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Made in China

Chinese sayings
On stationery
Need Philitas of Cos
And Grammar Nazis.


It's not about What or How you Write. It's Why you Write

To be honest, I’m very saddenned with the negative responses I am receiving from my recent posts. I shared them to the different groups in Linkedin. 387 more words

My Writing Journey

Letters to M

I got this letter that was sent last night and meant to be read by me this morning 23/07 through the Facebook messaging system.

Souris and I were used to exchanging notes and letters and as you’ve read my previous posts I sometimes share mine here when I get the time to do so… :) 325 more words


Sorry for using wrong grammars. I really want to practice speaking in english so that if college starts, I can speak in english that is right and they will not insult me for my wrong grammar. 37 more words

What's wrong with wrong grammar?

Of course you’ve heard of the phrase wrong grammar.

Who hasn’t? Anyone who has gone through a typical Filipino childhood always dreaded that moment when his English teacher would point out that his sentence… 303 more words


My Visit to the First Love

I noticed that i have a lot of first loves. i quite did not realize that until recently. actually, i could count 4 loves i always label first. 227 more words