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2016 WSOP Week 6 Update

This article was written by Ryan Page…

Phil #DreamCrusher Says, “NO SOUP FOR YOU!”

Phil was out to crush some dreams tonight as he finally realized Deadwood’s (Page) math was correct and he was just barely mathematically eliminated from a shot at the regular season title prior to Week 6 play. 4,327 more words


2016 WSOP Week 5 Update

This article was written by Ryan Page…

Hot Wings, Cold Beats

Week 5 got in swing when Mr. Phil Bayless arrived with some hot wings from Roosters which provided some of us an early sweat; he paired the wings perfectly with a couple of pizzas from the G-spot (Generations in Wilmington).  3,723 more words


Agen Poker Online - Joe McKeehen Menyalahkan Media Atas Jam Turnamen Yang Dimulai Lebih Cepat


Agen Poker Online – Duta poker tahun panjang turun ke Twitter minggu ini untuk mengekspresikan ketidakpuasan dengan banyak turnamen WSOP tahun ini dimulai pada 11 AM, menjelaskan bahwa pemain poker “telah mendapatkan sh-t pada karena media sejak saya mulai bermain poker hidup.” 366 more words

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2016 WSOP Week 4 Update

This article was written by Ryan Page…


Week 4 started off with a bang and some early monster pots as 3 players executed the 1-time re-buy option for this years league adding $75 to the pot.   2,556 more words


PokerStars is the New Star of New Jersey

WSOP.com & 888 Surpassed by PokerStars in Cash Game Traffic

The PokerStars is now officially the most grossing website in the online poker industry in New Jersey after a week of its official launch. 285 more words

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2016 WSOP Week 3 Update

This article was written by Ryan Page…

Pizza & Subs – You don’t like my sauce???

The night was kicked off again with some pizza from The Hut which Tim requested someone pick up so I obliged him.   1,561 more words


The Ace of Spades

Every poker player knows that the Ace of Spades is the most infamous playing card in a standard deck. But why the spade? Sure the Ace is highest valuable card in poker, but what separates the spade from the Ace of Hearts or Ace of clubs? 292 more words