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Rachmaninov. Kalinka-Malinka

PPS Задолжал – отдаю перед расставанием..

Хулиган ацкий, етот СВР. Интересно, знал ли он, что мы его “раскусим”, выведем на чистую воду 108 лет спустя? Думаю, знал. Его философия была, как и у Шопена, и как у многих композиторов в этом плане – дурак не догадается, умный посмеется, подумает и расскажет остальным (Рах это говорил неоднократно в беседах об “интерпретаторах” – почему он никому, ничего, никогда “ни-гу-гу”. Шопен хотел поначалу “гугу”, а потом тоже замолчал, однажды и навсегда. И Равель, и ДДШ и все остальные. Мы им надоели изрядно своей тупостью).

PS Забыл, что “базар” надо документами подтверждать. Подтверждаю


Denied Passage

A cardinal sits in the bough of a small tree. The sky is overcast, and though thunder is loud and dark clouds advance from the southeast, the shoppers continue to flit from store to store in search of their next purchase. 262 more words


Earth Hour In Skopje

Time: 11:33 p.m. CEST

Shortly after 8:30 p.m. CEST the lights of the Stone Bridge and the building of the Archeological Museum in Skopje went into dark to mark the Earth Hour in support for action against climate change.  19 more words


US Military Confirmed Strike on Mosul With Alleged More than 100 Deaths

Time: 10:52 p.m. CEST

The U.S. military said on Saturday that began an airstrike against the Islamic State last week in part of city of Mosul populated with civilians. 145 more words


How Prayer Saved My Grandmother & Me

I’ve talked before about my grandmother and the way she molded my life for the better. She had a cameo as my angel in my  857 more words


Deaf Performers: Then and Now

March 25, 2017

Today I made a short presentation on Deaf Performers, comparing the pre-internet issues with the post-internet issues facing Deaf Performers in Theater and Film. 163 more words


Dream of the Elephant God

Dream. I’ve been invited to the house of a couple in their late 30’s in Salt Lake City for an informal spiritual get-together. They have each written their own book on their takes on spirituality/well-being. 388 more words