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Feeling everything more deeply as compared to normal makes you so lonely, I’ve realized.

It’s a curse-the intensity of feeling too much. Especially if it’s mixed with sonder. 113 more words

Young Adult

"The street always follows the streetlight"

“The street always follows the streetlight”

the darkening lights of St. Antoin’s cemetery swirl
line up
& crack

as the street always follows… 157 more words


Writing through a sagging middle

I don’t know why I haven’t learned, because it happens EVERY TIME. I go strong and then I hit the midway point of the book. Loose ends start flying in every direction, I’m not getting to the climax fast enough, there are things that have to happen that aren’t ready to happen yet. 510 more words


In Ancient Athens

The two psychological writers wanted me to dream with them. I reread the three or four sentences of the email several times. They were difficult to understand, as if these two accomplished psychologists and authors wrote the mail both together and separately. 112 more words


Hexbrook Journal Entry #23

Kerry Fischer had the superpower of persuasion. I was certain of this because that little girl had every Hexbrook resident wrapped around her finger. She could get away with anything, have the whole world on its knees at her command if she wanted, and I think maybe, on some subconscious level no one wanted to talk about, we were all so eager to please her because of her mother’s untimely death at the hands of Kerry’s father, Brandon. 20 more words


Some of Y'all...

There’s a headline that will grab attention, LOL.  Some people seem to thrive on controversy or looking for the next train wreck to watch though, and the implication is there with the headline. 142 more words


No dumping

Clouds hiding the sun
Dumped a full load of winter
On sidewalks and roads