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Fandoms and FanFiction 

Now, everyone out there has a television show that they love. One that they watch every week, and never miss. The same with popular books and series of books. 590 more words


Character Building Pt. 2


Glad you all are here to read the second instalment in my character building series. In this post, I’ll explain how in addition to the interview, you can use little things to make your characters more rounded such as a flaw in their personality, their favorite song. 629 more words


Writing on Wednesdays| Unoriginal

There’s this girl I know. Lydia.

When we were ‘friends’, I realised that she and I were quite alike. Which is cool, you’re bound to meet someone like that. 363 more words


4/6/16 - 4/12/16 | Writing Wednesdays

My word count for the week:

4/6/16 = 580 + 324 = 904
4/7/16 = 0
4/8/16 = 146
4/9/16 = 152
4/10/16 = 362… 89 more words


3/30/16 - 4/5/16 | Writing Wednesdays

My word count for the week:

3/30/16 – 1,044
3/31/16 – 268
4/1/16 – 1,073
4/2/16 – 1,004
4/3/16 – 575
4/4/16 – 134 + 909 = 1,043… 317 more words


Writing Wednesdays

Hello all, I’ve decided that every Wednesday I’ll be taking a break from writing my novel, and work on something for the blog part of my website. 1,134 more words


So, that happened...

A.K.A. Gutted into Reality


In my life: plans, excitement, writing. All round happiness for March.


It’s funny how quickly things can change. Everything I had planned and experienced a month ago, with goals to accomplish in the coming weeks got royally derailed. 644 more words

Writing/Reading Challenges