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A Tribute to Len Fulton . . . and his Small Press Review

Last week I received an email from Susan Fulton Raymond and Kathleen Glanville, editor and publisher of the The Small Press Review, that the May-June 2015 issue would be the final publication from the magazine.  636 more words


Summer Progress

Summer plans have been largely restricted to completing my dissertation.  The carousel forever goes round… I’m constantly struggling with finding that perfect balance between argument and narrative, especially with some chapters which seem to see-saw from one to the other.  503 more words

Work Report / Progress

Four voices a writer listens to

We tend to think of a writer as a voice that others listen to. That’s true. But no writer reaches any measure of success unless she, too, is listening to voices herself. 456 more words


Revision Hacks: Harnessing the Red Pen

Once a month or so, my writing group gets together at Writer’s Ramble to share our individual experiences with the hope of inspiring other writers. This month’s topic focuses all on revision – specifically the tips and tricks we use to make the process less painful. 1,255 more words


School, job, writing, and babysitting

Do others claim they have to babysit you?

Are you an adult?

We need to talk.

Following directions is a lost art. That’s because we prefer to do things our way or the easy way (for many, these two are the same). 388 more words


Sunday Snippet - My Short Stories

So, I write short stories sometimes. Little snippets that become stories, but I have no idea what do with them. They’re generally odd, weird, or strange–maybe all of the above. 245 more words


Friday Fact - Writing and The Brain

Sounds like a bad play off Pinky and The Brain doesn’t it?

I’m showing my age, I know. Friday Facts seem to be the hardest theme for me to come up with. 136 more words