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I wish I could speak

I wish I could say

There’s no telling why I feel this way

Leave me alone

I need some sort of peace… 111 more words


“What have we done?”

What have you done? What have they done?

To you, whose heart has been cruel?

Whose wrath has been brutal?

To you, whose purpose has been malevolent? 423 more words


guyana people upset david granger not inboxing them on facebook

let me make sure am getting this correctly
people are upset with president granger for not inboxing them on facebook before renaming ministries and picking his cabinet… 57 more words



I look at my skin
and it’s the same
as four years ago.
But it’s not.
Cells have died, cells were born.
There is more ink in it now. 59 more words

Hiatus and Sherlock (Though When Are They Ever Not Mentioned Together?)

Hi there,

I know I haven’t been on recently (which means for a year, but school, you know?) I try to post when I can, but I find that I don’t always have time or imspiration, which both come fairly rare, and they often don’t overlap. 574 more words


Trotsky's Italian connection: Gramsci or Bordiga?

Since the rediscovery of Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks after World War II, there have been a number of attempts to adapt their heavily-coded theoretical content to various political projects. 8,651 more words



The night restores what the day strips away.