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Start the New Year with Free Five a Day

Got your attention – okay, so I’m not offering free fruit and veg (why would I?), but I am offering a free short story collection… 24 more words


New Year - New Books

At the start of last year I created a ‘Read in 15’ shelf on my book case. It looked like this:

Now it looks like this: 167 more words

Colette Coen

When it Rains, It fucking pours

I have no idea what home feels like.

I’ve prostrated myself to love. Finding myself descending deeper and deeper in a darker place trying to find clarity. 1,330 more words



I’ve been touched and it wasn’t by his hands.

“Who are you?” was the first thing he asked. Who am I? I am that dented food can no one picks up from the shop shelf…overlooked, neglected, unwanted. 306 more words


Free Story

Almost time for those of you who have registered your email addresses with this blog to receive another FREE short story. Don’t worry if you haven’t register yet, just add your email now and you’ll get it too. 9 more words


Oh Look

Browsing on the new look website for Cut a Long Story, and here I am the featured ebook – Red Sky at Night. I do love this site for short stories. 7 more words


Another Portrait

I treat the words as a painter and his brushes. What could my world be? I’m just a product of these things.

A ghost hidden among sincerity and anguish. 848 more words