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Writing Workshops

Even though school is finished–well, I still have two papers to write as finals–things are pretty busy! I didn’t expect them to be, at least not at first, but holy crap they are! 255 more words


Writing About Writing

On Amazon there are well over fifty books about writing. Popular reference books, besides the dictionary, are Strunk and White’s “The Elements of Style,” and “Roget’s Thesaurus.” But, these are “tool books” to help you use a better word, avoid grammatical errors, or not look stupid misspelling something (or is it “mispelling?”) 224 more words

Personal Stories

Be Careful with That Comma

I am an admitted logophile. Even though I design logos professionally, the word “logophile” has but little to do with logos, as in the design you see at the top of business stationery. 285 more words


Origins and Issues in Design

I’m offering a new course at UMBC in the fall:
ART 335 “Origins & Issues in Design”.

Remember when life was simpler, and you didn’t have to advertise your courses? 43 more words

Work Report / Progress

Why No Ads on Brainshowers?

On practically every website you visit these days, you’ll see ads of some sort or another. Some are just text ads, a simple non-threatening sentence such as, “See the all new 2016 Volvo.” And, then there are the enticing teaser ads such as, “Twenty Celebrities Who Got Old Too Fast.” Click on one of these and you open a whole can of Pandora’s worms. 319 more words

Personal Stories

The Preciousness of Some Writers

Ros Barber has recently published an article in The Guardian on why she would never dream of self-publishing. I recommend it as a lively, interesting article that will do just what I suspect Barber intends: it will annoy the hell out of a lot indie authors. 1,774 more words


Life Lessons in the Kitchen: Patience

Life has taken a few interesting turns in the last few months. With it, it brought a level of stress and anxiety. As much as I am trying to stay positive, I find it difficult. 225 more words