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Using Markdown in WordPress


I have been meaning to understand and work with markdowns for a while here.


Let us setup our platform first.


Enable Markdown in Posts and Pages… 523 more words


video: journaling, a year-end update

I have a journaling habit. Always have, always will, it keeps me stable. Here’s my year-end journaling update :)

What I’m loving, what I use every day, and what I can’t live without.


May the writing group be with you

Writing is hard. It’s your mind against the blank page, against the jumble of words that are terrified to come out. It’s the dark side of you trying to stop the light from coming out of you. 644 more words


Free Post Thursday - A Break

Tonight is my only night free in a week, and the last free night for another week. I love having things to do with my time but I am getting a little tired out. 228 more words


Hot new product on Product Hunt: IO


A light-weight and powerful editor for authentic writing.

Product topic: User Experience, Tech, Web, Writing Tools
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Retrospective on a Name!

This week I did a really great writing exercise. It was simple, and I chose it because it was quick so one of my lunch break ones, but I got so much more out of it than expected. 494 more words


Echo: Pleasing and Writing

Writers write because we love it, because we can help it, we write for pleasure and to relieve the pressure, we write for ourselves but, in the end, we expect others to read what we write. 547 more words

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