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Making my Own Opportunities

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

There is some controversy about where this quote comes from. It has been attributed to a Roman philosopher named Seneca, to the football player Darrell Royal, and an American insurance salesman and writer named Elmer Letterman. 746 more words

I Love my Own Voice: Confessions of a Narcissistic Writer

I love the sound of my own writing voice. I can listen to my composed words all day long, like a favorite Bruce Springsteen song. I especially enjoy reading aloud to myself. 1,217 more words


Work in Progress "Rap City Moon 3"

Hey Little Sister what have you done?  Blasts from the top floor of the Empire State Building.  Meneutos covers his ears.  Rachel laughs.  It’s only Rock and Roll.   45 more words

Writing Voice

Lolita: The Power of Narrative Voice

Reading Lolita is an interesting experience. It’s supremely uncomfortable for the obvious reasons. A more subtle reason for the discomfort, is that Humbert Humbert is an eloquent, even funny, narrator that is seemingly fully aware of how reprehensible his behavior and thoughts are. 1,077 more words

On Writing

Writing Update

The truth is, there is no writing happening lately, unless it’s for school or a work email. I just don’t have the brainpower. I have been feeling COMPLETELY overwhelmed with work/school/life and everything I want to accomplish… 76 more words


Zine Review: How To Be Alone 6.1

How To Be Alone 6.1
Bastian Fox Phelan

I was not at all prepared for this zine.

How To Be Alone 6.1 is a zine by Bastian Fox Phelan about Bastian’s life. 443 more words



VIDEO POST #2 – MAY 2017

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