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As I Sit In This Class . . .

As I sit in this class,

I ponder everything.

He reaches for a deeper level of understanding.

Specks on strawberries become people.

Leaves represent paper and ideas formed. 150 more words


No hero.

Dead or dying.

I cant tell the difference.

you”ve killed me so many times

still, I stay living,thriving,pushing,hoping,praying.

you say your wiring is fragile and your casing needs repair. 131 more words


There You Sat

The local fast food restaurant, Johnny’s, was busier than normal. The conversations of numerous groups overpowering the music they were attempting to play in the establishment. 681 more words



Even if everything changes
I will look upon you forever
I will protect you
I love you…


Cavalcade of memories:

​Casting glance at the mighty waves thrashing rocks,

Shadows of past peeked out wanting his attention,

Cavalcade of memories came rushing,flashing in front of his eyes… 94 more words

A New/Old Short Story

It’s been over a year since I last posted anything. So here’s a story for you, one which I’d forgotten about until today while going through old notes and stories and things. 1,650 more words