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A Dialogue

Mirror in mind, my eyes don’t recognize you

My heart feels disconnected from your view.

What must I do?

To feel me. To feel anew? 69 more words


May 24th, 2015

Finally, there is a chill in the Brisbane air. It seems an eternity of steamy hot days and uncomfortable nights have plagued us into the beginnings of Autumn. 702 more words


What Do You Really Know About Adam/ Eve? Part 1 of 2: A Personal Essay On Identity


I want to talk about identity- my views on identification, personal escapades, and discoveries.

There is so much to say about this topic and on my account intimately, I could write a novel or two, so I really don’t know where to begin, however I believe the best place to start is with the transgendered community who have been at the forefront with their booming voices demanding to be protected, recognized, validated, heard, appreciated, and understood. 1,069 more words


A period of venting that doesn't make sense, still full of self-hatred and loneliness

Maybe I’ll take this broken heart out my chest and throw into your arms so you carry my pain too. I don’t want apologies for the pain I’ve suffered majority of it all was self-inflicted. 602 more words



Consistency: Ever changing elements.

Cells die.

Multiply and die.

Thoughts moving outward, reaching for tangible evidence of worth.

Going inward, no thought can describe the intangible understanding of love. 91 more words


A Diverse Sound

My new community blog, A Diverse Sound, is now open! Check it out and if you’d like to be a part and share the music you love, leave a comment below!

A Diverse Sound


The Sirens Are My Muse

Energy is flowing through my veins

Outside of me, electric currents released

This passionate might, unseen to the naked eye of the dis-eased

Yet felt from within and invisibly attached to the visceral sun and moon… 249 more words