse 20 miles in one hour. 810 more words

Writing And Books

Setting Differently: #2 Bagan

Setting Differently #2: BAGAN

Setting Differently is a series that helps writers engage in atypical settings, particularly in fantasies. Too often, fantasy books are written based on a medieval European setting, but Setting Differently is here to help expand your mind. 583 more words