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Why Didn’t I Plan!? The Regrets of a Pantser

I prefer pantsing when writing, which is going with the flow and seeing where the story takes me. There’s little planning involved beyond a vague idea of plot and characters (if you’re lucky). 411 more words


For Bi's Sake

So, how can you recognize a bisexual? There is a presumption in Western cultures that all people are heterosexual, expanded somewhat in this century to the presumption that all people are either heterosexual or become homosexual.

772 more words

Writing Tips 2

Hi everyone, I couldn’t think of any other ways of saying ‘more’ than the ones that I’ve already used (even with the help of the internet), so I had no other choice than to stick a number on the end of the title instead. 395 more words


Down A Rabbit Hole

There are good rabbit holes – the ones that take you to new places, experiences and people that you wouldn’t have encountered if you hadn’t taken that left turn at Albuquerque: 392 more words

Ghosts and Ghouls (Part 1)

Hey Lovelies!

We’re talking about the most common ghosts and ghouls we’ll see at this time of the year. Think witches, werewolves, vampires, goblins, mummies, Frankenstein and ghosts. 2,650 more words

5 Ways To Prep For NaNo Without Worrying About Your Novel [NaNoWriMo Prep]

NaNoWriMo begins in less than two weeks. Everyone has been talking about novel prep all month long, myself included.

But when it comes to prepping for NaNo, it doesn’t have to be all about your novel. 305 more words


Liverpool Student Radio

Fragments, Recovered is getting a feature spot on Liverpool Student Radio today, October 19, and will be read by a great and dear friend Scottie Jolly who will be doing a reading of some poetry in conjunction with their creative writing radio show. 27 more words