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Writing With His Voice

Knowing with certainty that the Holy Spirit of Jesus lives within me, my goal while writing is to have my self quietly stay in the background, so that the voice that makes it to the paper will be His voice, Jesus’ voice. 50 more words


Strengthening your voice

This week I’ve been working with school children on developing their writing voice. I know plenty of adults who would have a hard time defining this concept, so it might seem like a mature topic for kids. 560 more words


The Right Voice

I really do like this post over at “The Free Thinking Human”, because I still find myself struggling with how to approach tone and style with regards to sensitive topics. 891 more words


Taking the Muzzle Off

Today I was looking back through some older stories I wrote. I liked them so much more than the ones I’ve written recently.  I sat there trying to figure out what had changed.   225 more words


Make Your Writing Voice Reflect Who You Are #writingtips #amwriting #ASMSG

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What is one of the most important components that makes a writer unique?

His/Her writing voice. 836 more words


And Again

Hi again!

I’m seriously glad you’re here. You have no idea how antsy this space has been for so long (“so long” being “two days”), looking for a nice blog post to wear. 422 more words

And Again


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

 After a full month of accepting this word writing challenge I thought it only right to update my readers on the conclusion. 684 more words

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