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Pubg Girlfriend

For the first time I encountered a gamer girl
Who actually played better than me
For the first time I encountered someone so brave
Who’d come to Pochinki and Bootcamp with me… 97 more words


Graduation: A Haiku

Departing sweetly,

Closing one chapter in life

To begin the next.



Eating Good, Seeing God

Food has always been very important to me. Not just because it tastes good (it does) but because it is significant. Great moments in my life have always been shared around a meal. 1,118 more words


Beauty of Nowhere

Out of nowhere, there she is.

With hair of silk. A smile charmer than Mona Lisa. And, eyes that more captivating than gems on any crown. 58 more words



Disappointment is overrated.

You felt,

You hurt,

You move on.

Simple as it sounds.

Is just that simple.

Poem: Speak

Is wrong to feel alone
Is it wrong to feel alive
Is it wrong to breath
Is it wrong to speak

Can you see what my mind is asking me… 42 more words