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Pandora Diary: Maid's Daughter

She was handed over the bag that had the things  we can afford to buy…she cant. The moment she came to the house she roamed around, while her mother worked, she stared  at things she don’t have at home or never saw. 27 more words

If these walls could talk.

Silence overtook him as he paid witness to his world shattered. His body became a temple of emotions he never knew, emotions he never could have imagine. 489 more words

A Letter to Myself

Dear Adrian

Look lazy me I know you and me have had some fun but I think it’s time we go our separate way. It seems you and ambition have had some disagreements and you’re out of season. 353 more words

Strong Women As Lead

Nines times out of ten when I come up with characters for my stories the lead is a strong woman. Someone who has to fight against all odds. 185 more words


Ask The Author

I’ll be fielding interview style questions for the next week and publishing the answers for selected questions on this post next sunday. Anything regarding my currently published works, future projects, or writing in general are acceptable. 34 more words


Get a kick

I get a kick when folks understimate my intelligence. You cannot hide your skeletons behind the curtains no matter how perfect you think you are. I’m your audience enjoying your show…Clap! 11 more words


Platano power

I’ve been stuck on Cuban food this month. Its very similar to Dominican and Puerto Rican food..carribien food is so delicious. Platanos Frito is a Dominican fixture in the kitchen. 74 more words