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Chapters three and four now up. #CastleintheStory

Very tired so I’m just going to provide the links. Usual warning about lack of editing and that this story belongs to me/all rights reserved, etc. 22 more words


Writing and Rhetoric: Audio Fables for your Listening Enjoyment

I started a new “class” with my 4th grader this year for writing. In the past, to be quite honest, we haven’t done much in the way of writing training besides grammar, spelling, and handwriting. 521 more words


Confessions of a Social Media Dork

I do know some things. I’m fairly hip to what’s going on in politics (although my use of the word “hip” dates me severely), I’m generally savvy about what constitutes good music and what does not (more dating with the “savvy”) and I can kick your ass when it comes to movie trivia. 1,887 more words


Why I've Kinda Failed At Blogging Thus Far

Let’s be real: I haven’t been particularly successful at blogging. Sure, I’ve had the occasionally well-thought out post here and there—people liked my post about living in Thailand; strangers even messaged me to talk about it! 862 more words


Nature's Diary on a Hot Summer's Eve

by Ian G Graham

Muted blue flaming fire.

Fading undutiful haste.

Desire – back- burns with mental grace.

Cleansing unseats constitution…

another soul to flee. 47 more words


Writing When You're Halfway to Crazy: The Power of Perception

Depression and anxiety suck. I’m not going to go into how and why, because

  1. those who suffer from it in any form know. They just know.
  2. 621 more words

ICE, El Hielo: La Santa Cecilia


A heartbreaking song about undocumented immigrants, sung by the great La Santa Cecilia. Video directed by Alex Rivera. Stay through the closing credits…

Hielo is the Spanish word for ICE; ICE also stands for the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. 369 more words