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A Taste

Can you taste it?

This love is deep.

Rooted in the valley of erotic, sexual, soulful depth,

we yearn.

Sprouting roots and wings,


red… 22 more words



Faint is the timbre

Your heart beat resting on mine

Many nights I wonder

Rise and meet me there

It speaks so loudly in mind… 25 more words



Living, living, living, living

Once more in the cloud of

Seething, seething, seething temperaments

Life lived without fear


Fuck the motion and the false gratitude… 163 more words


Coming Full Circle

It amazes me how individuals have the ability to see what you yourself, looking in the mirror, walking around, carrying with your body, can’t see. Is it denial or plain blindness? 1,348 more words


Green is My Color

Cemented in the cells

Gates open to everything new

Musings of the past flake off and get disposed of from the organelles

Organic, green, life… 19 more words


Journal Entry: March 3, 2015

Can’t keep you off my brain

I’m wondering if I’m going insane

The thoughts I have of you relate to me and makes me feel cold… 319 more words


I am coming out of the closet, little by little, as time permits. It isn’t easy to admit to yourself. I started small. A word here, a rhyme there.

245 more words