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Amazon Wish Lists

I have never had a problem with wishlists. They are very handy and serve a practical use. I know of people who have used wishlists to pay for services rendered and such a like. 366 more words

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The Next Best Jewelry Trend

The best new thing has happened to the jewelry industry! ROCKSBOX! Have you ever heard of Rent the Runway? Well this is similar, except all about jewelry! 382 more words


Lumbar Puncture, ARGH!

I received a letter this morning containing the appointment date for my Lumbar Puncture. Which basically means they will stick a needle into my spinal cord and draw some fluid from it to help relieve the pressure in my head. 431 more words

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I’m just going to start by saying that I am so glad the month of July is over. It was bittersweet. It was exceptionally difficult and challenging. 478 more words


Liebster Award

Thank you to pennyinsane for the nomination. I love your blog, it’s so insightful and basically everything mine isn’t ;) xx


You need to answer 11 Questions as asked by a Liebster awarder, then Give 11 facts about yourself, then also supply 11 questions to your nominated Liebster Award Receivers. 733 more words

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Things are changing

With today being the last day of school, Kiddo will be home for 6 weeks. For those 6 weeks, I will be working the weekends (I am rota’d to work a few weekday shifts and Kiddo will be spending the day with either family or friends) and during the week, I will be doing my thing as a parent. 690 more words

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Habitat Unfucked!

Considering the state of my house a couple of months ago, the way it’s looking today (if you ignore the torn wallpaper and Kiddo’s scribbles on the wall) is impressive. 270 more words

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