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March 27, 2017, 129 and 129A West 4th

To my eye this photo has so many things going for it.  The proportions are not exactly square, but they are darn close, the colors are bright and work well together, the symmetry is close but not complete, there are deep shadows and matching wrought iron steps.  16 more words

Ground vs Forged Fullers in Swords

The central grove, or groves, in a sword is usually referred to as a “fuller”. The reason for this is that they are normally made with a… 350 more words

Weapon Design

Basement Bath Remodel

So, we moved into our house in June 2015. It was stuuuuuuck in the 80’s – waaaay too much oak – like it was everywhere… linoleum flooring, blue kitchen cabinets, vertical blinds… the colours…. 767 more words

March 16, 2017, 119 East Patrick

The temperature is hovering around 40°, there is a decent breeze blowing and snow is still on the ground, but this afternoon I found Liz and Dio grabbing their daily dose of vitamin D on East Patrick Street.


March 11, 2017, 127 West 2nd

Some of the filigree work in this photo was made my man and some by Mother Nature but in this case man and Mother Nature worked well together.


Rustic Wrought Iron Chandelier

I was often asked about rustic wrought iron chandeliers. More precisely what rusted metal finishing really mean? To make a chandelier as rustic as possible we truly create rust on the wrought iron surface. 110 more words

Foged Iron