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Freedom is a Dog’s Best Friend

“Don’t you ever tire of shoving your finger up noses?” The thick man, painted in tattoos and decorated in piercings glared. He put his finger up the dog’s nostril, marking where the stud would be placed by a black dot. 547 more words

Creative Writing

Book Reviews for Money


This site is just amazing for book-lovers. If you want free book in exchange for your opinion then go to this site. It’s a competitive environment, where you get points and rankings based on your reviews. 46 more words


Memories of an Absentee Father

Image: Daniel Murtaugh

“It’s so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone.”

John Steinbeck

Father’s Day has always been hard for me, and I don’t know why I thought this year was going to be different, maybe it was wishful thinking that it would be easier, that suddenly the pain of a “presently absent” Father would heal itself; I was naively, foolishly wrong. 1,309 more words


Even professional editors forget to follow their own advice when writing.

Feeling exuberant, I plunged into writing the first chapter of my memoir. My fingers ached from typing so much as the sentences flowed. After 700 words I happily read what I’d written. 295 more words