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That Night

Holding fingertips we walked in a fog of harsh yellow street lights along blacked out windows.

Holding fingertips we danced with autumn leaves, light on our toes, floating. 39 more words


Total hysterectomy

Sorry guys I’ve been healing from my surgery I had last Monday. I had to have a total hysterectomy and now I want to take the time to educate my female clients. 633 more words



I know what you are thinking… It’s July and close to 100 degrees everyday why are you putting out a song about winter coats?

This song has just as much to do with the summer time heat as much as the winter coat that is in your closet right now. 158 more words


The What If Theory

I often find myself saying “what if I was going too fast, I could have been in an accident”  or “What if I walked there I could have been the one that got mugged”. 134 more words


One lovely blog award <3

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137 more words

How to Spend Your Weekend, When No Place To Go

Dear Reader and My Blogger Friends,

Sometimes feeling so boring when your weekend is just go away without doing nothing. And here i make some lists interesting to do if i had that, usually when the weekend comes, we always think, where else i have to go? 720 more words

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