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Writer Resources 6: Writing Groups

Welcome to Writer Resources 6, my long overdue post about writing groups and their importance. For many years, when I was first starting out, I harbored a great aversion to writing groups. 396 more words

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Writing and Research - Why you should!

So I’ve been talking to someone from Turkey lately, Istanbul to be more specific, and we do a lot of discussing of politics and history. It became readily apparent to me, as it should when dealing with an older individual, that I was lacking in experience and knowledge on certain subjects. 431 more words

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WRITERS WORKSHOP: Omniscient POV (Part 2)

Omniscient Point of View: Pros and Cons.

  1. Uses he/she/it/they. Sometimes has a Narrator that is not directly part of the story, but has a distinct personality and flair.
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Plot vs. Character: Which is more important?

This article is by K.M. Weiland.

“Plot vs. character”—we hear it all the time, as if the two were mutually exclusive. Either your book is plot-driven or character-driven. 660 more words

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Aspects of writing --- The Past with Christoph Fischer


I find history both fascinating and important. I believe that in order to appreciate how far human society has evolved, we need to know and understand how we got here. 817 more words


Writing Time, Part 47. Writing From a Position of Power

Editorial revisions will almost certainly be necessary for every story, but we’ll be wise to approach editorial, whether paid or unpaid, from a position of storytelling power. 296 more words

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Strictly Boilerplate: 5 Tips for Writing an Effective Boilerplate

How you end a press release is as equally important as how you begin it. The lead in the release is the important news you are sharing – the compelling, creative content you need to communicate with your target audience. 439 more words

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