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Heyy ^_^

  I started this blog because of a movie I saw and it interested me. It would talk about life in general and how so much has chance since the pass and how it will still change because of the future. 116 more words



It’s me and no one else.

It’s my business and only mine to know.

It’s my life and not yours to judge.

I’m being selfish right about now, 19 more words


People didn’t know how I spent my free time after work. Jotting down my thoughts and life goals in my journal or planner is one of the things I do during my “me-time” in the wee hours of my day, aside from burying myself thru stack of books. 137 more words

Random Thoughts

Trade Secrets: My Matric Dance Speech

Good evening to the Principal, Deputy Principal, teachers, ladies and gentlemen.

“Todays prefect announcements goes as follows… It has been noted that matric girls are wearing make up, Jessica, for a head girl you’re setting a very fashionable example; you will be the first in detention. 781 more words



He couldn’t of said it any better. That is exactly how I feel. Now a days you have to walk on egg shells, if you say anything that goes against the popular demand your marked, sometimes for life. 47 more words


No Rest For The Wicked

So my first day of no tech, woohoo I got up 8:30 and I said I am going to have a fun relaxing day and 2:30 hours later I was like Oh my god when the day is going to be over? 75 more words


Hello world!

This is my first Post!! Yayyy!! :) Finally, now I can call myself a blogger. I have always wanted to be one, but I have never tried to create a blog. 112 more words