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Writing Satire in the Age of Trump

Back in 2010, I published The Perils of Praline, or the Amorous Adventures of a Southern Gentleman in Hollywood, which was basically the silliest, sexiest book I could think up. 900 more words




Thread-like strands

that grow on skin.

Those thread-like strands were

More than something on her skin.

They were the reason of stares.

The reason of whispers. 213 more words


Just a Thought

It’s nice almost being 21 because people are finally more accepting of my views and taking them into consideration because I’m not 16 or 17… 58 more words


Colorful Clips - The Queen's Assassin

I’m not always proud of my writing – especially while I’m editing the monstrosity known to friends and family as The Queen’s Assassin. Some sentences merely exist to get the reader from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible. 449 more words


Taking Out the Trash

This week I volunteered to help out a church acquaintance with some cleaning and reorganizing of her house. She’s a single mom with numerous health problems and two active young boys, and she babysits an infant who’s now mobile enough to require baby-proofing of the house—and she was finding the project overwhelming. 783 more words



Writing has been a passion of mine most of my life. It’s always been a way to express myself even if I couldn’t express myself to other people. 512 more words

Writing Project: Four Horseman Anthology

If you’re curious about one of the upcoming projects the author half of my brain is tackling, here’s a reblog from my newly minted author page (still building it up). 80 more words