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Writing Tip: Visual Poetry

Writing Tip: Visual Poetry

In the techno savvy world we live in today, you would think it would be easier to share your writing and gain a plethora of followers on social media sites. 495 more words

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Writing in the Present Tense: A Guest Post By Author Charles E. Yallowitz

Thank goodness it’s finally Friday! Am I right? And thank goodness for guest bloggers. After an entire week of laying sick in bed, I would have been hard-pressed to produce an interesting blog post with any content whatsoever. 932 more words


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An Insightful blog post about present tense writing from my friend and fellow fantasy author, Charles E. Yallowitz. Enjoy and please share! MRS N

Six Things You Need to Know about Your Writer

So your friend—or, God help you, your spouse—is a writer. Chances are, the more you get to know your writer, the more confused you’ll feel. Writers are odd ducks. 992 more words

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6 Essay-Writing Tips You Must Know

There comes a point, or rather many points, in every student’s life, when he/she has to pen down an essay spanning a specified page / word count. 442 more words


Writing and Editing Tips - Part 12: What now?

If you’ve been following my writing and editing tips from the beginning and have been working hard on your manuscript you may well be pretty much ready to publish – or are you? 897 more words


Critique Group - Child of the Curse and Chiron in the Woods

No, these submissions aren’t anything like what Flynn just saw, so we’ll have an easy time critiquing today.

Don’t forget the critiquing guidelines. All you have to do is post a comment about the submissions below. 1,844 more words


Outlines: a little meander through process

Hi, peeps!

Every once in a while here at Women and Words I’ll talk a bit about writing process and writing craft. I do this to pass stuff along to other writers (and brainstorm and get tips!), but also to shine some light on the weird writing world to readers who sometimes wonder what the hell we do all day (or during the time when we’re working on stories). 1,056 more words

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