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Tip Tuesday: Writing Habits

This tip Tuesday is going to be short and sweet! With the holidays fast approaching life is hectic and crazy and it can be hard to keep to writing when you need to. 241 more words

Manuscript Mondays: Facing Rejection

Here’s the deal, not everything you write will be well received. It won’t be accepted by lit mags, publishers, agents, Amazon readers, etc. That’s the hard fact about writing. 333 more words

Book Review: The Fall by S.T. Campitelli

Okay – hold on a minute! Why has this excellent piece of literature been unknown to me for however long it’s existed? Why was I not told? 634 more words


5 Weird Writing Tips

I get the feeling most of the time when I’m reading writing advice it’s the same couple of points over and over. It’s probably because it’s good advice and I’m grateful for it, but today I thought I’d share some tips I use myself that you might have heard a bit less. 339 more words

Shut Up and Be Creative

Stop ranting on Twitter.

Stop getting caught up in a whirlwind of rage.

Stop getting offended by every word.



Is Your Story Made of Starlight Dust? (The long-awaited part 2)

Was it really a long-awaited part 2? I don’t know. You tell me. I know it was long-awaited for me because it has pretty much taken me since… 704 more words

Bookish Things

How Charles Dickens Influenced the Self-Publishing Industry

by Kelsie Engen

Charles Dickens is perhaps one of the most influential authors in the world. He was a prolific writer in his day, publishing something like 15 novels, a handful of novellas, numerous short stories, both fiction and non-fiction. 869 more words