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My Writing Tip For The Week

Schedule Time To Write

Obviously I haven’t been! We’ve had such a busy couple of weeks that I’ve barely had time to turn on my laptop. 108 more words

Creating characters

I did a blog a while ago on developing characters, but someone asked me the other day about creating characters, and it got me thinking that maybe I should talk a little bit about the inspiration behind characters and where they come from. 582 more words


Writing a Novel: Productive Writing Tips for People With ADHD

This isn’t something I talk about often – because most of the time I don’t see the benefit of mentioning it – but I have ADHD. 1,210 more words

Creative Writing

But What If It Was Real?

Stephen King once said that the impetus for The Mist came from a trip to grocery with his son and wondering what it would be like if there were prehistoric insects in it. 779 more words


To hand write notes or to use technology?

As you or your kids prepare to return to school (here in Georgia some schools open the first week of August) , you might be considering the purchase of technology for note taking.  528 more words

Writing Tips

Shared Post: "Writers Are from Venus, Agents Are from Mars" by Erica Verrillo

During my long and hard road to try and get published – and more importantly get sales for my work and begin making a living – one blog has been my constant ally and bulwark. 333 more words

Opinion Piece

Today's Writing Tip

A chapter outline can be a useful tool, but don’t feel as if it’s engraved in stone. When you start forcing your characters to do your bidding instead of what they want to do, the reader will sense this disparity. 160 more words