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Mentioning quickly repeated events in first person?

When writing in first person, is it better to mention as little repetition of events as possible? Or can it improve writing in some cases to have a character duplicate previous events and have them mentioned by the writer? 91 more words


Is it possible to pass down the privilege for choosing articles from teachers to students for school magazine?

So everyone should be familiar with contributing articles to a magazine (or another word submitting articles to magazine company). But most time, there will be editor in magazine company (or organization, anyway) that will choose which article to post on the magazine and improve it. 163 more words


With The Means At Hand

So I’m starting a new nonfiction writing project, “The Means At Hand.” It’s a web publication/blog, a conversation about the definitions, roles, rules, inspirations, and impacts that mystery/crime, noir, and detective fiction (all the same but also different, something we’ll be touching on actually) have had and continue to have as both a popular but historically-maligned literary genre. 145 more words


A Blushing Dream

I’m generally self-effacing and prefer to hang around the edges, watching and observing. Being the center of attention, praised, or honored, is something that provokes all manner of winces from me. 487 more words


Release the Virgins open for submissions

The anthology Release the Virgins! is now open for submissions.

Through a kickstarter campaign, we were able to raise enough to go ahead with this project, and we have confirmations from authors David Gerrold, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Jody Lynn Nye, Allen Steele, Steve Miller, Sharon Lee, Keith R.A. 251 more words


LGBTQ Characters in SF/F

It’s Pride Month, and I thought I’d do a round-up of some of my favorite LGBTQ characters in science fiction and fantasy. I have a few in my own work; in the… 395 more words


A Week of Writing: 6/18/18 to 6/24/18

It’s Monday and time to come clean about all the writing, revisions, and submissions I finished last week.

Words to Write By

This quote perfectly sums up my week… 489 more words