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Billionaire in Wolf's Clothing coming next in July!!

Releasing July 5. You know all those fireworks going off the day before? That’s an early celebration of Billionaire’s release. Really.

Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing was set in California, which was fun for me because that’s where I am originally from. 327 more words


Yes this song is inspired partially by Linkin Park’s song “Crawling” although the concept is a little different.

A fallen angel desolate and cold during her search for a demon who shared her thirst for blood… 82 more words


Become a Better Blogger Today with These 4 Actions (For Book, Writing, Beauty Bloggers & More!)

First, it’s important to understand what it takes to be a top-notch blogger. Here are four ways to do it:

1. Commit to creating quality content. 352 more words


Part of responsible gun ownership is lugging it around on your person, and not in your purse. Laws requiring you to leave them in your car are irresponsible too. It ain't my fault law makers are evil or morons.

CCW laws and gun control laws cause more problems than they solve.

It makes people have to make bad choices. It is wrong to deny people guns and doing so causes all kinds of problems. 25 more words


Reflections From My First A to Z Challenge

 I did it! I survived my first A to Z Challenge for April 2016. I’ll admit I had second thoughts.

April is, traditionally, a very busy time of year for me. 344 more words


Senryu, We Tried...

When I decided to participate in this years April Poem A Day Challenge, I added the secondary goal of writing senryu for the entire month. 361 more words