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Mithriel MacKay and Her Life Changing Career

Her life changing career

The dream was born

Out there on the open waters by the Georges Island off the coast of Massachusetts a dream was born based on curiosity. 1,261 more words

Writing Work

Study Abroad Will Land Me A Job?

By: Xamara L Maisonet

Finding a good job these days is like participating in a triathlon, where the competition is hard and has multiple obstacles. What could be the key ingredient that can put you in front of the race? 827 more words

Writing Work

Summer Jobs Search Went Cold?

Maybe Look in Alaska

Is that time of the year , fishing poles are lined up on boats, restaurants are roaring with guests and tour companies are ready to show the world what The Last Frontier State has to offer. 574 more words

Writing Work

2007 Vintage: Sip 11

Inevitably, we come to the end. I like to think my back-then self ended up in a slightly better place than when she started this series of entries four days earlier. 63 more words

Immigrant Life

2007 Vintage: Sip 10

In the second to last instalment of this series, our heroine gets some much needed bed rest, and starts to make tentative plans for self-rehabilitation, which definitely involves binge-watching Oprah and may or may not include undergoing the lemonade cleanse.

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Immigrant Life

2007 Vintage: Sip 9

In the second-and-a-half to last instalment of these old journal entries, my young self makes an interesting connection between losing herself in bad relationships and having abandoned writing in her journal for the duration of said relationships. 12 more words

Immigrant Life

2007 Vintage: Sip 8

To no one’s surprise, my ten-years-ago self continues to wallow in her post-breakup misery, in this latest instalment of my diary entries from back in the day. 119 more words

Immigrant Life