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Banh Mi Me Where The Whirl Pools

     Who knew as I remained unaware early that morning I would later be subliminally skimming the surface of Monterey Bay for signs of a superior intelligence to emulate? 1,496 more words


The Walking Dead: 30 People In New York Overdosed On Weed Mixed With K2

Marijuana users in Brooklyn, New York are on high alert after 30 people were victims of a mass overdose from synthetic marijuana “K2”.

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Overwatch delivers diversity alongside racist stereotypes, still does better than rest of AAA gaming [LONG]

Overwatch, the hit new shooter/MOBA released by Blizzard has been taking the internet by storm lately. (That is, until the internet collectively lost its damn mind over Pokemon Go this past week[1].) As of mid-June, they had already accumulated more than 10 million active players, no mean feat considering that it was released less than two months ago. 2,357 more words

Doing It Wrong

Yet another shooting by cop ?!?

God damn !!

Cops have got to stop shooting people. I’m sorry but there is no excuse for this most recent killing. Guy driving with girlfriend and her daughter gets pulled over for a busted tail light. 279 more words


Islamic Terrorism isn't Islam's problem?

Recently, as Muslims the world over prepared to celebrate Eid, ISIS/ISIL decided to wage a Jihad on their very own people. Sure they targeted the usual Shia worshipers but they also attacked Sunnis and even more shockingly, they attacked Medina, the second holiest site in all of Islam.  540 more words