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47 Rejections...and Counting

Ever since I started writing again (this was about five years ago) I dreamt of creating some of the most fantastic speculative fiction anyone will ever read. 809 more words

Patreon Reward - Suggest a Story Idea

Control. We all like it to a point. It gets us through the chaos. It can be that one beacon of light pouring through the Mines of Moria. 356 more words

Patrick W. Marsh

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I worked late last night, and despite being tired, I wasn’t able to sleep until much later than I’d have liked, and as such I overslept this morning. 295 more words


No, I don’t want to help you

Or come for that movie you want me to see

No, I don’t like that dress, you look like a wrinkled jellyfish.

267 more words


Close to the end of the semester and I’m really struggling with being stressed to the max, lonely, and just overall overwhelmed. Final papers due, those last few projects, I got a job recently because I ran out of money, and we’re moving to a new place next week! 300 more words


Voice, Coffee, a Friend, and Photography

Not too long ago, I reposted a short piece from an old blog of mine that I started back in college. The post was on writing, as were many of the other posts (11) that I put up on that blog, and while the one that I slapped up the other day was one of the few I felt was worth resharing (since it wasn’t exclusively related to the novel I was writing), this piece is probably the only other one. 529 more words