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Plotting...What's that?

Always thought planning a novel looked like this?

I did too.

I’ve always been a pantser, starting with a character, a line of dialogue or a scene and continuing from there, and dreaded the thought of plotting. 397 more words

1 Paragraph A Day

Today I commit to writing one paragraph a day until my draft book manuscript is complete.

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Smoke on the Horizon

Extreme weather leads to natural disasters. Flames crown ridges of drought-dry trees; greasy debris churns down rain-sodden slopes; and unexpected water displaces lives. Regional disasters, weather related and often people oriented, becomes smoke on the horizon that the world can see. 1,883 more words


Concrete Words Exercise

The following is an exercise whereby I chose an abstract word (for instance, the first line is for the word “beauty”) and created a concrete image. 92 more words


Of divine sparks and serious talks

Very many years ago, my mother and I were out walking. We did that a lot, she and I, and we would spend most of our standard circuit talking about this and that. 1,918 more words


Flying Through Memories

Dear reader,

During my early childhood years, I loved to write in diaries every night. I’d pick out a cute notebook, preferably one with lock and key (which I would wear on a string around my neck all the time to prevent anyone from sneaking a peek), and spill all my thoughts and secrets inside before I went to sleep. 428 more words