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Humidity and Verbs

You fell in love with yearning at the age of nineteen. You met on a humid night. You remember being pleased with the humidity, not minding how it fluffed the hair near your temples into baby curls. 301 more words


Blue...(Church Camp) story continues

“Today was going to be a good day”, she said to herself.

She always looked forward to summer, because in the summertime she actually got to go to her church ‘s camp for a whole week. 1,500 more words


Facing my fears

As I looked within

And internally I find

The faces of fears

Growling at me

Just like a bunch of dogs

Or wolves

Teeth showing and salivating… 219 more words

随笔小札 / Anything....

The 2018 Emmys' Awkward Awards Show Clapper Is… Antonio Banderas

“What is Antonio Banderas doing with his hands?”

The question plagued the internet on Monday night following the 2018 Emmy Awards.

The Genius actor, 58, who played Pablo Picasso on the series, sat in the crowd and clapped during the awards show, but the position of his fingers had some viewers slightly confused. 383 more words


When Life Is Too Short

An old coworker of mine lost her son last night to cancer. Bone cancer. He was 14 years old.

He won’t live to finish high school. 158 more words


A Type of Different Part 3: "my name"

In elementary, I decided at school that I would go by the name my family calls me…Becky.  This was the nickname I’m called because of my middle name.  1,070 more words