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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Winny had never liked being the center of attention. The stares reminded her far too much of the time when she had been nothing more than an experiment on Avia. 890 more words


Dear Society

I am not a muse for you, not an inspiration for your lyrical ballads or harmonious hymns.

I am not the Sun that will shine eternally bright for you. 134 more words


Even So

Sure, this bed I made.
With my hands 
I've cut and I've slain.
The sun hasn't shone 
And I'm to blame

I'm not mad...
I'm the one who turned my back on Him. 86 more words

The New Man

We lay in bed, wrapped in each other.  The comfort of years between us, the newness of intimacy in the air.  Sunlight is breaking through the black out curtains, shadows dancing across the bed.   58 more words



She smelled love in the essence of silence..


The Killers of A Writer

Hurt a writer, trigger her emotions and you’ll see pieces of you in her works.

She just wants to be real with her own existence and identity. 154 more words


A Foreigner’s View of Britain No1. Please come and have some tea with us

How nice you came to our tea-party! Please do come in, make yourself comfortable. We will have a lovely afternoon. Tell me, when did you arrive in England? 504 more words