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Top Three Voices

Unless you are a prodigal genius that was born with overwhelming, and completely natural writing ability, most writers have to find their voice.  Sometimes, it comes to them without a lot of effort, and they can truly call it their own, but sometimes they have to copy other people’s voices before they can actually mold it into their own style.  1,038 more words

Authors Canvas

#MFRW I don't like your voice....

The prompt of this piece is the worst writing advice I’ve ever gotten. I’m gonna share that, but a little backstory first so you can understand why the advice was the worst! 964 more words


Writing Voice, Style, Point of View and Other Terms

In writing fiction, “style” is defined, in the most simplistic terms, as the way a writer writes. It’s the “voice” a reader hears when they read a novel. 741 more words

Writing A Novel

The Jazz of the Writing World: In Defense of “Purple Prose”

 Photo Credit: Steel black and white sculpture of jazz players, upcycled: Max Pixel/CC0 1.0

“The importance of rhythm in my estimation is a measure of the difference between a live book and a dead one.” (Nin, …

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Your Writing Voice: The Tools of the Trade - guest blog post by Windy Lynn Harris

We hear the word “voice” a lot in appraisals of writing. The term can be confusing. You might hear, “Aden’s voice is just so original!” or “The voice of this piece really punched me in the gut.” These are terrific compliments, but what exactly is voice? 1,018 more words

Writing Resources

Writing Influences: Hayley Williams

I found my voice in writing when I found Paramore.

For most of my college career as a creative writing undergrad, I emulated the works of Kurt Vonnegut and George Saunders. 632 more words

Bare List on Authenticity

Writing for publication can be a difficult road to navigate. The path is fraught with feedback from everyone from peers to publishers and that can make it tricky to create something publishable while staying true to yourself. 525 more words