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Mama, mama - Inaya Folarin (Poem)

Mama, mama
What can I do to help you?
Poison trickles into your womb
Your lungs are lined with dusty, brown soot
your breasts are wounded and stretched… 137 more words


POEM: Touch

The sweeping bloom of her silk skin,
Caresses the darkness away,
A light flickers in the place,
like the dotted showers of milk,
Finally enveloping every quivering sensations of joy, 52 more words


Tehillim One Hundred and Twenty-Nine: Zion

In today’s political age, there are any number of horrors that I could highlight. It seems like every day I wake up to news about some new crisis at best and true atrocity at worst, and it’s overwhelming to think about all of the problems in the world at any given moment. 215 more words


Unter dem durchsichtigen Regenschirm erkannte ich, dass ich im “Doppelraum” stand.

우산 속 공간 하나, 우산 밖 공간 둘


Der Chips-Hocker

Wenn man was draußen zeichnen möchte, kann man verschiedene Malutensilien mitnehmen und auch als Hocker benutzen.


주어진 과제 : 재활용이 가능한 재료를 사용해서 앉을 수 있는 기능 이외에

다른 기능도 가능한 스툴(Stool) 만들기


Unanswered Question

Happy? Yes, I guess I am. I moved on from pain and I continue to live my life then I found  someone who lighted my way and he helped me to believe in love again. 164 more words


give me hope

We are born into hope

A wide open world waiting for us, anticipating our arrival

‘Dream big little one,’ we hear

And so we do, because everything is possible when nothing is impossible  266 more words