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murder by numbers; or, my struggle with outlining

Outlining and I don’t get along.

Teachers in high school are so pro-outlining that you expect they all belong to some secret outlining cult where they sacrifice stressed high school students and their stressfully written papers to the Higher God of Outlining. 932 more words


The folly of making a story as "cool" as can be

Back in high school I knew of a kid in the graduating class ahead of me who would get to school early so he could be seen standing in front of his Mazda RX-7. 790 more words

Science Fiction

Showing vs Telling (Part 2)

Last week I talked about how to avoid info dumps in your writing. This week I will talk about how to fix info dumps and how to balance the slippery slope of exposition and action. 506 more words


So You Want to Be a Writer

By Dana Nuenighoff

Since you are already reading this blog, you obviously want to be a writer. There’s no doubt about it and I applaud you. 696 more words

Writing Tools & Tips

How to Encourage New Aspiring Writers to Share Their Work

Remember when you were just starting out as a writer, and you were hesitant about sharing your work with other people? Maybe you were eager to do so, but couldn’t find the right people to give you constructive criticism. 745 more words

Writing Tips

Dear Prospective Dissertation-ers

So I wrote this post for Nottingham Uni Student Life Blog (another little site I write for) after being inspired by one of my lovely followers… consider it a little advice for any prospective final year students with a dissertation on the horizon. 537 more words