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Reported for Impersonation

I checked my Facebook whilst on my break in work yesterday..

My account had been disabled and hidden. No one could see me and I couldn’t access my account. 309 more words

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Breaking up with the system: It’s not you… It’s bureaucracy

By Carolina Rosado Aiza.
Originally written for the course: Management: Principles and Practices of EBS 

When we think of bureaucracy we are instantly reminisced of long queues that culminate in unpleasant and unproductive chats with surly people who couldn’t care less about our enquiry, who will probably give us a document to fill out and to deliver to another sour looking person who will keep that chain in movement. 1,564 more words

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In that moment, you were to me, a queen.

Dear Hillary,

This is not about your campaign, this is not about your politics, this is not about policy of any kind.  This is about the infinite grace you found the morning after. 484 more words

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Trying not to let the negative win

This weekend has lead quite unhappily into a rather crappy start of the week.

I have spent this weekend trying to prepare myself for today. Saturday saw The Hubby working in the morning and chilling for the day. 518 more words

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Gym, Again?!

This morning saw me rising before the sun, to shower and shave. I got Kiddo up, got our lunches ready, dropped her off to school and then went to the gym… After asking Kiddo to do the back of my sports bra up (it clips together for a cross back type thing). 175 more words

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It's all Changing!

I have been in my “new” (I keep saying that but it’s not really new now) job nearly a year. In that year, I have learnt to drive, passed my test, got my own car and driven to Nottingham. 451 more words

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Time for an Update!

The last time I wrote here was back in March. SO SO much has happened since then. A shit load of stress for one!

I started my driving lessons in March, 2 lessons a week, 1.5 hours long. 605 more words

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