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We are doing college right. Hating every second of it.

They all said it would be fun. The best time of your life.  But you got here and it wasn’t.  Actually you kind of hate it. 290 more words


A 31-year-old who's been traveling the world for 5 years explains how she affords it

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

A month before her 26th birthday, Nina Ragusa landed in Bangkok, Thailand.

She had been living in Tampa, Florida, preparing and saving for open-ended travel for the past two years. 806 more words



The sky is dark, and it’s drizzling,

I hear thunder, I see lightning,

I knew it’s coming,

But have you ever listened to the omens? … 38 more words



Leaders make decisions- they got things done.

You can’t always make the right decision, but you can always try to make your decisions right.


Everything Going Against Us

Life has its seasons:  ups, downs, highs, lows.  It is a normal part of our human existence, as YHWH created it to be.  One of the battles we fight is to endure the hardships without being discouraged.  45 more words