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Finding Your Brand's Writing Voice: Thoughts and Take-Aways from Beth Dunn's INBOUND Conference Session ("Use Your Words")

I attended my first marketing conference two weeks ago, and came back with a certain energy that no amount of those sugar-free Monsters I should stop drinking could amount to (as tasty as they may be). 601 more words


Who Are You and What Do You Want From Me?

Voice means everything. Voice is what makes my writing different from all others that you read. Give me a topic and you may someday find someone who comes up with the same sentence as me, but it wouldn’t be easy. 566 more words


Writing Rules I Want to Unlearn

Regret is universal. Despite the many motivational posters, self-help books, and poorly-designed tattoos that tell us to live life without regret, regret is something everyone experiences and just can’t be avoided. 522 more words

Feedback Appreciated

Today’s blog is a rough draft of a segment of the first chapter of my book. I have been working on this book for a few years and had recently stepped away from it in hopes of gaining better perspective. 2,039 more words

Don’t Lose Your Voice!

This is the Weekly post where the Word Nerds share their epic writing fails and things that drive us crazy as readers. 976 more words

Word Nerds

Nom de Bier - Beer Reviews as Told by Your Favorite Authors

One of my favorite exercises during grad school was to write essays that emulated the style of a specific author. My advisor (and all around amazing person and writer), … 759 more words


Do You Blog For Stats Or Do You Blog With A Message?

I love stats. At work we use SalesForce.com which has a billion stat tools. It’s a great measurement software, but it can also cause me to move to a place where my day to day does not matter, only getting to the top of the pile does and that’s not how I work best. 351 more words