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The Pride

Growls the lion,

Awakening the kingdom,

Standing proud amongst denizen,

Flaring up its homeland,

The Mane.


Peace in Sadness

Whenever I’m sad, I tell everyone about it or at least tweet about it consistently for like six hours. I do it not because I need people to comfort me but because I need people to not ask questions. 184 more words


Mental Health Over Grades

“Hell week”: the battle to complete all your paperwork, requirements, projects, just pretty much everything with a deadline. For some students, the finals season is their hell week but for others, the whole semester. 327 more words


Patrolling the waters

The Coast Guard has a number of jobs that it does.  The one job we often think of first for them is maritime rescues.  They are the people who are called when something tragic happens on the water.   1,534 more words


The Deplorable and Senseless attack on a French Priest and Church

Every death is a tragedy, and death is made worse if it occurred by unjust human hands. The greatest such tragedies in the world are occurring in Syria right now, where hundreds of thousands of Syrians have been killed and those that survive are caught between a mass-murdering Syrian army aided by foreign powers, a ‘collateral damage’ causing aerial bombardment campaign by Western forces, and a murderous terror group ruled by former-Saddam officers and Iraqi Baathists. 830 more words


Get Grungy and Being Creative

Sometimes I like to get grungy with my photos. I am still in the experimental stage of how I want to apply grunge… in which there are a variety of ways. 355 more words


They watch us, from a world apart.

Perched on the rough wall
Cracked faces glance at us. The
TV was on mute.

– Meera