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The Writer’s Edge is hosting another LIVE BROADCAST tonight on YouTube. Join us at 10 PM EST to ask the writers questions from the audience, and participate in the discussion.


Now Working With Reinvent U

If you are looking to make a career transition, my most recent partnership might be of interest to you. I am excited to announce that I’ll be collaborating with Nicole Pica of… 207 more words


The Benefit of Creating When Nobody is Watching

Yesterday Note to Self’s Manoush Zomorodi posed the question, “What happens to the videos no one watches?”

Why is it so hard for creators to break through the noise? 740 more words

Meg Dowell

Bringing stories to life

Hello dearest duckettes!

I’ve found that as we work on our craft we need to hear the good stuff over and over. Have it presented to us in different ways, from different angles and perspectives. 633 more words

30 days to a Better Life

Today, after working a little on my 30 day guide to better self awareness, I completed 105 squats as part of my 30 day squat challenge. 444 more words

Random Thoughts

A Finisher of None

Back when I started business school (for the third time, I might add), my Marketing 101 professor explained to us the psychological dilemma that occurs when a person feels overwhelmed by too many choices: they shut down. 105 more words

Writer's Life

Emotional Writing for the Even-Keeled

Read me a passage from one of my teenage diaries, and you will see me turn poppy-red. How did I manage to exist with that much melodrama (and those many adjectives) filling my head? 725 more words

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