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Or are we walking and talking in circles?

Shortly after writing about the pedagogical conundrums that arise when students don’t do the reading, I encountered this passage in Tristram Shandy–which suggests that it’s all part of one big, ever-repeating cycle: 235 more words

What 3 topics do you most want to see discussed on The Bipolar Writer?

Hi everyone!

I’m Johnzelle and I’m going to be contributing to The Bipolar Writer blog from time-to-time. Since I want to produce content that is most relevant to you readers, I need your help! 51 more words


Blank Mind, Dumb Blog, Here's a Vampire

How many times has Wuss-out Wednesday followed Tired Tuesday?  Many.  Today shall make one more, but I hope to think of something amusing to say nevertheless.  306 more words


We Don't Always Recieve Answers

It’s tough, it kills us inside, and we go crazy. We try to come up with every answer in the world to figure out what happend. 423 more words


Fight Song Chapter 16

Last time on Fight Song, Callie and Jonathan talked through their differences and Callie learned that Jonathan doesn’t get paid to be unobservant. This week, the two test Callie’s theory that she can stop Welsh’s power by singing its opposite song. 1,671 more words



if only i could drop everything

and drive until i reached a place where no one knew my name–

but i would probably just make the same mistakes all over again… 8 more words

Why does money get hot in your pocket?

I mean if I put even a little bit of money in my pocket, it burns.

I rarely have money in my pockets.


It burns. 15 more words