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on the contrary

your soft spoken charm
prevents me from loving you!
your body also tries to.
nothing is worth a contradiction
aside what I see in your eyes,
and your diction.

Dandy Words


Mommas and Their Babies

It was just yesterday, right? Or at the most, last month. But that can’t be right. Impossible! Totally impossible.

Two vivacious little boys, full of personality and gumption, running through our house with Ogar ears on their heads, or wearing their t-shirts on their legs, and their jeans on their heads. 504 more words



Jonah was remembering a dream he had when he was very young. It involved a large diamond kite flying near power lines, a raven smoking a cigarette and a little blond girl in a pink dress riding on a skateboard. 705 more words


To every woman reading this, know that you are COMPLETE even when you are ALONE…..

Some people are going to reject you, simply because you shine too bright for them. And trust me that’s okay. Move onn.. Keep shining!! The most destructive thing you can ever do is to believe in someone else’s opinion of you rather than believing the creator who created you. 667 more words


Peach Pit

Little peaches hang from crooked finger branches, heavy with sweat and iron

Daisies trampled under feet caked with present and presents past, watch as

Snowflake cherubs sprint across wallpaper stripped skies like… 24 more words


#CrazyRichAsians is such a good movie

For the record: I will not be posting spoilers!

(I’m writing this on mobile so I will go back and flip the picture later 😂 873 more words