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One line

I know it’s wrong, I know it’s not meant to be, but how do I tell my heart how to feel?


What 'Game Of Thrones' Gets Right And Wrong About Eunuchs And Masculinity

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A lot of misconceptions about eunuchs have proliferated since the premiere Game of Thrones  in 2011.  A look back at the history of eunuchs allows us to explore what they really were, how they were castrated and the ways in which we define masculinity in pop culture. 1,349 more words

Money Matters

When We Judge We Create Our Story Not The Real Story

To judge is to attach a feeling to an observation; to observe is to bear witness to an event without assigning a label “good” or “bad,” “right” or “wrong,” to the observation. 193 more words


Why Your Board Game Collection Needs Some German-Style Games

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Board games are big business now! I’ve been screaming this for so long that my lungs resemble two teabags flapping in a breeze. 1,215 more words


When you haven't got a choice

When you think of the word ‘choice’ you might think of it as another word in the English Dictionary. But the word ‘choice’ brings a whole load of words. 309 more words

Don't panic! But your all wrong.

Ok, Im going to start thing one off saying this i am from the grate state of Alabama I am a southern boy to the bone yes I call people yankies, but mainly when the want to put sugar in corn bread and ask if I want sweet tea or unsweet…. 456 more words


No Thinking Allowed...

So wrong, but so right

Resistance is now futile

Let’s get it over

Forbidden fruits, so tasty

The heady trance of ‘so wrong’

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(A Tanka Poem-Trance)