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Here’s to all the men who’ve spent a lifetime building the skills, reinforcing the dreams, and working their hands raw, all in an effort to be the kind of man who’ll be useful to a woman he’s never met, yet knows she’s his dream, and hopes he’ll be her’s too. 30 more words


Back from the Sun

So, as the titles suggests, I’m back from holiday. I had such a great time just relaxing and spending time with my friend and it’s been one of the best weeks :) 209 more words


The Void

Do you feel the void? The insatiable black hole in the centre of your body, growing and consuming every part of you that is you until you lose all sense of what you are. 171 more words


Lessons From My Father: On Opportunity

A child of the ’60s, I grew up in a world struggling to realize the dream of racial equality. At school, my teachers pried at the doors of my Wonder Bread world to show me the truth of a color-conscious reality. 414 more words



Akash (a creative non-fiction piece inspired by the true events in the life of a young girl).

Girl at a market- Image credits (InsistPost)

Akash had deep-set eyes and sunken cheeks, a body work-hunched and picked-through -that of a crow’s working the scraps. 289 more words



bumble go the bees

nourishing the garden and

making friends with me

This is day 23 in July’s Daily Word Inspiration – Challenge