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WOTD yarn 


I’ve turned full southern so sit on my front porch

Have some sweet tea spiked with home brew moonshine

Wave at the cars passing by, it’s Sunday… 122 more words

Am I, a bad person? An ode to change.

I drift in just a stereotypically trouble girl aspect. I don’t see the appeal of a best friend nor do I wish to have one. My own company at times is too much for be. 393 more words


Ask and you shall receive. For the past month or so that word has been slipping into my life. Whether it’s a twist of the radio, with Drake speaking of his manifest to my soul or Jim Carrey telling us to find our dreams, the movements is session.From left  and right, we now are putting a large emphasis  on  manifesting. 202 more words



So many colors to choose from for the Studio suite. You can pick one or two colors, you can mix and match them. I picked two colors that I will be showing you later on.

331 more words

Every One's Book 

I have for a very long time now had this book theory .


“Every body has got a book in them it may be sad , happy or full of action maybe it’s a mixture of all . 30 more words


My Short Sci-Fi Story - "Strawberry"

I recently saw a competition to write a short story as part of the SciFi London 2017 Event and although I’m not a writer I thought I’d have a go at it. 2,165 more words


Chinese Made Easy pt1

I’ve decided to create a series of post entitled “Chinese Made Easy”. It will focus on a few of the charts, sites, and resources I’ve found that make learning Chinese a bit easier. 94 more words