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Charles Dickens and Speaking to Ideas

My goal has always been to one day become a published author, but lately, I haven’t been doing much to get myself any closer to that goal. 1,016 more words


When Side Characters Become Interesting

A little more than a year ago, I was hard at work on a novella about a main character from my in-the-process-of-editing book trilogy. This main character made new ‘friends’ (if that’s what you call cellmates in prison) who were required to help push the plot along. 569 more words

Writing Tips

Author Self-Promotion: 4 First Steps

In today’s literary market, it pays to self-promote, and there are plenty of options available to authors for that purpose. So, if you’re just getting started with this whole publishing thing, how should you begin promoting yourself? 1,070 more words


Character Clothing

I know, I know. Why would I make a whole post about something so inconsequential? Isn’t it bad news to describe a character’s clothing?

Yes and no. 1,910 more words

You're a 20-Something Aspiring Writer. Breathe.

I understand not all of you fit this category – you’re not a struggling 20-something with a whole career in front of you. But many of you are, as am I. 933 more words

Meg Dowell

How the F*** Do I Name My Characters?

If you’re a parent (or even if you’re not), it’s easy to understand the agony behind choosing a name for this squirming mass of flesh you’ve created. 575 more words

When Your Novel Doesn't Fit in Any Genre

Writing is fun, editing is hard, and getting published is murder. Navigating the murky waters of the literary scene is tricky, but having a stellar query letter will help you enormously. 287 more words