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Yin and Yang

Each season brings joy and sadness with it,

Each day is followed by a night,

For every new person born, there is one that has sadly been taken away. 7 more words


Writing Week: Day Three - 6 Word Sentence (Cont.)

Hello everyone! I’m back for the third day of writing week with a continuation of yesterday’s six word sentence. I hope you enjoy!

Where life feels warm and kind.

Writer's Block

It starts easy enough, you know, putting words to a page,

but then the block slowly forms,

my fingers start to falter from their normally fast-paced typing, 25 more words



White snow glistening

Icicles hanging from everywhere

Noses dripping

Temperatures falling

Ears frozen

Rosy cheeks


Nightmare and Love (and an explanation)

If a dream is a wish your heart makes,

What is a nightmare?

Love knows no boundaries and that is a fact.

Yes, love initially cares about looks and personality… 172 more words


Writing Sprint: Ghostly Tale

Writing Sprint Wednesdays & link up

The Writing Sprint prompt appears at the end of this post and offers an opportunity for you to freewrite for… 1,252 more words

I Am A Writer

Online World

It seems I’ve stepped into another world

at the touch of my fingers.

A world where faces are traded for screens.

A world where the sound of speech is traded for… 51 more words