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¿Qué fue eso? Sé que vi algo pero ¿qué fue? Estas noches casi sin dormir, robándole momentos al desvelo hacen que todo este distorsionado… atrapo algo parecido a un destello… ya nunca estoy segura de que veo lo que veo o son sombras o recuerdos o fantasmas o lamentos.

Cuento Corto

Library Suggestions

The Library posted a whiteboard with the question, “What can we do to improve your experience?” I was like:

-Free candy
-Access to Cerebro
-Free turkey subs… 154 more words

Our Garden

I hear the birds call, and I feel small, but I know its been here for years now. In the distance I hear laughter, see outrageous dancing and feel the widest smile, I realize it’s my own; it’s me. 228 more words


Kettle Bells

I Love Kettle Bells!

So about a year ago now i started a kettle bell weight class with some friends and family, and fell in love! 316 more words


The Rune Legacy: Chapter 12

Chapter 12

A long train ride, and two busses later, Alexis stepped onto the main square of Farnham. She looked around at her surroundings, the town had a rustic feel to it with old brick landmarks. 2,287 more words


Chapter Two: Chastity

Here is the second chapter. My goal of this book is to show that someones life can be very different than what they let other people see. 717 more words


Rain in Morocco

The sky cried aloud, buckets of teary rough rain drops knock and dancing off the rooftops,

Pounding away all the unnecessary dust and annoying,

Grit of sand turning eveything into slimy slick stinky mud