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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (2015) - Grog's Game Review

Developer: Dennaton Games
Publisher: Devolver Digital

Grog’s Review:

I’ve played the first Hotline Miami at least three times on three different platforms. I would say I had high expectations. 976 more words

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NJ Residents Call For Info On Sprint Refund, Get Phone Sex Line Instead

Earlier this week, Sprint and Verizon reached multimillion-dollar settlements with federal regulators for allowing third parties to bill for unwanted and unauthorized add-on services. But when New Jersey residents tried to call the Sprint information number given out by the state’s attorney general, they were in for another telephonic surprise. 168 more words

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

ballin’ like the pac — ba — ballin’ like the pac-10

Well, that was something. I bought Hotline Miami 2 when it first came out. 873 more words

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Day 5

Write a conversation about a man that dials the wrong number and encounters an angry woman. End the conversation with “Well, I suppose so.”

He is… 164 more words


Hotline Miami 2- Thoughts on Hard Mode

First off, before I say anything, let me confirm that I still enjoy Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. Most of the difficulty arises in the process of trying to push the gameplay to its limits, and in the game’s defense, they come up with some interesting twists on the existing mechanics, such as enemies that are-gun proof, and limited use melee weapons. 1,028 more words

WATCH: Massachusetts police receiving emergency calls from Australia

NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. – A Massachusetts police department has been receiving some curious calls from people with Australian accents.

Police dispatchers in Northbridge say they have recently received several calls on their business line from people in an Australian community with the same name. 85 more words


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Review

Game of Death

Reviewed By Josh Brant, The Beard from Life of Gaming Podcast
Twitter: @minusthebrant; @Lifeofgamingpod; @DNAdvocates

Reviewed on PS4 and Vita… 618 more words