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Trying Something New

Oh the things this world wide web brings into our crafting space. The other day ,somehow I got a youtube video of a  very talented person doing the  craziest thing.  185 more words

Four hunters arrested for spotlighting

Four Manitoba men have were charged thousands of dollars and had their hunting gear and a vehicle seized after being caught using a spotlight for night hunting, the province says. 228 more words

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Changing their tune: U of M study says oilpatch causes sparrows to sing a new song

Noisy oilpatch equipment is causing songbirds to change their tune, concludes researchers from the University of Manitoba.

“It’s something that is really picking up, the idea of noise pollution,” said Miya Warrington, a co-author of a new paper in Condor, the journal of the American Ornithological Society. 553 more words

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Iron Wrought

Iron Wrought, the blacksmith furnished

Hammer blows formed soft iron bars

A twist of tongs

A curl is formed

The smith’s sweat sizzles on the hot metal as he labors over the forge. 171 more words

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The Spider

I was doodling with my compass when I came up with this design. My wife saw it and said it reminded her of a spider. So, I went with that for a title. 534 more words


Letters: December 27, 2017

Teflon PM

So Justin Trudeau is again our Teflon coated version of what I’m sure many people in the work force have witnessed. You know that person who is “Popular, well-liked, but when you look close never really accomplishes anything! 545 more words

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Essential Tools For The Home

Outdoor furnishings are one of what that you ought to be careful of when buying. Every piece of furniture the particular house is important, that has to be maintained from a proper great way. 394 more words