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Wings Melting

the borders cease
state of emergency
to the left
to the right
an awkward loss

what is a face?
I see only dark holes… 102 more words


Life Update

Its been a while since I started this blog. I’m still getting the hang of it and in reality I’m just terrible with technology.

Well I’ll start back with a life update. 152 more words



It was the year of April 2006 when I was introduced to the world of Harry Potter by my cousin. So my mission for that summer vacation was to gobble up all the six of the books in the HP series and yeah I was pretty successful at that. 470 more words


Burmese Tipitaka translators

There are in fact two significant -but not widely known- Burmese translators who translated many books from the sutta and abhidhamma pitakas into English. Their translations are in many instances much better than those done by PTS or contemporary translators, and they offer new interesting perspectives and understandings regarding the rendition of the difficult terms and expressions in Pāli, along with the concepts they seek to convey. 118 more words


The Potential Impact of Pints

Over the last couple of weeks, a few of my friends’ lives have gone nuts.
Like, y’all don’t even know.

As my life has been going oddly smoothly, (does life going smoothly give anyone else anxiety? 711 more words



I have not forgotten or decided to forgo my blog.  I am currently in the middle of moving cross country and so it is going to take a while before I can get any kind of routine in place again.   218 more words