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Don’t Lose Your Voice!

This is the Weekly post where the Word Nerds share their epic writing fails and things that drive us crazy as readers. 976 more words


Nom de Bier - Beer Reviews as Told by Your Favorite Authors

One of my favorite exercises during grad school was to write essays that emulated the style of a specific author. My advisor (and all around amazing person and writer), … 759 more words


Do You Blog For Stats Or Do You Blog With A Message?

I love stats. At work we use SalesForce.com which has a billion stat tools. It’s a great measurement software, but it can also cause me to move to a place where my day to day does not matter, only getting to the top of the pile does and that’s not how I work best. 351 more words



I didn’t find it, but my readers did! My voice, that is – not my speaking voice, but my writing voice.

I started out like most authors probably do, trying to make my writing prim and proper, according to everything I had learned in school, then found that all I have to do is write like I speak and follow it up with a great deal of editing (the most important part of… 319 more words

Writing Helps

14 Ways to Stretch Your Writing Voice

In my last post, I talked briefly about stretching as a writer. Hopefully, you’re on track with writing. You’re sitting in front of the page every day, or most days, and hammering out some words. 627 more words

Butt In Chair

Haunting Past

Free to Leave by Long Tall Deb off the album Diamonds on the Desert Floor released 2010. Self released.

Dear Diary,

For some reason in searching for my writing ‘voice’, the past has reared it’s sometimes ugly head. 531 more words

Diary Of A Middle Age Woman Writer

Printers Row Flash Fiction Contest

The synopsis read:

Mystery Writers of America Flash Fiction Contest,  Are you a budding writer? Mystery Writers of America gives you one line – and you write a story of 500 words of less, which you will read for a supportive audience of fellow writers and mystery fans. 467 more words