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Oakland warehouse operator sparks outrage for mourning loss of venue & not victims

(TIML NEWS) The operator of the abandon warehouse where that fatal party took place in Oakland, has been widely criticized over his initial response to the tragedy. 174 more words

Watch a Guy Punch a Kangaroo to Save His Dog

Ever boxed with a Kangaroo? Neither have we. The same can’t be said for this Aussie.

An Australian TV show aired this video of a Kangaroo holding a dog in a headlock. 87 more words


So, Apparently There Are 11 States Where It's Legal To Have Sex With Animals

Anyone know what year it is? Oh, 2016, that’s right. We’re living in the age of political correctness, how could I forget? Today, more than ever, Americans are hyper-aware of and sensitive to all sorts of… Wait, what? 275 more words


Man Punches Kangaroo Who Put His Dog In A Headlock [VIDEO]

This man saved his dog by punching a Kangaroo in face who had his dog in a headlock LOL. I guess a dog is really a man’s best friend. 13 more words

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Guy Punches Dog-Strangling Kangaroo in the Face

Man punches the damn hell out of a kangaroo in Australia to save his pet dog.


WTF Discusses IPR-X on IPR

In a first, Wang Tang-Fu (WTF), a pseudonym of Cyberpig Paulie Frankel, commented on IPR’s December Open Thread about IPR-X and the Andy Jacobs blog.  After linking to some of the articles here and there, he confirms he is the same WTF who was briefly a writer for IPR, until being outed as the Cyberpig by Jed Ziggler.   260 more words