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Whidiotsboro, N.Y.

If you haven’t heard about it by now, good for you! Move on! Don’t waste your time further by digging deeper into this idiocy of humankind! 216 more words


WTF: It's Hot.

We knew it was going to be hot. It’s Florida. Florida is well known for being nice and toasty warm in the winter months. People flock to its beaches and amusement parks to enjoy all the state has to offer. 287 more words


Meat Glue? Are you serious?

OK, this is another random rant and public announcement for those of you who do care about what you eat….

What is this world coming to?   1,380 more words

Tony & Joy

Hello world!

Ever feel like you’ve been cheated……

Granted, I am quoting Johnny Rotten, an angry rich rockstar. Whatever. It suits my mood today. I am finding myself underappreciated and overused. 113 more words

Wtf Rants

Bikram Yoga meets Masterchef

A few months ago, I went to a Bikram Yoga class and saw this guy in the class, behind me and his face was just so familiar.   349 more words

Tony & Joy

It's called junk food because that's what it's made of!

We’ve been watching a lot of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.. well not a lot, we actually watched ALL episodes of both seasons, just one after the other. 680 more words

Tony & Joy

Bad Shopping Trip

I made the trek to my local warehouse club the other day to stock up on some food items that we go through a lot of at my place.   1,027 more words

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