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Daily Writing Inspiration

Currently feeling the headfuzz as the result of spending the week just past rewriting my crime novel.


Oh, Em Dash! How I Love Thee

Confession: I am not a professional writer.

Okay, so I have a book blog, and I wrote a yet-to-be-published book. And my #dayjobs have required a good bit of writing. 482 more words


Who Is The Muse of Writing?

Writers and romantic high-school boys often refer to their muse, or inspiration for writing. As near as I can tell, the two muses most appropriate for blog inspirations are Calliope (the Muse of epic poetry), Clio (the Muse of history), and Erato (the Muse of love poetry). 538 more words


There are more than ten types of people who read books

People who read books have their own reading habits independent of the book format they like. Pages of paper books can be folded and highlighted, whereas notes can be jotted down on pages of an ebook (that don’t destroy the actual page) and highlighted as well. 429 more words


Daily Writing Inspiration

Write for the love of it, not the paycheck.


Can there Ever Be Too Much Technology?

Consider this an experiment. I’m creating this document in Scrivener, then I’m going to copy/paste it into Medium and see if it retains my formatting. 400 more words


Daily Writing Inspiration

Once again: COMMIT to FINISHING your novel!!