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#UgBlogWeek: Keep Quiet

My lover and i are alike yet different. He says what drew him to me was my ‘smart’ mouth. Until i realized he meant that literally. 235 more words


With a grain of salt

In response to daily prompt grain

When it comes to fortune telling take it with a grain of salt. They can say whatever they want, but the person that changes the future is you.

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Life, you get so busy.

Hello beautiful readers, I hope you all are having a wonder spring and enjoying the little things life has to offer. 306 more words



Chapter 1

Amadeus was a dreamy boy from the village of Manarola, the most beautiful of the five villages which make up Italy’s Cinque Terre region. 484 more words


16 May 2015 - Distance

Your farther lies beneath the hard soil, nothing but bones and wisps of hair. The dark coloured cheeks that never could quite widen enough for a smile no more. 132 more words