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Chicken-time, again.

When you read my latest short story Animals in the Garden in this month’s issue of Joyland Magazine, if your memory reaches as far back as… 85 more words


When Narratives Collide

I found this interesting post on Google+ and got permission to share. I hope it helps someone. Enjoy.

By Melanie Anne Phillips

What happens when narratives collide? 1,550 more words



If a pear could weep it would,

cascading tears down its glossy sides.

The banana has gone astray,

jam grubbed hand plucked it away.

Moments later, a resounding crash– 43 more words


We All Carry Our History

We all carry our history differently inside us,

Some tie memories to leaded fishing weights,

so they can sink deep deep deep,

Others coat them in hard glossy varnish, 85 more words


Waiting for a Man To Face His Fear

Waiting for a Man To Face His Fear

He’s just across the street.

the street lamps should pop

from the tension between us.

As I sit, I knit a scarf… 16 more words


Writing Well 2: 4,000,000 Books and Me

Recently I read a blog post that hit me like a bat on the back of the head. The author, Claude Forthomme, noted that a new book shows up on Amazon every 12 minutes and appropriately called this a self-publishing tsunami. 539 more words

Blind Blogger

The Limp

Imagine you have a limp.  Imagine that your leg was badly injured many years ago, and for reasons of your own, you didn’t seek treatment and so the leg healed badly and now you limp.   323 more words