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True Confessions

Yesterday I noticed a Facebook sidebar mention of a True Confessions page on the social media site.  I was amazed that someone felt the need for further confessions.  563 more words


Forgiveness and Apology

Forgiveness is a strategy to regain the lost power and apology is the strategy to regain the good image and has nothing to do about the acceptance or letting go the wrong doing.

“Conscience is the strongest check against wrongdoing.”

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Do Princesses Get Special Treatment?

I know it’s a strange question, but I have to ask, because in my mind they do. When they screw up royally (pun intended) it seems to me that the vast majority of people will do their best to cover up the indecency due to the celebrity and pedestal to which said princess has been raised. 357 more words


Dear Future Mrs. Raymond [The 9th Letter]

Time :04:12 AM CAT
Date: 14 May 2016

Dear Future Mrs. Raymond

I am writing this letter this morning deeply hurt and in pain. I haven’t slept a bit, I keep tossing and turning. 1,009 more words


If I Could

“Now I just spend all this time, trying to make you smile. If I could I would go back in time and make things right.” 494 more words