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Creativity is No Black & White Tie Affair

Creativity is No Black and White Tie Affair

Creativity is no black and white tie affair

 no rigid staff and measure on the barline of life… 171 more words


Like Nailing Jell-o to a Tree

Back when I was young and foolish – about twenty minutes ago – I thought that the best way to vaunt into the exclusive echelons of “serious writer” status was to mimic The Best.  824 more words


But is it realistic?

It was a typical Friday night and my partner and I got cozy on the couch to watch Unbroken (were we the only people on the planet who hadn’t seen this?). 708 more words

The "Writing Voice"

Do you have a writing voice? Or do you develop a writing voice? Should a person that has a strong “writing voice” or personality change it or try to improve it? 129 more words


Emulation, adaption and flashlights.

Throughout our lives as writers we at first try to emulate an author we like. For me it’s been Anne Rice, Frank Herbert and Edgar Rice Burroughs. 195 more words


Worst Meeting Ever

I sit at the end of the conference room table, listening quietly and taking notes. The committee leader drones on, barely taking a breath, not leaving so much as a beat for the other seven members to break in. 544 more words


Writing With Voice

Writing with voice can be one of the most difficult things about writing. It’s how you–the author–express yourself within the story. Voice can be found in the kind of comparisons you make. 664 more words

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