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How to Write about Sex--Let Me Count the Ways

Okay, I’m not actually going to write about how to write about sex here. I’m not even sure I can put the word “sex” in a blog headline. 116 more words


Proper Planning Leads To Effective Public Relations

Too be effective at Public Relations (PR) isn’t based on luck of timing or pulling the right thing to say out of thin air. It requires planning just like any other facet of business. 214 more words

Is a writer responsible for what her character says?

I was reading a review on Avengers: Age of Ultron the other day, a I ran across a comment from someone who was really angry about the film because of a statement one of the characters makes about not being able to have children. 875 more words

Writing Life

Analyzing a few books, part two

Two weeks ago I took a sample of of my cozy mysteries collection to see when the gruesome crime was discovered, setting off events in the rest of the book.   387 more words


"Pantsing" as a Way of Life

A blog on elder issues that I follow, Time Goes By, Time Goes By recently discussed the idea of writing a ”final” post to be put up on a blog when the writer has passed away. 706 more words

Life Wisdom

Famous Women Writing Their Own Stories, Or 25 Little Lessons on Writing

I can’t tell you how much I love this collection of quotes/article. I thought of copying some of them whole, right into this blog. I also thought of copying some of them on my old-fashioned notecards–yes, 3″x5″ written in lovely blue pen–and hanging them on my office wall. 196 more words


Time Sensitive--Free Webinar 10/21/15 on MFA Programs


From a Publishers’ Weekly newsletter–here’s a one-hour free webinar about what MFA programs are looking for in applicants. I look back more than fondly on my later-in-life MFA experience at San Francisco State. 60 more words