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Literary Review Recommendations

David C. Rompf, Creative Nonfiction teacher, suggested I consider these magazines to submit to. I have links and comments below.

The Bellevue Literary Review (external link) 364 more words

The Genius of Secondary #Characters: What I Learned by Watching the #Movie Black and White

Last month, my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday.  He just knew I’d ask for a fun-filled 4-day vacay.  Or at the very least, a night out on the town with a fabulous over-priced meal.  497 more words


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What Makes a Great Ghost Story? 10 Tips for a Rattling Good Read

Introducing the story: Ghost stories often begin as a fireside entertainment, usually in winter at Christmas or New Year. The narrator is sometimes reluctant to tell his/her story because it is not mere light-hearted entertainment, but the account of a gruesome or disturbing event that would be best forgotten. 590 more words

Writing Tips

The Mother of All Character Checklists

Here are 89 exciting character traits to help you create more realistic fictional people than ever before! I’ve been adding to it for the past year or so since I started my novel. 391 more words


Obtaining Your Goals (Part 2): Pacing

As creatives, we sometimes struggle with finishing our writing in a designated timeframe. We can grow towards these goals though.

1.) Write everyday. Chart the number of words you write and determine an average. 152 more words


Planners Vs. Pantsers (NaNoWriMo Prep Part 5)

If you’re a writer, you know the terms “planner” and “pantser.” Other writers will ask you which one you are.

There are no sides, neither one of them is the “right” way to write a novel or the “wrong” way to write a novel. 396 more words


Juggling metaphors

Juggling baby, husband, work and not becoming an exploding ball of stress is hard enough without adding the writing and blogging ‘balls’. There’s also reading, and genuine, veg out relaxing, which are required to diffuse the previously mentioned ball of stress. 561 more words