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10 Reasons Why Your Students' Writing is Bad -- Part II (6-10)

In Part I of this blog post I discussed the reasons why our students’ writing can be bad that may be under the control of our own teaching methods, attitudes or ways we present our assignments. 1,628 more words

What I Did This Weekend.

I’m searching for something to write about. I’m not ready to do another post on serials. That entails a lot of digging.

Kevin has certainly inspired me, not that I needed it, to consider alternatives to the sort of pain that Atthys has just described. 185 more words

Book Promotion

I Went for a Walk

Cleaning out unneeded documents in my computer files, I came across an essay I wrote for myself about eight years ago. I don’t recall writing it. 1,735 more words

Life Wisdom

How to Improve Your Writing: The Importance of Voice by Barry R Parker

One of the major things that distinguishes you from others is your voice. It’s both the sound of your voice and they way you say things. 1,370 more words

Write 2 Be Magazine

Starting a 'movement' of voice

I go to conferences sometimes.  I always present something because I don’t see any point in going unless my name is on the docket and — reality — it is now the only way to get money to go. 1,296 more words

Three steps to a smoother writing style

This week Joanna Penn invited me to her podcast to talk about writing style and voice, which you can see in a few weeks’ time. We got so involved in the subject that we didn’t finish her question list and this point didn’t make the cut. 679 more words

How To Write A Book

Come, hear, enjoy

It has a yellow awning.  To me that is a good sign.  It is an unconventional place, a boutique of children’s clothes.  That’s good too.  It’s in Beverly, close to home.   50 more words