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Sunday Snippet - My Short Stories

So, I write short stories sometimes. Little snippets that become stories, but I have no idea what do with them. They’re generally odd, weird, or strange–maybe all of the above. 245 more words


Friday Fact - Writing and The Brain

Sounds like a bad play off Pinky and The Brain doesn’t it?

I’m showing my age, I know. Friday Facts seem to be the hardest theme for me to come up with. 136 more words


Bob Brown's 1450-1950

Brown invents a type of slapstick poetic burlesque. Calling it visual poetry is too staid and decorous; call it scratch & scrawl.
~Craig Saper

I am happy to announce that this week…

247 more words

Welcome To The New Design!

I am so grateful to Erin Feldman for redesigning my blog for me. She has done such an amazing job on the graphics. Before, my blog was held together with images from Google, mismatched colors, and I’m pretty sure there was virtual duct-tape somewhere along the edges. 111 more words


Plagiarism and Germs

I have another confession.

I’ve published more than 50 articles and written or contributed to nearly 10 published books.

I have also plagiarized. 275 more words


What to expect when your novel is copyedited

I’ve never been great with grammar. Even though I’m a writer, I never officially learned it. My middle school typically taught grammar in 7th grade, but right before I started, Mr. 675 more words


Ship it!

I’m applying the expression “Ship it!” to publishing.

It’s been used in the manufacturing world for decades, when a product came off of the factory assembly line, got packaged, and was shipped to the customer. 327 more words