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It's An Author Thing: Mood Swings

Writing a novel is not easy. It comes with many parts, layers, plot, characterization, pacing, and more. It can come naturally, or it can be frustrating as hell. 587 more words


New Bob Brown Bio & Roving Eye Press Book Review

This month, Roving Eye Press celebrates the first biography of Robert Carlton “Bob” Brown, written by Craig Saper and published by Fordham University Press and… 537 more words


It's An Author Thing: We Help Each Other

Recently an amazing author friend of mine, Leatrice McKinney, has found herself in a rough patch because her papa needs help with medical expenses-yes, insurance should be paying for it, but, not so surprisingly, they’re refusing. 404 more words


Starting Again as a Writer

After a period of distraction where I changed my living arrangements by moving in with an old friend (male), revised and re-published older works, and, oh, turned eighty years old, I find that, as a writer, I must start all over again to do an original start-from-scratch story. 549 more words


It's An Author Thing: Don't Piss Us Off

Let’s face it. Some people are just big giant bags of doucheholes. That’s putting it mildly.

Once upon a time, there was this lady, who I dubbed the Evil B in 118. 426 more words


Writer's Block: I Don't Get It.

I’m often asked how I deal with writer’s block. I’ll tell you the truth: I don’t get it. I mean I don’t even get the question, because I don’t get writer’s block. 224 more words