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Around the Bend

Overtime that I go out on a river, I always find a fascination with what is around the next bend. The amazing thing is that I always seem to find another bend. 335 more words

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Do it! An Interview With Dan

“Do it.” This is the advice that Dan VanderHart gives to anyone who is interested paddling. One of the great things that I have found about paddling is that you have an instant connection with other paddlers. 532 more words

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Why We need a new Rammstein Album.. Now!

I sort of like to think of myself as ‘your average edgy teenager’. I think i definitely suit that title, maybe because i just don’t follow the bull-equine trends that everyone else follows. 321 more words

Reminiscences of the X-Men and intolerance

I had a moment of reflection the other day. I was watching Days of Future Past, and I was paying close(er) attention to Bolivar Trask, more specifically to his motivations and what made him (in my humble opinion) an excellent villain. 576 more words

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More content on the way. AKA We're still here

Yes! The blog isn’t dead. Not even close!

Even though I haven’t updated on a while, I’ve been thinking of new stories to write and you can expect new articles soon, starting with an article about Marvel’s two Netflix homeruns, Daredevil and Jessica Jones. 10 more words

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Plenty of Paddling on the Plover

The Plover River near Stevens Point, Wisconsin has been seared into my memory. Although the reasons for it being seared into my memory were not good at the time, I have learned to laugh at them now. 306 more words

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The Great Debate

There has often been much debate over which is better, the canoe or the kayak. Hopefully this will help solve the problem in a slightly humorous way. 51 more words

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