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Wisconsin Wildlife Services Removes 100's of Beaver Dams Each Year, Many by Explosives

This video (see link below) showing a beaver dam being blasted sky high by Wisconsin Wildlife Services in the name of “improving habitat for trout” left us speechless. 1,510 more words


Quantification of feelings

Hello poetic souls!

I like composing on Sunday morning, when the city is still asleep. Here is my poem of the day, enjoy reading!

Quantification of feelings. 174 more words


The Fall

We sin as devils do. We love as only angels can. Our bodies are made of breakable bone and blood. We trade our halos for horns. 149 more words

Poetry And Short Stories

Want My Advice?

You’ve got a problem of some sort? Oh, I know what to do. Just fix it! See? Problem solved!

There are advisors lurking everywhere, just waiting for you to present them an issue they can deliver their opinion on. 424 more words

Writing Poetry

And again, I’ve written
Fifteen poems,
In the space of one,
Altered it, deleted it,
Scrubbed and started over.
Express with words,
In rhymes and verse, 60 more words



True freedom doesn’t exist in a civilized world. Yet we celebrate the concept of it, feverishly like lions over a fresh kill. We are a species of delusion. 202 more words


There is a parallel universe

in which … there is a dreamworld

in which tumors are removed before it is too late

in which everyone has access to health care… 8 more words