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Ice Blond

Ice blond on my friend Vicky last nite. I didn’t get home until almost 3am. I can’t get her to come at decent hours. She’s a single mother of 4 and works two jobs. 37 more words



Sometimes, a butterfly will float through the air

Collecting speed behind and spinning into gales

It never lands on our side, but it will stare… 188 more words


Chapter 6 - Leerum Epsum

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Kimarya laughed while the odd substance around her that made up the giant Sasquatch form swirling around her gently before disappearing. 1,272 more words



Written by Chaka PX

AT last the auto-tune screaming to finish,

At last with atlas the map with a finish line to cross the beginning all over again. 124 more words

Disdain for the Common 

It gets boring sometimes, knowing exactly what comes next can plunge one into a state of mental static.

Static and stillness are not one and the same to me, stillness inculcates some sort of awareness whilst the former feels more like a clogged drain, the water stagnant and filthy.

129 more words
Thoughts About Life


Written by Chaka PX

Oh! yes i touched her

my hands pleasure to te right side

          of mental climax,

She resisted at first

         but i did touched her. 102 more words