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W;T (Margaret Edson)

(Draft) I just had the most EPIC experience in watching a theater play today.

[/] Hinarang ng Guard.
[/] Natawagan ang cast.
[/] Sinundo ng staff. 1,258 more words


Purple Passions - NSFW

This post was shot entirely in Riverrock Night Windlight setting.

This post might not be entirely safe for work, so heads up! Fantasy Faire has started, and with it comes a slew of posts showcasing all the goodies. 489 more words

Getting Caught Up...

Whoops..  Here is a long overdue post of my past hiking adventures!  Sorry it took so long, and enjoy the blog post.  <3

I start the CDT on May 1st… 666 more words

No Acknowledgement?

I was doing my morning browsing ritual (positive and uplifting things are very rare these days) and ran across something that an individual on a forum that I frequent had pointed out to others. 47 more words


Fine Motor Exercises

Between the ages of 3-6, children spend large amounts of time honing their fine motor skills.  As adults, we take controlling the tiny ballet of movement within our hands and wrists for granted.   149 more words

Weekly News

Introduction to Web Technologies

Hi, this article is an important introductory part to web site development. I’ll be sharing more interesting topics in future also.

Below is the link for presentation.


Web Technologies

Parts of a Set

This week we carried our practice subitizing small sets a bit further.  Given a set of four rocks, one child acted as the “teacher” and covered any number of rocks with their hand.   41 more words

Weekly News