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Shared Post: "Writers Are from Venus, Agents Are from Mars" by Erica Verrillo

During my long and hard road to try and get published – and more importantly get sales for my work and begin making a living – one blog has been my constant ally and bulwark. 333 more words

Opinion Piece

Today's Writing Tip

A chapter outline can be a useful tool, but don’t feel as if it’s engraved in stone. When you start forcing your characters to do your bidding instead of what they want to do, the reader will sense this disparity. 160 more words

Thinking Up Plot Ideas (With Minimal Blood Sacrifices Involved)

So you’re staring down the barrel of a new project . . . Congratulations!

Ha, gosh, you are so screwed.

Now, for some writers, this isn’t a problem. 990 more words


Stop Saying Everything You Read Is 'Interesting'

There are a few small things that bother a very specific subset of people.

You don’t usually know it until you unintentionally do the thing that bothers that small selection of people. 512 more words

Meg Dowell

20 Daftar Istilah-istilah dalam Fiksi (Bagian 2)

Di bagian 1 kita sudah melihat dua puluh istilah dalam fiksi, sekarang ada dua puluh istilah lagi yang bisa memperkaya perjalanan menulis fiksi kita. Selamat menulis :) 592 more words

Online Workshop

Writing Tip: Turn Towards the Inner Critic

When you practice writing, it is essential to separate the creator and the editor, or inner critic, so that the creator has plenty of room to breathe, experiment, and tell it like it really is.  404 more words


How to Identify your Book’s Target Audience in 3 Easy Steps

“I’ve written a book with a capable heroine main character that my little sister would like… with a villain my crazy uncle would relate to… with a sci-fi setting my science teacher would get lost in… with a love interest my bff would ship… so who is my book actually for? 1,123 more words