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Your Surrounding Grace

Sometimes, I think that we underestimate the presence and the impact of those that we surround ourselves with. This year I have had my own experience with this and I must say it was a test and certainly a lesson learned. 470 more words


Memories of Monsters

Annika mocked her frequently. “You’re the only woman I know who doesn’t buy bride magazines.”

Elle shrugged, never offering an explanation for why marriage wasn’t her priority. 73 more words


What if?

Somedays i keep thinking that i might not be good at all. I keep thinking what if iam not as good asbi perceive myself, pr what if the people around me are just complimenting me out of pity? 60 more words


Evolutionary Medicine

Evolutionary Medicine is the national scientific organization that is the first platform for the systematical study of evolution in medical sciences in Turkey. It promotes, supports, and provides the evolutionary biology learning & evolutionary medicine perspectives in medical faculties, publishes articles, and organizes academical events via School Societies.  18 more words



My mother tells me the story of how she used to be a heartbreaker. She says she saw the men who loved her as barrels of gasoline, and we know how gasoline loves the strike of a match for it to go up in flames. 151 more words


My Nineties

My Nineties

By Barbie Watkins

© Copyright Atherly Entertainment 2016

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