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Writing Wednesdays #2: Super Old Poem

I was going through an old Word file and found this hidden deep in the recesses of an unused folder. I stumbled upon this old open and decided to share it with you all: 163 more words


World Building 101

Have you ever wondered how the speculative fiction greats created their realistic fantasy worlds? Me, too.

Yes, I’m a fantasy author, but I stand in awe of writers like JRR Tolkein, Katharine Kerry, Brandon Sanderson and Kate Elliott in their ability to make the magical seem real. 282 more words


The Hardships of Women

Welcome to Earth, where men and women are each separated by the

sterotypes and rules placed by a society made to have the upper hand on each other. 217 more words


Writing Wednesdays #1- A Quote for Inspiration

Good afternoon, my dear Prancers! Today will be a short and sweet post. Neil Gaiman is my one of my absolute favorite writers next to Edgar Allan Poe. 104 more words



 Stay, stay for a moment,

and listen to the silence.

Let it wrap around you and

surround you with the whispers of your own mind. 12 more words


Writing Wednesdays: Writing a book when your confidence is rock-bottom

So you’ve got the idea for your book, and no confidence to write it. What the hell are you supposed to do?

I get a surprising amount of messages from people asking me for help on this. 680 more words

Writing Wednesdays

Summer Is

Summer Is

The sweltering heat, the sweat and grime covering your skin

The endless showers to wipe away the sweat and grime and

The endless amount of ice cream to take away the heat, and bring in the cold, 72 more words