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On Using The Sandwich Method In Critique Groups

After working for a huge oil corporation, sitting in on RWA critiquing workshops, and running a business for almost a decade, experience has¬†reinforced my use of “the sandwich” method in criticism. 535 more words


Questioning myself during a crisis. (Unedited)

What if the girl noticed the boy staring from across the hall with heart filled eyes? what if the girl finally introduced herself to the introvert? 1,826 more words


St Antony's Tongue

She had bored her children senseless, her husband too. They had seen St Catherine’s head in Sienna, St Antony’s tongue in Padua, and enough of St Andrew’s bones that they could make him whole again three times over. 423 more words


Mother Nature Is Always Teaching Me Something

I bought a marked-down rose plant at Lowe’s one year. It was supposed to be a shrub type of rose, docile, hybridized within a centimeter of its life. 425 more words


The Catalyst

You ignited my heart.
The dark warriors came up through my veins flowing wildly
Searching for answers, needing air to breathe.

They want to be heard… 97 more words



My brain sprouts thoughts of curiosity.

Streaming whispers of green luminosity

The energy elixir from the stars expounds

Effervescent smells of blue-

Which bring me back to you