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The Craft

I don’t even know how long it has been since my last post, probably a year, at least. I realize I could just look up the date of my last post, but that will keep me from making the point of how lazy I can be. 437 more words


An Apprehensive Event......

Ever since that day she had been flying free; if that was what freedom meant. Closing doors and building walls so high that climbing over wasn’t an option. 407 more words


What language should you blog in?

There is only one way to address this question successfully and it is with asking yourself another question:

What is your target audience when blogging?

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Personal Branding

Cyber Stalker

Do you ever find yourself obsessively stalking people? I do! but not just any people. People that I think they are interesting. To be more specific and less creepy, I like cyber stalking Chefs, or comedians, or food bloggers. 86 more words


Inside out

I am watching it right now.. I am 23 my boyfriend 30 and we cried😢.. Pixar sucks they do sad movies.. but really good



Yeah, my number one rule from now on is to not be hangover on your graduate exhibition.

Drinking the previous night not a good idea. I spend most of the day trying to get rid of my hangover. 39 more words


How does this work?

It’s been almost a year since I published any kind of post on any of my blogs, and I’m back, but just for this post. 227 more words