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Variations on a Theme

I think of myself as an “idea man,” fairly oozing creative juices. Step back ladies. Wear eye protection. No simple follower, I. But then I got to thinking, “How does one come up with an idea?” 158 more words



I stood by the warring sea,
indigent, hollowbroke,
sourcing truth from the largest bottle I could find.
Another stood fighting the wind,
praying no doubt to the elements… 45 more words


Killjoy rehab

I am still learning to write about happy things.

Whenever I need something to lean on, I turn to writing– and I have done for quite some time. 217 more words


The Simplicity of Happiness

Yesterday I came across the following Journal entry from 2011:

“Every day presents us with challenges. Most times, these challenges can be dealt with automatically, without much thought for the consequences.

239 more words

Emotional labour - extremes

Emotional labour is hard because we don’t feel like doing it. Put yourself in the shoes of another on purpose. It takes effort. By doing this you can make things easier for them to understand and to enjoy your company. 159 more words



I just wrote 1496 words in a draft. I’m glad I did, even though I may never post it.

Lately, my keyboard has felt like quicksand. 815 more words



In the bookshop

the shelves are full

the floors are bare.