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Watch for Writing Wednesday

I’m finally interviewing that North Pole Alaska author I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. Stay tuned!


Writing Wednesdays, or, Blog-keeping

“What this blog needs,” said Mrs Armitage, “is structure.”

Okay, so Mrs Armitage never said that. But this blog does need something to make it a less haphazard, cakey jumble. 156 more words

Blog Keeping

Harry Potter


My Life

Writing Wednesdays: 5 Ways that YA Novels are Totally Underrated - via authorbethreekles on Tumblr

As an avid reader (and, obviously, a writer) of young adult fiction, I hate when I see posts online or hear people bashing YA novels. So instead of talking about the ways in which people think YA sucks and arguing with them – I’m gonna talk about why it’s totally underrated. 407 more words

Writing Wednesdays

Writing Wednesdays #11: Most Inspirational Quotes About Animals

Our animal friends have such an abundance of joy and love to unconditionally give us that we must take good care of them. Any one who has taken in a pet knows the happiness they bring and-especially- express through their unbridled affections when we come home after a long day. 348 more words

Writing Wednesdays

Writing on Wednesdays | Soil

Tonight was like any other night in the suburban town of Clareview. I was walking my dog around 10pm and it was clear, cool with only a few stars in the sky. 362 more words