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[REVIEW] Peter Rabbit (2018)

‘Unfunny Bunny Flops’


I was actually quite looking forward to this movie for a few months since I had seen the trailer. While I am no expert about Beatrix Potter’s children’s books, I knew the tale of Peter Rabbit, as does most of Britain, so why did this movie make me leave the cinema feeling as if I had devoured a sour sprout rather than a crunchy carrot? 387 more words


Oscars: 90 Years of Self-Congratulatory Awards or Genuine Triumph?

Oscar season has come upon us and passed just as quickly, and after the live-stream ended at 5am (UK Time), I felt a bit exhausted. I wasn’t too sure how to approach this post if I am being completely honest, I’ve always been an anti-any awards ceremony kind of guy. 641 more words

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Home Cinema - Limitless Films from your couch

So, with rising ticket costs at your local cinema, wherever that may be, is it worth ditching the £8 popcorn deal for a microwave job from the supermarket? 491 more words


Cinema Culture: Our Addiction

It’s undeniable. We love film.

You love film, I love film, Your ancestors loved film. For generations people have flocked to the cinema, to watch a spectacle of artistic creation, to be taken somewhere, visually and emotionally. 700 more words



by Sourav D

Data Source: TIO, HT & WHO

Depression is a strong word. So strong that the oxford defines it in five different ways. And India being one of the world’s biggest economy and populated country, is also vastly effected by this disease. 420 more words

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Father, “When I see news of children being killed, murdered in school beaten up by teacher later dying in the arms of their parents I feel bad, I feel like crying (pause)…I can’t sleep at night sometimes” 296 more words

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Lets Collaborate

Bakwas Podcast is looking for all those who want to speak loudly. Say something which you wanted to say for a long long time. We are looking for writers, poets, film makers, photohraphers, story tellers, and so on to collaborate with us. 26 more words

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