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About Time

I’m really good at procrastinating. Finally gotten around to trying out this recipe . It’s a Thai sweet but like usual I ummm substitute my ingredients . 57 more words


The Stranger in the Photo Is Me

I am not one to reminisce on time gone by; I rarely ever look at old pictures of myself. However, going through a time where I feel as if I am forgetting who I am, I find myself flipping through family albums. 1,169 more words


love history

I fell in love once

we linked up twice

never love thrice.


Rule of Thief

The fall leaves crunched under Willka’s boots as she sprinted down the quiet dirt road. Even though she was sure to have lost the soldiers, she’d rather be safe than sorry. 1,254 more words

anna short for anxiety

I had an anxiety attack today.
At work, while serving customers.

My chest was a cage, my heart a prisoner gunning for escape.

Boom. Boom.     Boom. 365 more words


Big Mess

Work was one huge mess this morning. First Saturday that I haven’t managed to get out by 1130am.

Time just slipped away from me . Didn’t get out until 1210pm . 126 more words


Unbind Me

I held myself together with scraps I found lying around:
chewed bubble gum, old band aids, recycled tape,
a rusty needle and package thread
A patch here and stitches there, repaired myself… 125 more words