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Distraction Free - Writing Like a Boss

by Well

You know that moment when you start feeling like a novel writer, which might make you start winning millions of millions after writing a sequence of books? 323 more words


Yes,I am a fallen leaf

Yes,I am a fallen leaf,
Just left by tree,
Wind blows,
And Takes me away,
Yes..I wanna go in the sky,
High and high,
up in the sky…. 70 more words


Mind vs heart

I’m not used to being happy
but I feel like I could
I think my mind hates my heart
I think my heart’s misunderstood

I’m capable of love… 89 more words


A rough day 

Today, I’m afraid is going to be a bit of a dark day.

Last night I was doing some coursework for my A-Level and whilst I was doing it I found it incredibly difficult to concentrate. 338 more words


आँखो मे लिये सपने.....

निकल पडा हूं घर से,आँखो मे सपने लिये.
चलना है मेहनत की राहो पर,
बिना रूके, बिना डिगे,
बस सामने है मंजिल,
अब उसे पाना है,
निकल पडा हूं घर से,
आँखो मे सपने लिये…..

सुना है मंजिल की राह है कठिन
त्यागना पडता सुख चैन और प्यास है,
बस उन्ही मंज़िलो का दीदार करने,
निकल पडा हूं घर से,
आँखो मे सपने लिये….

छूना है आसमान मुझे,
जाना उससे ऊपर है.
इन राहों मे चट्टानों की,
अब ना मुझे कोई फिकर है ,
इसी आस में
निकल पडा हूं घर से ,
आँखो मे सपने लिये….


Ejection Force Calculation

The basic SI unit of force is the newton, which has the symbol N. 456 more words


Tell Me

Tell me again… How long ago was it that you decided that you had limitations?

The laws of physics and this world are simply suggestions. You have so much potential! 253 more words