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What is your favorite hero/heroine, real or unreal?

Everyone can have a person who always can refer to as a point of reference, a fountain of inspiration and a source of courage. Especially, small children resort to superheroes or super-heroines in their dreams or difficult moments in order to spark their imagination or overcome their fears. 27 more words


The Truth 

People often say, “it’s okay to not be okay.” but seldom know what to do when the answer is, “I’m not okay.”

The truth is, there’s still so little knowledge of mental illness unless you yourself have walked that path, as well. 178 more words

Tempting The Sun Across the Night Sky

The blood you’ve drawn is hotter than any love you could give,
For the fire that burns in you is quick to set aflame those who you touch, 474 more words


5 Ways to Write a Book (3 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Kalin W.

Founder & Owner of: KDS

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author, Writing Writer

Ever wanted to write a book but just didn’t know where to begin? 564 more words


Empty Page

White empty page, blank but for promise
A pen that is poised, summoning words to flow from it

Who knows where they’re born, from which well they spring… 73 more words

Poetic(ish) Musings

National Novel Writing Month 2016

Som I nok har opdaget, har jeg ikke været så forfærdelig aktiv på bloggen her i den sidste måneds tid. Det vil jeg selv påstå, at der er en rigtig god grund til: Sidste måned var nemlig National Novel Writing Month (forkortes NaNoWriMo eller NaNo). 1,438 more words