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Swiss Army Knife and Back-up, Even When You Think You Don't Need It

I didn’t really own an official Swiss Army Knife but I did have a cool pocket knife with extra tools.

Extra tools are great. You can never have too many. 317 more words

Camp Nano

The Best Part of a Successful Kickstarte

The Best Part of a Successful Kickstarter Campaign – Welcome back to Two Navy Guys and a Novel, where we’re in the homestretch of the Weapons of Mass Deception Kickstarter campaign—the party ends at Midnight on Friday—but there’s still time to get in on the action. 41 more words

Writing Tools

What I’m Reading: The Next Batch of Apoc

What I’m Reading: The Next Batch of Apocalypse Weirdness –   I’m on a mission to read all the Apocalypse Weird novels. Since these books are coming out at a rate of two a month, I have my work cut out for me. 48 more words

Writing Tools

Another hotel room, another night of writing on the road

You’d think I’d be used to writing in hotel rooms by now. Sadly, I’ve discovered that most hotel rooms are the exact opposite of conducive to decent writing time. 354 more words


Writing Tools: Handwriting

Being a writer could mean anything. It’s a quite large umbrella term, just like artist or scientist. Like any other label, what we use as writers, or artists, or scientists defines us. 788 more words


Give Me an Inch, I'll Make You a Book

I went onto the web site of a prominent office supply chain the other day and ordered a thousand 4 x 6″ index cards. I love my 4 x 6 cards. 449 more words


Tools For Writers (or Anyone Really)

As a writer, I’m constantly collecting interesting things that could be used later.  This used to mean I’d have a ton of bookmarks in my browser which, even organized in folders, can be hard to sift through.   418 more words