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Keeping Track of Story Ideas

Good morning, Squiders! Today we’re jumping back into our nonfiction series on story idea generation. I was going to go over where to go looking for ideas, but it occurred to me that perhaps it would be best to talk about how to store your ideas so you can find them again later. 789 more words


Flash Into The Past

Yesterday I stumbled upon an old file containing a novel I had been working on years ago; you know the kind, the one inspired by your awkward teenage life, and your infatuation with Werewolves and magic. 1,197 more words

A turtle is not a bongo

Prompt – Week 1

Three couples hire a small boat and a captain for a whale watching tour, but when the boat returns to the dock several hours later, only six people remain on board.

512 more words

Poem - I swam

I swam

For I may be parted
from the left hand hearted
and I want to swim
until I cannot see
for I rise again again and again… 102 more words

You Are Where You Live: Why Home and Surroundings Define Your Characters

One time in class we talked about how, even if you’re in the same small country, the way people act can differ in so many ways depending on where they live. 1,880 more words


cross my heart

she laughed,

“I’ve been hoping for


since I was


spew on romantic love...

had the funniest dream last night and slept deep after a few hours of insomnia. yesterday was fun. marathoned it at the cafe with a cohort friend for six hours. 848 more words