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Hey You

Hey you. I don’t know you but I’d like to get to know you. I hope this doesn’t scare you…we have at least one fan and I’d love to learn who you are. 196 more words


The Art of Letting Go...

It is kind of sad to think about how good I am at it…the letting go.

It’s not easy. Not at all. 594 more words


Dark Side

You hear the Dark Side beckon to you
You treat it as temptation and a lure to darkness
Thinking that you belong to righteousness;

Maybe you belong to the dark all along… 54 more words

AYIA 44: tears...

they stain the sheets where you once laid
never to be erased
etched into my numbness
i lay with them
i taste their bitterness and sorrow
and i dream…


Eddie's Valentine's Day- Writings3

I want to write about the present. I don’t always want to write about the past, but on how I feel and what’s going on in my life. 756 more words


Frumoasă ambiguitate

N-am să te iubesc până la sfârşitul lumii
cum alţi poeţi vor să te iubească într-un fals impromptu
Pentru simplul fapt că lumea se sfârşeşte… 535 more words

65. Under Oath

Challenge: tehuti’s 100 Sentence Prompts

Prompt: She couldn’t understand what he was saying, what with all that noise.


65. Under Oath

“She couldn’t understand what he was saying, what with all that noise.” 399 more words