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Some birds fly. Others sing.
And one spares a wing,

I’ve heard the cries of the dead,
still cleaving.

Who lectures the ash, undead, 8 more words


9 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Was Married

1. That it Could End.

Maybe I would have worked harder to keep it together if I knew that this was a possibility.  No one goes into their marriage thinking that it will end someday, we all want the fairytale ending but we’re not always willing to work for it.   1,333 more words

Family Law

My Favorite Author is a Hack

“Is it just me, or has Stephen King become a hack?” I asked a bunch of my peers in a writer’s group a few years ago. 969 more words


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Five years ago I made a list of bestselling authors who I thought were hacks. Almost all of these authors are still writing bestsellers, even those who are now deceased. My favorite hack from five years ago is still alive and writing, but I won’t read his books anymore. I tried his new book a few months ago and I could have sworn I’d read it before, even though it had just come out. He’s still my favorite hack, though. I’ll always give him that.

Inspire me!

I’m trying to put a little more commitment into my blog now as I’m no longer working full time and I feel like I’ll enjoy the opportunity to put my thoughts to paper (or to blog post) a little more! 104 more words

E. H. 🍃

Chlorophyll is rape; in a sense.
If that’s what you’re into.



You should not want
for a love like mine.

For mine is the result
of a thousand loves
that spanned the course
of history.
Do you really think… 181 more words


Waking Up In Buenos Aires, by Jared M. Gadsby

Waking in Buenos Aires
      (and remembering Carver)

by Jared M. Gadsby

Only after a week
do I remember
that this city
was one of the last places… 166 more words