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Yeah, I didn’t have a lot to do tonight.

The original, for balance.

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It's getting harder to afford a home - Mar. 26, 2015


Home prices are rising 13 times faster than wage growth nationwide, according to a report from RealtyTrac. From 2012-2014, median home prices climbed 17% while median wages rose 1.3%.

Thanks. God bless.


Economic Justice

Unions Criticize Mideast Airlines For Discrimination Against Women, LGBT Community - BuzzFeed News


companies that demand female employees obtain permission before getting married or pregnant. And he is defending companies that bar lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people from employment. 25 more words

Media Justice

Organize & Mobilize Now To Strengthen Social Security & Medicare | PopularResistance.Org


cuts in Social Security and Medicare, and all signs pointing to the likelihood that the 2016 election could bring us either a neo-liberal or a neo-conservative president, and an increasingly Republican-dominated Congress, it’s time for an aggressive mass movement built around defending and expanding both those critical public funding programs. 36 more words

Economic Justice

Wyden Shows Connection Between Rigged Trade & Rigged Government | PopularResistance.Org


raising money from big business interests that would profit immensely from those deals. Taking money while negotiating legislation that benefits the donor should be illegal.

Thanks. God bless.


Economic Justice

Shark Finning

In Chinese cuisine, shark fin is a delicacy and has been for years. The emperors liked the dish because they felt it honored their guest and brought medicinal benefits as well as a powerful status for defeating a shark. 188 more words


Literarily Wrong

Frankenstein is the
doctor, not the monster. Ugh,
people, read for once!