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Meet Author, Alexa Jacobs

A dinosaur.That’s what my first book was about. At least, I think. I close my eyes and I vividly remember this paper book in my hands, cut out in the shape of a dinosaur head. 1,392 more words

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It’s just a picture
but I could feel your eyes on me,
through me
and I’m blushing like a rose
that blushes when you pick it up… 13 more words


AIRE - Chapter 2

As the potent rays struggled to find their way through the clouds that rolled across the unusual sky, Taya slowly opened her eyes to welcome another day. 880 more words


The Writer's Pinch

660 words

So here’s the scene: There’s this writer, you see? He’s there hunched over his desk, burnt out cigarette between his lips and fifteen of its cousins already stubbed out in the tray and on the desk and under the typewriter. 649 more words


Writing Class, Day 1: I write because

I’m taking this class to get back into writing. I’m trying to write a graphic novel that I started in 2000 and still haven’t finished. I hope this class will inspire me to get back to doing it. 556 more words