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How to Get a Chapter Just Right

One of the most frustrating things writers can experience is the inability to get a chapter just right. We try everything—revising setting, character descriptions and conflict, changing sentences, adding and removing paragraphs, rewriting the chapter. 306 more words

Writing Craft

Where do I begin?

The first line is critical. It’s the reader’s first impression of a story and possibly a deciding factor on whether or not they continue reading.  With so much pressure on nailing this part, it becomes easy to get frustrated. 83 more words


Four Simple Tips on Developing Your Character

A writer can have the best idea in the world for a story and then just ruin it with bland and forgettable characters — don’t be that writer! 511 more words


Dialogue Ideas

When you are writing– you are trying to connect with your reader. Which can be easy to do or it can be hard. Sometimes you can get stuck thinking about what you can do. 255 more words

Dreams of the scarlet swordswoman

     A swordswoman with red hair held a demonic blade in her hand–a monster, a work of evil. She buried it in the dirt, broke it, and threw it away. 303 more words


Baby Steps

Seven chapters down, who knows how many to go. Is it weird that I don’t have a clue how many chapters there will be? If I had to spitball it, I’d say like eighteen. 242 more words


The Differences between Copyediting and Book Coaching

Recently, I’ve been refining my editing process, discovering just what my word processing software can do (and that, yes, it can convert and make things Microsoft Word can still use, despite being made on a Mac). 444 more words