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White Chalk~

Two crows

Flying over


Crying out






Universal laws


Cemetery leaves

Winter moons

Red rose

Charcoal drawing

Textures of black feathers. 14 more words

if you are looking for a sign

for a reason to stay alive tonight

this may

might not be it

there were times I too

did not want the next day

tried to find the ways… 202 more words

Black Panther: The Hero We Need Right Now

Marvel’s Black Panther opened this past weekend to the tune of a monster $235 million opening weekend box office pull, good for fifth highest of all time. 1,050 more words

Black Lives Matter

Content Yo Self

Gentle Reader,

I love Parks and Recreation.

Chris and I watched the show as it aired live. We’ve watched it completely through several times on Netflix. 911 more words


- no more cookout invites for you -

You arrive at the cookout.
You get a plate fixed for you (with a cup of red Kool-Aid too),
laugh at a joke,
join in on the Cupid Shuffle, 96 more words


#350 A Sea

In order to write, one needs a sea of own’s own.


Yanking the Rug: The Day the Daisies Died

Note: This is my contribution to Maddy’s “Small Screen Blogathon”, wherein the participants pontificate about a TV show that they remember fondly…

Once upon a time, back when there were only three “major” TV networks in America and half the country was not on anxiety medication, things moved at a slower pace in the world of broadcast entertainment. 1,164 more words