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los dos Santanas

Well, the Twins have missed out on the golden opportunity, as the Toronto Blue Jays sign Johan Santana to a minor league contract, with an invite to spring training. 35 more words


Comment cuisiner des gyozas en moins de 3 secondes

Cette publicité japonaise vous apprend comment cuisiner les raviolis japonais en moins de 3 secondes. Il y avait les fast food… Maintenant il y a les “very” fast food.


Losing Hope!

Seriously? The Indian Govt. is more worried about the telecast of the BBC documentary**?

Shouldn’t they just hang that rapist immediately (instead of keeping him alive at the expense of tax money of the people). 97 more words


Just One Yesterday

Today is one of those, “why did I bother?” days…

It wasn’t bad day, it was just a day I rather have not had. I woke up tired….that didn’t help with going to sleep late (or early – depends on what you call 1.30am) then remembered that I had the morning off work to take my parents back to the airport, so they could go “home”. 764 more words



Well tonight was interesting…. I’m out with my dog waking to grab some sushi when a guy comes to a stop at a stop sign. He hesitates a minute and then from his minivan asks if I would like some company tonight… Not so much! 18 more words


Man Mistakes Booger Blob For Cancer

FLORIDA- area man, Tim Ducain, prides himself on his advanced hygiene. One year ago, he stopped picking his nose citing that it was “gross.” He drove himself to the emergency room when he noticed a hard mass inside both of his nostrils. 74 more words