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Let's Talk... Social Media

Heya all so today I tackle the issues of social media as a blogger we all know how important and powerful social media is. We have the power to change and touch so many life’s whether it’s for the better or bad. 397 more words



the storm will blow over,

And the sun will shine once more,

It won’t be dark forever,

You won’t always be at war,

Feel the wind around you, 57 more words


Through the Dark

We all have our bad times, those times when your thoughts become as dark as it could ever be. In the middle of the night, when everything is so dark around you, the room is not lit, the moon is not shining enough to spread the light through the curtains on your windows, at then scary thoughts find the way to you, you can’t help it, your lingering fears and doubts, your biggest questions rise up, you might panic or might not, but the one thing guaranteed is that your faith will be your savior, your positivity, the people you love who encourage you, and how much you believe in God and his power to change the situation. 164 more words

Muhammad Mentioned By Name In The Hebrew Bible | Jack The Lad

The name “Muhammad” is written in the Bible in the original Hebrew language.

In the 5th chapter of the Shir haShirim ( שיר השירים ), which is one of the five megilot or Sacred Scrolls that are part of the Hebrew Bible or for short the “Song of Solomon” (also called “Song of Songs”). 534 more words


Village Green

Beth – crafter, fibre artist- married to Christopher a PI
Janie – seamstress, quilter- married to Gabriel a mathematician
Philip – Local historian, single… 376 more words

Cottage Life

Coconut Sunshine

“Maybe the sea carries our dreams, and we all wait for the salt to soak into our ankles,

when instead, we should be out there dancing with the waves”- Unknown 

Days like today..

Its days like today that make me wonder why I still try to be or do anything, why I am still alive. Its days like today where I am unable to see the good in the world, to see the light at… 753 more words