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Only a writer would stop to

watch the Criminal Justice Academy perform “vehicle operations driving range exercises”. (See the video proof I did this on Instagram.)

Basically it’s watching cop cars drive around cones, but I couldn’t resist the chance to stop and watch for a while. 134 more words

fragment #3 - inhale

          her breath was hot and sticky, clinging to the roof of her mouth and dripping in sour globules back down her throat. it tasted smokey and thick, like dark ashes that smolder at the bottom of a dying fire. 91 more words


My novel....just a snippet....

I put this out there, with trepidation and an overwhelming feeling of ‘oh shit…what have I done?!’. It’s a snippet from months of writing. When I started this, it was the start of something special, a personal and enlightening experience…where my writing journey began… 768 more words

#mental Health

Alas, well...


This one is for the lost wherever they be found

This one is for the tossed from heavens to the ground

This one is a simple call to the better days… 114 more words


Embrace Living

I am considering quitting therapy. The idea has not been too far from me for a few months now, even before my therapist brought it up. 485 more words


Mortal coil -ku

There are occasions
When I don’t fear my own death
Can’t that be always?


Mytwosentences 182 (Dying to Know -6)

The air is quiet… spotted gray sea birds dangerously race up and down the deep and jagged cliffs lines that stoically fringe a lavish green, rolling landscape. 39 more words