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2007 Vintage: Sip 6

In the sixth instalment of the habesha-angst saga, I continue to wrestle with creative and romantic demons while looking to great writers like Alice Walker for rays of hope. 46 more words

Immigrant Life

2007 Vintage: Sip 4

In the fourth instalment, my ten-years-ago self digs even deeper and comes up with a whole bucketload of questions re: fundamental aspects of her identity, and grapples with the guilt-inducing monster known as privilege. 9 more words

Immigrant Life

2007 Vintage: Sip 5

In the fifth instalment of the Confusion Chronicles, my then-self spirals ever deeper into questions about her belonging anywhere in the world, and looks critically at the “rich cultural tradition” that she comes from, which can be as much a blessing as a burden. 8 more words

Immigrant Life

2007 Vintage: Sip 3

In the third instalment of my the 2007 Vintage series of old diary entries, I am split two ways (minimum) on both the failed-relationship front and work-in-progress front. 55 more words

Immigrant Life

His Cottage in the Woods

Let me tell you dear readers, about a man who lives in a cottage in the woods. He built most of the cottage himself and the lines are clear and strong, much like this man himself. 325 more words


2007 Vintage: Sip 2

In the second instalment of the peek into the melodrama that was my life in the first week of 2007,  lamentations over a failed relationship spill over into crushing self-doubt about my chosen line of work. 90 more words

Immigrant Life

2007 Vintage: Sip 1

Keeping a journal may feel like a chore sometimes. But you realize its value when, years later, you read over your entries and meet your old self again. 435 more words

Immigrant Life