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The Sun Alone at Sunset

It’s a fine line between fiction and non-fiction sometimes, and I have had a good time enjoying the blur in the writing of my latest piece,  192 more words


The Captain's Chair

She sat in the chair, staring into space, while the kids charged around above her, yelling at the tops of their voices.  She wished she hadn’t taken this last assignment before her upcoming vacation.  547 more words

Writing Work

Three Burrows, Maybe Four

Meesies likes it when the forest is oh so quiet and peacefullies. I can wander about and munch on little crunchie squigglies and snuggle away in my three cozy burrows. 399 more words

Writing Work

Come Back To Me

He was stunned – the stranger in front of him looked exactly like the girl he’d been dreaming about. He’d had the dream for weeks now, the same dream each time.  785 more words

Writing Work


“It’s so lovely to meet you!” It was said in a way that immediately made him feel special, the long-lost family member.  She came out of one of the dark corners of the room and into the light of the candles on the table in the middle. 886 more words

Writing Work

One Night at the Candlelight

I passed for human most of the time, unless I wanted them to truly see me. I may have had an old-fashioned way of speaking, although I certainly tried to keep up with each era and learn the different new terms. 836 more words

Writing Work

A Day In The Writing Life - Workshop: 11/11/2017

From Imagination to Publication,
Key steps in developing successful writing habits


Technology Coach

 Tom Trimbath

Jo Meador


Writing Coach

Session Schedule… 74 more words