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Wordpress Strangeness

Along with several other strange things about WordPress lately, I updated the WordPress app on my phone, and now it’s creating alternate universes (not actual universes that I know of but …). 476 more words


Big Thank you to all those people purchasing my books (And all the wonderful things you are feeding back to me) - Please leave a review!

It must be Christmas.

There has been a surge in purchases of my books.It is very heartening.

People are feeding back very encouraging reviews as well and that is always nice to hear. 172 more words


17/04/14 Fallen

From their house upon the cliff, two girls upon its roof witnessed the power of nature. A thunderous roar, of volume they had never once experienced, erupted for the distant mountain at the valley’s head. 551 more words


Do you Pack a Four-pac?

Two variables are frequently mentioned when it comes down to business and entrepreneurship. They are time and money. Youngsters have the former, seasoned veterans the latter. 118 more words

The Frontier Posts

10/04/14 Pond

The castle loomed, its shadow to fall upon the lake, erasing it from existence. A duet of men embraced, to watch the lake transition to a portal. 142 more words


29/11/15 Haiku of the Day

I’m stuck at crossroads

Never knowing where to go

All roads lead to you


Sharing is caring

The best thing about having a blog is that you can write whatever you want. Eventually it’s like having a conversation with yourself, trying to calm down the inner you. 326 more words