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Goals in Writing

Hi Jim,

I was just wondering as a fellow writer what your goals are? Like what are you hoping people get out of your writing or what do you hope to accomplish by releasing your writing to the public? 831 more words


Get motivated! — Fab Writings

The best thing I read this morning!!!!

“If anywhere in you soul, you feel the desire to write, please write. Write as a gift to yourself and others.

44 more words

Perfect Writer

In today’s society we all feel the need to be perfect and i don’t understand why. Nobodies perfect, all we can be is who we are so why aren’t we? 179 more words

Short Poems

2. But All is to be Dared

“…Longing, of course,
becomes its own object, the way
that desire can make anything into a god.”
– Mark Doty, excerpt of The Death of Antinous… 489 more words


entombment (20161005)

the sun barely up
not even enough to
flood the room with light
not with all those clouds

i pull the covers
over my head… 59 more words


clay cups (20161004)

how easy to alter shape
a little augmentation here
a little amputation there
slick fingers
smoothing rough hills
filling crevices
made uniform


through the fire… 33 more words


fifty (20160929)

for syllables and rhymes i wrack my brain
i took up this challenge–must be insane
were forty-nine poems all just to train
my poet’s fingers? well, if it’s a strain… 21 more words