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Let Love

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In my rage, I set fire to the field of daisies – it erupts in a haze, a harsh and dense cloud of smoke. The green withers into brown before it collapses into the ground. 1,127 more words

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The Cursing Bone

There are apparitions in my house. They lurk in unexpected places waiting for the moment to strike. Ah, yes, this may ‘look’ like an ordinary counter corner. 141 more words



Integrity is a virtue, and thus is oft scarce in villainous circles, which drives me nuts because it seems like the reason it’s scarce is merely just because it’s a virtue. 941 more words


Scarecrow Dreams

Scarecrow Dreams

If by night I move without aid,
what then? Precious flesh, precious
bone, never mine to lose – the difference
between nothingness and no thing. 184 more words


New Site

New site, tell me what you think.

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“Could it be that some days are just inexplicably painful?” She questioned. For the most part she could rise with purpose and intent. She could rekindle her vitality by doing simple tasks like riding her bike or even cleaning the house. 315 more words