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Finding your voice

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aka the somewhat grumpy post

Like many of my co-phd-candidates I have undergone some fairly rigorous turns in direction, diverting me away from my original context (cultural education and school education) into teaching in higher education about higher education. 339 more words


I don't want to be Jane Austen....

I’ve been whiling away my time at work listening to audiobooks. First was The Brothers Karamazov–a slow start and some slow sections, but overall amazing–then came  106 more words


Tools for Discovery Writers: The Enigmatic Voice

The enigmatic voice falls outside the normal boundaries of writing. Many writers struggle with voice, myself included, but there’s ways to work on your writing to make it more personal, because ultimately, voice comes down to personality. 572 more words

Writing Advice

Top Three Voices

Unless you are a prodigal genius that was born with overwhelming, and completely natural writing ability, most writers have to find their voice.  Sometimes, it comes to them without a lot of effort, and they can truly call it their own, but sometimes they have to copy other people’s voices before they can actually mold it into their own style.  1,038 more words

Authors Canvas

#MFRW I don't like your voice....

The prompt of this piece is the worst writing advice I’ve ever gotten. I’m gonna share that, but a little backstory first so you can understand why the advice was the worst! 964 more words


Writing Voice, Style, Point of View and Other Terms

In writing fiction, “style” is defined, in the most simplistic terms, as the way a writer writes. It’s the “voice” a reader hears when they read a novel. 741 more words

Writing A Novel

Let's Begin with Active Voice

“Donna began to look around.”

“I begin to eat cookies.”

“Garry begins waking up.”

The sentences above are examples of passive voice. Passive voice sneaks into writing when writers don’t use strong verbs. 77 more words

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