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the negroe assimilationist in Guyana

the negroe assimilationist just wants to be loved by his master. in his bid to escape pain, he wishes no longer to exist but simply to merge into nothingness in a vain attempt to be loved. 120 more words



I figured I’d post a short story I’ve written. I’m pretty proud of the piece as a whole. Let me know what you think of it! 4,098 more words


I'm the ghost of a girl that I want to be most.

In High School at 125lbs I told myself I was overweight, I needed to be skinny. So I quit eating and when I overate I would make myself throw up. 632 more words

In The Mind Of Alex

whisper ch.7 : aperito

It took a few moments for Lewis’s blurry, watery vision to parse a clear image of the room as he pulled himself from the grip of grogginess, but he was immediately aware something was remiss. 2,399 more words

The nature of love

You ever have one of those day’s where two people who love each other are arguing sort of. Both feeling sick and semi hurt. So they let small things become bigger than they should. 132 more words



she’d hear
the ordinary calling it
a mispronunciation.
the nullity goes by

the alive
rather dies
than live a life… 66 more words


The Poem I'd Probably Never Write

Would be about how
I want to cry myself to sleep,
but would also be about how
I’m ashamed of myself for even
thinking about crying. 91 more words