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Look Towards God's Plan For You

I never smile when I am suffering,
instead I suffer through but after
I am through I smile a lot.

I am not egnorant, I know… 75 more words



God blessed me with a caring heart,
he blessed me with the ability
to love.

He gave me a choice
to live a worldly life or… 238 more words



I break my back
remembering everything I lack.

They lie when they tell you,
Sticks and stones may break
my bones but words do not… 71 more words


Butterflies In My Heart

You are a fluster in my life,
you make life wobble and shake,
you make my heart quake.

You flutter about
turning my life upside down… 54 more words


Dearest Love

You are the star’s to my sky’s.
You are the ocean to my shore’s.
The sand under my feet.
You are my shadow
you are always beside me. 54 more words


Sick Love

Thou ar’t sick love,
beating, bleeding, and bruised
you lose but gain; all the same.

Like the dying rose,
you were picked for
my amusement. 118 more words


I Got My Hair Colored And Cut

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

Your Mandy turned 37 on July 3rd. My adopted mom Lisa took me to get my hair done for a birthday present. 97 more words