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Holding Back?

Happy Monday! What are you holding back from God today? He wants to be involved in every aspect of your life. Nothing is too big or too small that He can’t handle. 21 more words


Log Horizon - Forgetting Your Appeal

The first season of Log Horizon is one of my favourite anime of all time. Perhaps the time that I watched it, right after SAO, is the reason that I could disregard its faults, but that is beside the point. 485 more words



Apocalypse —
On the riverbank
otters play


[POEM] No.

I’m not coming home, what do you want from me?
I’m not hanging on for just another lingering maybe,
I won’t be the one clutching on this chandelier alone… 8 more words


Image Writing Prompt #90

Writing Prompt #90:

‘Are you sure they won’t find us out here?’

‘It’s the last place they’d look.’


Chance Encounter

Grave Achilles sat
blissfully darning bed socks for victims of his mood swings—
a timely encounter downunder thus helped them
forge great shapes of things… 134 more words



Take me to the water
let me hear the waves crashing
feel the salt on my hair and skin
the sand scrunching beneath my toes. 43 more words