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Spam? Wow.

Seriously…. the spam I get is amazing…. Look at this.

True Derma Lift Review

Submitted on 2015/07/30 at 10:48 am

I think that everything posted was actually very reasonable. 130 more words


Hurt People Hurt People

I heard a quote today that resonated with me.

Hurt People Hurt People

This Is true, and is enlightening on so many levels. Especially for people who are on the receiving end of this.

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Lessons from the Depressed

Music is therapeutic.

Music is self soothing. Every song is interpreted differently by everyone. Music to me is like a free therapist. I love all music, I’m not racist any genre. 467 more words




My name is Mariana and I’m 16yo. I’m from a small, yet amazing, country named Portugal, in the edge of Europe. I’m a science student, however I love Art and Design (love to draw.) 28 more words


Calm Before The Storm

The day is bright with the sun shining and blue sky’s greeting the pedestrians. Unseen along the edges the clouds lie in wait. You can feel them, looking for the perfect moment to swarm in and lock the sun away. 28 more words

Untold Princess: Blessing or Curse

This is title of my blog. As i want to write about how it feels to be a female. I would like to explain it with small fictious story. 398 more words