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Creating Your Characters

I wanted to create this chapter as a way to really help you with a lot of cool resources I found. I’m actually going through with Jenna Moreci’s method of creating a background (sort of). 1,553 more words


Cullen's Whiplash Writing Recommendations: No Questions Asked, Answered Anyway

One of the big problems I’ve seen among genre fiction authors in recent years is an obsession with explaining things no one wanted explained. Some prime examples include  1,049 more words


Why Writers Should Also Be Readers

It’s not a coincidence that most people who write are also big readers. Besides providing entertainment and that window into lives other than our own, there’s a lot that reading can teach us about how to be better writers. 654 more words

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Audiobooks with ACX - Optimize Your Novel for Audio

Audiobooks with ACX – Optimize Your Novel for Audio

This is part 6 of my series on Audiobooks with ACX. Once I started listening to how my words sounded, I realized what worked and what didn’t. 928 more words


5 Tips for Writing Narrative Nonfiction

Most of my advice on this blog is dedicated to fiction, and while much of it can be applied to nonfiction, I’d also like to take a moment to discuss nonfiction specifically. 700 more words


things I'm tired of seeing in lit mag submissions

Guest post by Bartleby Snopes Literary Magazine managing editor Nathaniel Tower

An editor of a literary magazine has to put up with a fair amount. Among the struggles we must face on our daily quest for literary greatness is repetition. 1,238 more words

Editor Guest Post

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As a reader for two different magazines and an indie book publisher...I couldn't agree more with Bartleby Snopes editor Nathaniel Tower. If you're a writer and/or editor, definitely give this a read.

A few words about plagiarism and how to avoid it

This blog post is excerpted from one at PLOS’ On Science Blogs. it is part of a longer post by Tabitha M. Powledge with the title of… 907 more words