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Step One: Begin

Hello There!

We’ve found each other! Thank you for visiting my blog.

I am an amateur creator who enjoys dabbling in the arts no matter the medium–acrylics, needlepoint, cooking, blogging, calligraphy, etc. 69 more words


Object Identification

For this term, I wanted to try a different medium to which I was using from the last term which was the digital film.I then decided to use paint as my medium. 111 more words


My city

My city. The city that I only tangibly felt a part of. Always feeling like I lived at its doorstep instead. This grand city that provided mini vacations at the cost of a 30 minute drive. 60 more words


On the Road!

Today saw me sitting behind the wheel of a Renault Clio for my first driving lesson!  My instructor, J, is bloody lovely. She was so relaxed and chilled about everything. 210 more words

Written Post

1/2 a Smile

When the repayment for a favor is an unexpected portrait shot, I guess its no surprise she gave me only a half a smile. She has an amazing smile, trust me.


Getting Serious

Good relationships are definitely a key to success. As a photographer wanting to get into taking portraits for money, I understood that I needed to start practicing first before I could justify charging someone. 80 more words


Newest Update

Welcome to 2016!!

Over the last couple of months I have gone through what seems to be an amazing change. Although my mental health is a lot better than it has ever been, I still have blips. 393 more words

Written Post