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Chaos and free,
judged are we who don’t conform
to your views of reality.

With society’s broken ideology.

A pretty face in a magazine,
stitched together with fake… 93 more words


Knowledge Is Power

Lack of knowledge is the cause of fear.

People fear the unknown because they don’t have the knowledge to face the challenge. To gain knowledge is to face your fears of the unknown. 37 more words


Oh My Goth ^B^ I Have Reached 300 Followers

Hello Bat Brat’s,

Time flies when you’re blogging poetry. Weeee! I am so excited to announce that I have reached 300 followers. I had to share with you all how much I appreciate your time and for following my blog. 515 more words


Good Morning

On every leaf the sun’s rays gently plays.
Upon the morning dawning
the birds chirp
and the curtains rise,
to allow the light to bathe… 7 more words


To My Broken Love 

Nothing is left,
the pieces have fallen apart,
until they are too small to see.

I am to insignificant for you
to care,
I am like a wound… 165 more words


It's A Conundrum

I will always miss you.

When I am with you
it reminds me of all the times
I wasn’t with you, so I miss you. 30 more words


Kissing The Sea

My friend the sea showed me her bow,
then she rolled over and kissed me.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

“For my heart he knows who he is, my Seany.”