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A Mississippi trial court will soon hear evidence challenging the science behind Shaken Baby Syndrome

The Mississippi Supreme Court has granted a post-conviction motion, allowing an evidentiary hearing to move forward in the case of death row inmate Jeffrey Havard. So reports the… 182 more words

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A Dear Letter from a Police Officer in Support of Charles Ajoloko. It brought a silence to the courtroom.

There are so many letters that went to the judge on behalf of Charles; however, this will be the last one that I post as they all have the same theme. 501 more words

Who is Charles Ajoloko? ...........Letter From Deacon of H.S. Catholic Church

I know that my son is innocent of the attempted robbery charges; however, if he was not, how does a system sentence a young man with no prior criminal history to a mandatory 12 years imprisonment. 581 more words

Another Letter in Support of Charles Ajoloko

Throughout this case and at trial, at no time did our attorney mention Charles’ attributes. I do not think that the jurors even knew he was a graduate. 461 more words

05/06/2015 Order Deny Rehearing - Where Do I Go from Here - Please Help My Son

The Motion for Rehearing was denied. I am not as devastated as I thought that I would be. I researched everything that goes on. I knew that it was an unlikely feat. 381 more words

Prosecutor Apologizes for Role in Wrongful Conviction, Criticizes Denial of Wrongful Compensation Award

A Louisiana judge has denied compensation for Glenn Ford, who was imprisoned for nearly 30 years after wrongfully convicted of murder. That decision has since been criticized by the attorney who originally prosecuted Ford, … 320 more words

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The police detecive lied on her sworn deposition. Is that okay??


DATE TAKEN:                  APRIL 2, 2012
TIME:                        3:10 P.M.

Q is the defense attorney. A is the Detective

Q    You also acquired the phone records of Mr. 302 more words