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Shaken Science: Washington Post Examines Disputed Shaken Baby Syndrome Diagnosis

The Washington Post has paired with Northwestern University’s Medill Justice Project to examine Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) cases, finding that the science behind the theory has become more disputed over time. 314 more words

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Petition Drive Launched for Assessment of Medical Diagnoses of Child Abuse

I have just signed a new petition calling for a “rigorous scientific evaluation of the evidence base for medical diagnoses of child abuse.” The petition is focused on infant brain injuries that were once called Shaken Baby Syndrome and are now called Abusive Head Trauma, and on “bony abnormalities” often misinterpreted as “abusive fractures.” … 120 more words

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The Oral Argument - Change of venue

Yesterday, March 17th was the oral argument. Originally, I had entertained the idea of watching it live from my home in Alabama. My son’s attorney told me that we could watch it live. 501 more words

How do you move on...?

How will I move on from this situation…?

Knowing that my husband has been wrongly convicted.

Knowing that some douche bag has gotten away with his lies. 137 more words


The duty of the prosecutor is to seek justice, not merely to convict.

The duty of the prosecutor is to seek justice, not merely to convict. Prosecutorial misconduct occurs when a prosecutor breaks a law or a code of professional ethics in the course of a prosecution.Sometimes, prosecutors find evidence that would tend to exonerate the person they are trying to convict. 269 more words

Texas Now Regretting Wasting Doses Of Pancuronium Bromide On Innocent Guys Back In 1997, 2000, 2004 ...

So there more concerned about wasting the drug because of its dwindling supply than the fact that they used the drug to execute innocent people with it ? 6 more words

Police Brutality

Trial Attorney recommends the appeal firm he went to work for. He really did. Shyster.

After my son was convicted, his trial attorney didn’t even ask if Charles could stay home until sentencing. He had been home on bond for almost 3 years but he did not think it necessary to ask the judge if he could remain on bond. 398 more words