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When your life goes to the dogs...

Thought you might enjoy my appearance on the Harvest House Blog. Yep, I’ve learned a lot from this rascally animals! Take a peek!


Dana Mentink

Modern Colloquialisms in the Fantasy Genre

Please don’t do it.

I won’t directly quote, but to paraphrase: the MC banged his armor and then to seal the deal, he shouts. And the crowd rahs. 122 more words

Writing Tips

Posts Revisited: Writing Convincing Characters

Hey all! I’ve been wanting to revisit some of my older posts on this blog because, well, I’ve matured a lot in the years that I’ve been running this blog. 1,027 more words


Three Truths About Authors and Social Media

Truth 1: Social media is not a good way to find new readers.

How many times have you seen an advertisement on social media and then clicked on it and purchased the product? 603 more words

Don Massenzio

5 Great Things to Do in Writing for 2016

by Victor Salinas

A new year signals a new beginning.

While the change of the calendar year is really nothing more than a formality, it can, in fact, be a powerful symbol in the human mind. 914 more words


3oo Words to Make You Seem Smart

1.      Abate – to decrease in strength

2.      Aberrant – straying from the right or normal way

3.      Abeyance – a lapse in succession; temporary inactivity… 2,811 more words

100 Words To Help You Reach the Word Count

Circumlocution is defined as a roundabout way of speaking. It uses unnecessary lengthy and complicated words in expressing an idea.

1. “An electronical cupboard with a series of drawers to put your food in to make it cold” (refrigerator) 685 more words