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Remember, remember the 8th of November

I’ve been MIA for pretty much all this year, I know. New house, job insecurities, deaths, weddings, honeymoons, and a new bike have taken precedent. I will get around to posting about our absolutely incredible two week trip to Iceland, and about my new two-wheeled steed, but for now, I just want to post an article. 1,351 more words


An Open Letter To Tiny House Hunters - terribleminds: chuck wendig

Source: An Open Letter To Tiny House Hunters « terribleminds: chuck wendig

“Which one did they pick?”

“You fell asleep again, didn’t you?”

This post is for all of the spouses out there subjected to the nightly ritual of watching some version of a house hunting show on HGTV. 13 more words


Rutgers Residence Hall Warns Students Against ‘Microassaults,’ ‘Microinsults’ & ‘Microinvalidations’ - Liberty Blitzkrieg

Just when you thought you had a handle on the treasonous thought-police infractions known as microagressions, folks at Rutgers University had to go ahead and further muddy the waters of what is and isn’t allowed to be uttered on today’s college campuses.

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When games are written by straight men for straight men: the problem with Emily is Away [CW][TW][spoilers]

One of the (many) problems of the male as default protagonist in any form of entertainment is that it’s left me cold for vast swathes of media, even media that is critically acclaimed. 3,531 more words

Doing It Wrong

So The Whole Cricket Lady Story Was A 'Prank'

NYPost: The woman who caused a massive panic on a crowded subway train by releasing a swarm of crickets admitted to The Post on Friday that she orchestrated the disgusting stunt in an attempt to go viral on social media.  254 more words