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how to like poetry

i always thought poetry was for sad little losers who had no friends, and as a sad little loser who has no friends, i can confirm this is true… 176 more words

Distracted Driving on My Road

I have been distracted. New friends. Thanksgiving.

Haven’t walked. Haven’t written. Neglected a few friends. I’m not beating myself up too much,  just observing. This morning, I’m back on track. 455 more words

Midlife Crisis

Highly Grateful..

Thankyou so much Prashant  for this nomination.Highly grateful for this recognition. You have always been very kind and supportive throughout my blogging . Thankyou so very much. 263 more words


I Wrote This? Really? (Part 2) and an amazing coincidence

The second one uncovered is of a true story. Something I actually remember why I wrote and for whom I wrote it.

Written on the 13th of August, 2009, here goes my poem for Bethoveen Montecillo Cahiles. 703 more words


The Sabbath of the Great Silence or… my father’s faith and my mother’s suffering (c. 1607)

Chapter 1 – 7: The Sabbath of the Great Silence or… my father’s faith and my mother’s suffering (also circa 1607 or a little time before, Samlesbury)   Please feel free to share. 20 more words

Sunday Summary: Staying Steady

It’s been a pretty good week. This pretty much sums it up:

4 p.m on Friday and I've got all my goals for the week done except reading.

1,246 more words

Goals in Writing

Hi Jim,

I was just wondering as a fellow writer what your goals are? Like what are you hoping people get out of your writing or what do you hope to accomplish by releasing your writing to the public? 831 more words