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How to write a video script

This week I’ve written three video scripts for my fertility client. One was on the impact of stress on fertility, another on the Weston A Price diet and then today one on going gluten-free for fertility. 794 more words

Writing Tips

Writing Prompts 101 & 102

In case you missed last week’s post with the word “smorgasbord” in the title (yeah, it contained a bit of everything), you may not have seen Writing Prompt #101.   102 more words


Writing Tips: Denotation vs. Connotation


Definition: A denotation is the dictionary definition of a word.

Example: One example of denotation would be stating that the word cheap means inexpensive. 275 more words


Useful Sites for the Novice Writer – Medium

I found this great article by Richard Ankers on Medium. There are some great links here! 

Website and submission advice for the new to writing. 8 more words

Writing Tips

What is College?

In college, procrastination is everywhere.  If you talk to another college student and they do not have the word “procrastinating” on their tongue, then they have it on their mind.   170 more words


Novel Update - 3/22/17

I just hit 30,000 words in the manuscript. My goal is 75,000 words or so, which should work out to about 300 pages. As a… 459 more words

Crime Fiction

On Wanting to Throw the Manuscript into the Air and Make a Run For It

Editing. If writing is a universe of universes in your mind, endless plains and planes of possibility, editing is the the grouchy little man who barks at you that your right little toe went off the path onto the weedy grass. 246 more words