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Story Time 4

Legends said there was once a family of royals who went mad one night and trapped themselves in the dungeon of their castle.


The servants in the castle went missing and echoes of people screaming from the dungeon could be heard even after decades. 165 more words


Story Time 3

Once, there was a man who was always happy.🎲

Even when he got old, his smile remained there as if a frown would never be seen on his face. 384 more words


StoryTime 1

Once upon a time, there was a tower where no one dare to go near. 🎲
One day a dwarf accidentally wondered into the forest near these haunted tower. 191 more words


stream of twilight ii

ephemeral orbs,
rainbow tinged –
i dance to your light,
your intangible magic.

© Anuradha Prasad, 2016

i am allowed to mourn my happiness

How do you tell me to be happy
When I have lost years and tasted poisoned names,
When reality is no longer a friend to me? 69 more words


Gray Fog

The mingled scent of jasmine, rose, and oleander usually intoxicating
Becomes cloying in the early morning mist, the humidity trapping the scent.
Bird song a cacophony so shrill it blisters the eardrums; 103 more words


In the beginning....almost

I write because I can. I’m not saying it’s fantastic writing, I’m only saying it’s mine. Going through a rare cancer with a 20-30% chance of survival I fought like hell to live. 328 more words