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One dead and seven injured at Ohio State Fair

A swinging and spinning amusement park ride has broken apart on the opening day of the Ohio State Fair, hurling people through the air, killing a man and injuring seven others. 101 more words


Huge Huntsman Spider larger than a dinner plate Invade Family Home

If you thought freakishly gigantic spiders only lived in the Forbidden Forest, well, you were wrong.

They could also be residing on your patio door, just hanging out in the corner, waiting for you to pull back the blind and then NEVER GO OUTSIDE AGAIN. 163 more words


Teen Pleads Not Guilty in Deadly Crash She Live-Streamed on Instagram

A California teen who live-streamed her alleged drunken crash in a field last week, which killed her little sister and injured another passenger, pleaded not guilty on Wednesday. 122 more words


Laughing Time is OVER


I just read my last post and I take it back.

Every time I think to myself, This is the last straw, Trump et al throw another blinded eye into the toxic, roiling cauldron that is 45’s presidency. 289 more words


Internet helps 'doofy' New York teen to find car after concert in Canada 

The parents of a New York sought the internet’s help to find their son’s car when he forgot where parked after a concert in Canada. 368 more words


Getting blamed, or Email isn't communication...

If you stick around any place long enough you’ll find that you’re often able to predict trouble spots in most of your standard and repetitive procedures. 161 more words


President Trump Sinks Even Lower Than Yesterday

I thought he really hit a new low with that messed-up Boy Scouts speech. But it seems like he’s determined to show the world how much of a hateful bastard he really is while encouraging people to still love him despite the fact that he’s exhibiting… 189 more words