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When Things Go Wrong

“When things go wrong, don’t go with them.

~ Elvis Presley

Heart Transplant

What's wrong with these signs?

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

At the entrance of Hillion Mall’s KidsZone in Bukit Panjang, decorated with animated characters in picturesque settings, a poster reads: “Let’s start learning!” 571 more words

Current Affairs

Our New Way of Interacting

In this generation, technology is all around us, and it’s actually really hard to stay away from it. For instance, my mother will tell my little brothers to turn off the TV, and they will do so, but then we find them on the phone playing games, so there is always some type of electronic device they can get their hands on. 372 more words


If there is no God, murder isn't wrong?

So Christians, if you found out right this instant that there is no God, would you go out and start murdering?

Here’s a video that goes into this more:


Prompt 69: When was the last time you were wrong?

This might be the easiest question yet. Since this is March, many if not most of us are wrong a lot.

Picking brackets in the NCAA Tournament in March had become one of the greatest american past times. 191 more words


Silicon Valley Would Rather Cure Death Than Make Life Worth Living

(Source: www.wired.com)

Silicon Valley is coming for death. But it’s looking in the wrong place.

After disrupting the way we love, communicate, travel, work, and even eat, technologists believe they can solve the ultimate problem. 692 more words


Steve Harvey Tells Snoop Dogg Why He's Wrong Making Video With Gun To Trump's Head

Steve Harvey met with President Trump during the Transition at Trump Tower. They discussed helping the black community through different initiatives. Steve Harvey was pummeled for his courage and wisdom to meet with the leader of the free world. 226 more words