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Fall 2019 Writing and Teaching

As summer temperatures in Tucson finally drop below 100°F and we head into autumn, I’m preparing lesson plans and writing new exercises for two fall workshops at the Writers Studio. 406 more words

Writing Tips

How to Write When You Don’t Know Where to Start

Here’s your dilemma: Your boss needs a summary of what you
found in your market research for a potential new product, but you don’t know… 404 more words

Writing Pitfalls: Doubt and Discouragement

by Andrea Lundgren

This is part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group blog-hop, designed to help encourage authors and foster discussions about writing topics across the internet and the world. 675 more words


Journaling - An Effective Way to Strengthen Your Writing #AuthorToolBoxBloghop

For today’s bloghop, I wanted to share about a strategy that has helped me strengthen my writing – journaling.  I’ve kept a journal since middle school. 657 more words

Writing Life


To answer that question, I took a little time this morning to think about it. I can honestly say that it’s the characters that the writer comes up with, the storyline and plot that you construct, and the author’s creative thought to bring it all into existence, making it convincing and rock-solid from beginning to end, bringing the wow factor that keeps the reader turning the pages.  74 more words

Author Winona Rasheed

BEDS 2019 - Day 17

So, today would have been my one year anniversary with my, since the beginning of August, my ex-boyfriend. We ended our relationship on a good note. 301 more words