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How to Make Your Writing Stand Out - Pt 1, by @AJHumpage at All Write Fiction

It’s an age old question for writers. What makes one book stand out from another? What makes one so amazing and others less so? It’s especially important if you choose the traditional publishing route, and you need to impress agents.From the outset, your writing needs to grab your reader’s attention and maintain that attention all…

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Finding Your Writer's Voice

The first time I surveyed my students to see what more they may want to learn about writing, their answer surprised me. They said they wanted to know how to create their own writer’s voice. 434 more words


Make Writing Sprints A Fun Way to Write with Others in Grad School

Grad students get very little experience writing in collaboration and with people from outside their discipline or department.  Writing sprints offers a real opportunity at 21st Century Academic Communication.  1,581 more words

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Finding your Writing Voice

Miles Davis once said: “You have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.” For me this is true in writing. It has taken me a long time to write like myself. 203 more words

Writing Memoir

Making my Own Opportunities

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

There is some controversy about where this quote comes from. It has been attributed to a Roman philosopher named Seneca, to the football player Darrell Royal, and an American insurance salesman and writer named Elmer Letterman. 746 more words

I Love my Own Voice: Confessions of a Narcissistic Writer

I love the sound of my own writing voice. I can listen to my composed words all day long, like a favorite Bruce Springsteen song. I especially enjoy reading aloud to myself. 1,217 more words


Work in Progress "Rap City Moon 3"

Hey Little Sister what have you done?  Blasts from the top floor of the Empire State Building.  Meneutos covers his ears.  Rachel laughs.  It’s only Rock and Roll.   45 more words

Novel Snippet