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Story Prompt

Imagine that you are walking along this path, or create a character that is doing so. What are you/they thinking about on this walk? Conjure up an inner monologue that is happening in your/their mind during this solitary walk through the woods and see what comes up. 39 more words

Creative Writing

Chapter 11: Being your own voice coach - nudge, nudge, think, think!

Part 1

In the previous Chapter we had a little tug at some writing fabric and this week we are going to gently nudge the other element in finding your writing voice – you!  445 more words

A Word At The Weekend

Chapter 10: Recap

This recap is a ‘Week Late Word at the Weekend’ – having been beset with computer problems for the past couple of weeks my internet connection packed up at precisely 11.57 last Sunday and I haven’t been able to post a thing until now – my apologies for the blip but I hope you kept scribbling away in the meantime! 343 more words

A Word At The Weekend

Chapter 10: Being your own voice coach - stretching exercises ...

Part 1

As I bang on ad infinitum – everyone should celebrate their uniqueness and your writing voice is no different – it will be as individual as you are.  300 more words

A Word At The Weekend

Chapter 9: Recap

I can report that pedantry won an overwhelming victory over angst!

I found this very surprising because I really thought that the majority would much prefer to give a ferocious and angry re-telling of the egg boiling conundrum but no – most took a very simple recipe and injected much humour by making it even more mundane! 169 more words

A Word At The Weekend

Meg Rosoff: Your Writing Voice

“Your writing voice is the deepest possible reflection of who you are. The job of your voice is not to seduce or flatter or make well-shaped sentences. 21 more words


Ze Voice

A few weeks ago I watched the French version of The Voice – pronounced ‘Ze Voice’, of course – for the first time. I hate programmes in which people are expected to work as teams when they know perfectly well that their team ‘mates’ will be eliminated; or, even worse, when they have to eliminate each other. 630 more words

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