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Butterflies in Many Forms

I love benches, no matter the form, where they are located, or their textures.  They each have a special sense of Being, for me.

To know that someone has sat upon this beauty, above, brings me joy, and my face is one constant smile.   207 more words

Lorri's Blog

15th August

Happy Independence Day🌼🌿

let’s make our freedom a source of creating, beautifying and spreading peace and harmony


Seek & You Shall Find

It may seem to take forever, to find what you’re searching for. Upon finding what you may *think* you were in search of, you may be greeted with bitter disappointment, heartache and other depressing negatives..however… I encourage you still, with every beat of my beating heart … … 254 more words


date night

Sally forth, sycophant, toward a raw and total meeting place!
Flatter me over crème brûlée
but I cannot take you down today
to the dumb and dirty palisade. 26 more words


When It's Time To Leave

We’re always searching for the right moment before we decide to make decisions that will change the course of our lives. When to buy a house, when to move on from a past relationship, when to come out. 635 more words



I want to thank Darell Philip of His blog for nominating me for this award. 🤗

He is a very good writer and his blog is very informative. 375 more words



I was a member of what you’d call the “high art” community. I’d make millions selling paintings at art shows. I’m not sure what the 1% found so exciting about my works. 2,884 more words