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Walmart Is Selling The Most Offensive T-Shirt Ever!

Walmart had a little snafu on their website recently. A third party vendor put some very offensive shirt’s on their website.

Walmart said they have a program that checks for key words to keep things like this off their website, but obviously this one slipped through the cracks. 16 more words


People Are Really Upset About Newspaper's Boating Pun Following Jose Fernandez's Death

The New York Mets took on the Miami Marlins on Tuesday night, and a New York paper made a really bad mistake. We are hoping it was a mistake, and not done on purpose. 105 more words


In The Grip Of god's daughter

I’m finding it hard at times, to write god’s daughter.  I have to go to such a dark place and think such dark thoughts that it can be exhausting…and actually put me off writing this story.   140 more words

Kait King Author

Lesson from bugs...

I loved this quote I read in the morning that says , “Debugging a program is like being a detective in a crime movie where you are also the murderers.” 130 more words


on what mind

On what mind I ever so make such a call

Wanting for the best but destroyed us both

What did I do wrong ? Am I to blame… 170 more words

The Power of a Decision Gone Wrong

All it takes is a decision. A choice. One that can make your life change. The world that you once knew is spun upside down to the point where it’s unrecognizable and you wonder how you ended up there. 122 more words