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Every Day in May - 25.05.16

Sorry, a technical hitch makes this a few hours late.

My last holiday post today so I am going with a quote from a writer whose life story I find very interesting: 55 more words


Are you using Facebook's Author App? by Mae Clair

I’m not usually a big fan of Facebook. Especially since the only way to realize any true benefit there as an author is to shell out $$$….but when I have paid for boosts or ads, I’ve always had good results. 531 more words

Mae Clair

Writing Tools

In a reply to a recent post about starting to write, a reader brought up the Pomodoro method as a way to focus on writing. For those of you unfamiliar with the method, it involves working for 25 minutes, resting five, repeating this process four times, and then breaking for a longer period of time. 631 more words


Vintage Writing Tools

Most of us have computers, ipads, and smart phones. They are almost a must have in today’s fast paced way of living. Doing everything at the touch of a button makes life more convenient. 467 more words


Writing with bird feathers

By Matt

People have always been writing or making pictures/characters since the beginning, but it wasn’t until around the 6th century that bird feathers were used. 359 more words


The Question New Writers Ask That Bothers Me the Most

I am a member of a few writing groups online. I also poke around the NaNoWriMo forums, explore other writing blogs – anything I can do to be a part of the conversation, because that’s the main reason this blog exists. 814 more words

Meg Dowell

Writing Tools

Every now and then I’ll come across a Kickstarter campaign for a book and wonder what’s going on. Sometimes the campaign is to help fully publish and do a custom print run, other times it looks like the campaign is trying to raise money for software or whatever else. 848 more words