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The driving force of fear

“Fear drives us to do many things in our lives. For me, the fear of losing a loved one, and all those terrifying thoughts of what it’s like to be left behind and feel alone, drove me to conceive and right this story.” 188 more words


Day 211: (Sleep) What Is The Bliss Of A Deep Sleep To Me?

What is the bliss of a deep sleep to me?  I believe it has to do with being well rested, resulting from having an inner peace and a deep serenity.  533 more words


Floating pants on an empty kitchen table

Floating pants on an empty kitchen table

The band was playing
Finally the band was playing
An older woman whispered to the man next to her pointing out someone in the band… 206 more words


Camp Necon and the dog days of summer

This blog has been sleeping for a little while. I wrote a long post a few days ago but finally had to admit it was too incoherent and meandering so that’s not going to see the light of day. 370 more words


A Small Improvement in Technology Means a Great Change in Society

Wow! That’s quite a statement to make! It has shades of that famous quote: That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. 837 more words

Science Fiction

the twins/tutor series

“The twins with their new tutor, in the lab, with Abacus, Boiling Henry and the Thing.”

As we restart the weekly “Best of the Drawing of the Day” feature, here is the latest outing in the Twins/Tutor series, which has turned up periodically since the second or third sketchbook in the project. 279 more words

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