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Willow Tree

I need to leave now, to go to another place.

To discover again the life I supposed to live,

and to dream the things I have to chase. 28 more words


Day 55

If anyone was curious about the paper I had to turn in by midnight, I instead opted to finish it this morning and hand it in during class, because Luke decided to come down under the pretense of being “real quick” and wound up staying until 3AM and my paper was NOT coming along. 428 more words

History Lessons

So when Stalin was in power of Russia he literally said no one could worship any god and people who disobeyed or claimed to be anything but atheist were likely to get sent off to a concentration camp where they’d likely never be heard from again. 272 more words

Late Night Thoughts

Natural Habitat

She feels fabulous in her little black dress. Her sweetheart had it custom-made for her.

Who needs a treadmill when you can pace up and down your closet looking for heels? 148 more words



Did you know the words “journey” and “journalling” come from the same root word?


Journalling is a tool used to connect with your higher self and the spirit world. 769 more words

MC Homeless

MC Homeless has successfully translated the diy punk ethos into hip-hop credibility, touring Europe and the U.S., building a loyal following for his socially conscious lyrics and complex, striking delivery.

27 – MC Homeless


Credibility in Sex Scenes...All the Hot, hold the ice!

You are reading a steamy novel. Not the dimestore romance, but a hot, erotic novel.  You’ve just gotten to the good stuff, the sex scene. The five-alarm scene that the last five pages have been preparing you for has finally arrived! 1,071 more words

Erotic Writing