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The Lady Bugs: Herpe Purgatory

Lady bugs are fucking everywhere in here. I haven’t moved in two days; it’s just been me and the lady bugs. I’ll fall asleep for two hours—trying to avoid the thing that I’m avoiding, the thing that I don’t even want to put down in words, the thing that has turned my beloved bedroom into a prison cell—and then I’ll wake up, roll over, and fall asleep all over again. 4,650 more words


What is The Women's Playgroup?

What is the Women’s Playgroup? 

The Women’s Playgroup is a place for women of all ages and abilities to get together and let their inner child out to play. 777 more words


Believe it, Feel It, Receive it

Let’s face it, we’ve all heard it—stay positive, keep the faith, things will turn around. Chances are you’ve rolled your eyes at these ‘Little Mary Sunshine’ people and maybe even, while in the throes of not getting what you deeply desired, considered punching them in the throat. 1,204 more words

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Free Short Stories for 5 days

Because I’ve been an infrequent blogger, I thought I’d give you all a little gift for sticking by me –Five a Day is free for the next five days. 6 more words


I Wanted to Change the World 

Read this quote on a magazine today, and I found it inspiring. It said that it was written on a tombstone at Westminster Abbey written around 1100 CE. 159 more words


Structo Issue 15 Now Online

You may remember a couple of months ago, me bumming on about being in this magazine, well now you can read it online for free, or buy a cut price copy at their website. 11 more words


Holiday Packing

One of my pet hates is packing for holidays. Don’t get me wrong – I love holidays, I adore holidays, I want to be on holiday all the time, but I really hate packing. 340 more words