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HOW DARE I? And also, Finding Your Voice in Writing.


So this is actually two posts in one. The first is kind of me circuitously addressing the topic, HOW DARE I, A NEOPHYTE NOBODY, GIVE WRITING ADVICE ON THE INTERNET? 1,905 more words


Blogging Abroad Guest Post

This week’s blog is a guest post that I did for Blogging Abroad, a well-known hub for travel blogs.  Check out my tips on finding your blog voice here and make sure to check out the rest of their site for great advice on starting and maintaining your own travel blog! 12 more words


Writing How I Know

I’ve been thinking a lot about Wordsworth’s sonnet “Nuns fret not” for the last three weeks, usually around 4:30 in the morning (4:38 to be exact). 1,288 more words


Finding Your Voice in a World of #MeToo

The other day, my *almost* sixteen-year-old daughter read to me out loud her response to one of the questions on an assignment in her advanced English class. 1,399 more words

Healing & Recovery

Be A Leader, Not A Follower

As a journalist, there are many aspects you have to be able to do, you can’t simply always start off how you want to be published. 368 more words


Reclaiming Your Voice — An Online Generative Writing Class with Vanessa Mártir

What is voice? What are publishers and agents referring to when they say they’re looking for a strong, original voice?

Have you found yourself wondering what your voice is? 415 more words

What the hell is a writing voice, anyway?

I’m not a boring asshole, but you might think I’m one if you read my writing.

Look at that sentence. “I’m” is used twice, the same overused structure is recycled once again, and the word “asshole” is used to congratulate myself for being a boring asshole. 671 more words