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Conversations With Kai Mann- Hakim Nathaniel Crampton

On the Conversations With Kai Mann show we introduce you to one of the most amazing stories through the real life saga of Hakim Nathaniel Crampton, who has overcome one of the most horrific injustices in American modern times while simultaneously escaping life in the streets to become one of the most accomplished survivors of the criminal justice system. 76 more words

I Know, I Know, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

I Know, I Know, I Know.

Its Been Awhile since I last posted about my son, Charles Ajoloko.

I have been physically and mentally deteriorating. 129 more words

One Nation Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice For Those With Economic Means

How can anyone argue the U.S. is the indisputable best country in the world when our tax and health insurance systems are so flawed. On top of that, our legislature is broken. 121 more words

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Help Has Arrived for Charles Ajoloko

A Florida Attorney has agreed to take on Charles Ajoloko’s Post-Conviction. The Ajoloko family are very happy at this turn of events.

While the fees of the attorney are being… 282 more words


Charles Ajoloko is a victim of the Florida Criminal Judicial System.

The prosecutors decided that they did not have to follow the law in its entirety. 640 more words

Book Review: "Waiting to be Heard" by Amanda Knox

The tale of Amanda Knox is compelling, frightening and raw. The story received so much media attention that it’s probably not necessary to tell it here. 510 more words