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Once a painter after days of hard work created an outstanding painting. He wanted to know people’s opinion, he placed it in the city’s circle and wrote below…if you find any mistake in this painting please mark it with x sign. 110 more words

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In New York, two beggars were sitting side by side, one with “OM” sign and the other with “CROSS” sign.
People passing that area were giving dirty 😡 look to the beggar carrying the OM sign but giving a dollar to the one carrying the CROSS sign. 97 more words

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Virus Shawl Dog Jumper

UPDATE: Here is the gorgeous Gypsy wearing the jumper I made!!

Modelled by the gorgeous Toothless.

I have never written a pattern before. This is probably not the best to have started with. 680 more words

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So this is retirement.........................................

When I retired two years ago, I thought I would be putting my feet up a bit and taking life a little easier after 40 years in social care etc but old habits die hard and my love of crafting has taken over my life and I am busier than ever but through this I have made many new and lovely friends. 313 more words


Fuckknuckled MuppetFart!

Thank you very much to the aforementioned, Fuckknuckled Muppetfart who broke into my car at some point last night (or early hours of this morning) to steal a cheap bluetooth set. 36 more words

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Reported for Impersonation

I checked my Facebook whilst on my break in work yesterday..

My account had been disabled and hidden. No one could see me and I couldn’t access my account. 309 more words

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Trying not to let the negative win

This weekend has lead quite unhappily into a rather crappy start of the week.

I have spent this weekend trying to prepare myself for today. Saturday saw The Hubby working in the morning and chilling for the day. 518 more words

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