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She Ran

And she ran and she ran 

Leaving the world behind her 

Forgetting her worries 

Forgetting her fears 

Escaping her cries from the past 

Escaping the torment of so many years  20 more words


"Have a Good Cry."

The first time I heard the phrase was when I was 14, visiting my older brother at college. His girlfriend at the time (who was about 22 years old) was making plans with her bestie to put on sweatpants, watch a sad movie, eat ice cream, and “have a good cry.” I was very confused. 620 more words


Monday Story: The End

When the end came, it turned out it didn’t matter if it was or was not our fault. We’d watched it come. And so we perished with the rest,


The Right Road

When your in the right place how do you know….

There is proof…

Everywhere you go….

The moments, so perfect…

As the synchronicities flow…

You know that this is the right road….

~TMB~ Love and Blessings



it comes in, measured beats
in sync with mystic rhythms
how it proceeds
how it laughs at our
belief of control, of
mastery of things… 14 more words


TEDx Talk

I am so proud of my friend for having the courage to do a TEDx talk.