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Blog On

Ten years ago, I started my first blog. I can not recall the reason I did so. I just remember I love writing so much and I wanted to write something I could share with people. 261 more words


Planning the Future

Most of my posts on this blog have been about explaining my procrastination. Here and there I had stopped blogging and then showed up explaining why, saying how I regret it and promise not to do it again (kind of). 173 more words



Take a moment to look at the moon. It won’t disappoint.


Too Lazy To Write?

The biggest lie I tell myself as an aspiring writer is this – I don’t have time to write.

As with all things in life, the jobs we enjoy and want to do are always pushed to the back of the to-do list for one reason or another. 2,162 more words



I had not turned into someone who is good at taking pictures yet. I can’t even call myself an amateur.

Last week, I borrowed some photography magazines from library. 232 more words


Remembering to be Brave

When the universe whispers, it’s always a good idea to listen. For weeks now, a slight whistling sound has passed by my ears.

Maybe because I’m a writer, the universe’s favourite way of getting my attention is to flash words in front of me. 672 more words

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