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It looks like, It sounds like, you are okay... So how are you really doing|Run On Sentences

It looks like, It sounds like, you are okay… So how are you really doing

A rant by T.P.

It is funny, not the haha laugh out loud ROFL or however you laugh funny but the sobering sad twisted kind of funny, that if one can appear to function so normally and even seem to appear to be healing, mentally, but still be that same small shriveled sad raisin of a person on the inside. 534 more words


Hey, dudes, sorry for the radio silence the last few days I’ve been focusing on building some more of my photography portfolio which you guys can check out in the Facebook link below. 354 more words


Ok someone kinda liked me back

I met a dude online we seemed to have some shit in common. He seemed nice. I thought there was something there. As usual in my mind i was walking down the aisle in my white overalls and veil. 304 more words


Ohhh the places you'll go...On Geeks vs Nerds

Leave it to this guy to answer a this or that question with yet another thing, because of course, I didn’t knew about that other option!. 146 more words


Another Sleepless Night

Blue light streams through the gap between the wooden sill and the blind

It settles onto the yellow blanket and shimmers its daylight dust

My eyes ache and itch at the feeling of the sleepless kind… 145 more words


Lazy Sunday's

Curled into the crack on your cheek

Muffled articulation

Your smile oblique

Freckles like a star formation

Paint me blueberry

Graffiti my tongue

Skin fragmentary… 42 more words



The Indefinite Article

The indefinite article takes two forms. It’s the word a when it precedes a word that begins with a consonant. It’s the word… 117 more words