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Words with Holy Zing

The rhythm formed by a writer’s unique way of stringing phrases and sentences together becomes their voice. This voice becomes the author’s trademark. Take Irish writer, … 425 more words

Personal Experience

Reader and Writer Relationships in Academic Writing

I’ve been re-reading one of my favourite novels while on break between the end of one PhD course and the start of the next. It’s been glorious. 1,283 more words

Writing For Yourself - VIP ME

A new year means new chances for us to create the stories we want to write, read, and share. Stories should make the reader feel and a good way to accomplish this is using the five basic senses, … 1,145 more words


What will I regret in 2018?

Remember when we used to be timely with our posts, Daniel? I used to write my post Thursday morning, carefully proof read it, and then schedule it to post early Friday morning. 549 more words

Chapter 5: Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice. 

Three friends, three lessons:

Will is an artist.  He has great skill as he puts brush to paper.  His images are bright, clever, and leap off the page.  628 more words

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How has Your Writing Voice Changed

Question of the day-

How has the tone or message of your writing voice changed?

Going through old posts and trying to salvage old ideas has made me realize how drastically my writing voice has evolved.

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This Writer's Identity

I started writing this post earlier this week but got that sinking feeling in my stomach of boring myself, so I abandoned. It was that same feeling you get when someone not academic, like an old aunt or some random dude on a bus, asks you what you are studying in school and it requires too much thinking to make it digestible to outsiders so you make it really brief and boring so that they won’t ask any more questions. 1,540 more words