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Fiction Friday: Matrimony

Most of my writing is totally on the fly with little planning. When I write, it’s with a rough sketch in my head and little else. 2,899 more words


Fiction Friday: Kamikaze Flies

Hoo boy. This story. In 2008, my first piece of writing was accepted for publication. My short story, Safe Crossing, was published by a magazine called… 1,476 more words


O is for Obstacles - #AtoZChallenge Day 15

As a writer, there are many things that will get in our way, hinder our progress. Obstacles are found in all walks of life, and it is up to us, as individual to learn how we can best get past them. 497 more words

Alex Laybourne

Chapter One

If I were going to write a book, this is how it would start.

Walking up the sidewalk to her cozy one bedroom apartment, Katy let out an involuntary little sigh. 625 more words

My Funny Little Life

Friday Fiction: I am Jack's Irrelevant Title (The Continuing Story of Raymond K. Hessel)

Here’s an interesting one that I’d forgotten about. When I’d returned to university in the early 00s ( the naughts? Do people call it that?), I took Introduction to English 1006, taught by John Muise.  4,337 more words




is this on
i can’t
seem to find a signal
you came in so clear
from the start.
tumbled bottles on keyboards
unbuttoned shirts… 55 more words


My Flying Dream

For years, I’ve had something of a re-occurring dream. Not every night, unfortunately, but every once in awhile, I’ll have my favourite dream: a flying one. 626 more words