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fifty (20160929)

for syllables and rhymes i wrack my brain
i took up this challenge–must be insane
were forty-nine poems all just to train
my poet’s fingers? well, if it’s a strain… 21 more words


It was a win-win situation

Seems like every time I pick up a phone call from my mom its always the same thing, “Why don’t you ever go see your brother?!” Just because me and my brother attend the same school that doesn’t mean we have to spend time with each other every day. 422 more words


Dragon Fire! to be My First Publishing Endeavor for 15 Years

Okay, so I’ve stalled long enough, I finally went out and found an editor and an artist and am working on a marketing team and, if all goes well, the novel, Dragon Fire! 132 more words


Interview with Author Gail Cleare

Many years ago, I participated in an online writing community that has since closed. Authonomy had a section of comment boards where different topics were discussed and one of the most helpful of those were the critiquing groups. 1,005 more words

Katie O'Rourke

Digging Where the Trees Are

Authors note: This story is mostly posted at the request of my brother. (I can already hear him saying “finally!”with an exasperated sigh, as this is his favorite of my written stories. 4,819 more words

A M Freeman

Cut off

“How in the World…” is what I thought when I was asked to observe a rock for 7 days for my Composition class. Not necessarily a rock, but that’s my “Organic object” that I picked and I absolutely regretted it. 538 more words


September Adventures

September is filled with goals. I felt if I shared them, readers can hold me to them. More importantly, join or support me in my endeavors. 364 more words