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VC admits he doesn't hire women out of fear he'll get sued

On KQED’s Forum show today host Queena Sook Kim discussed venture capitalism’s sexist culture. But there was a shocking revelation from one VC who emailed in a response this morning, saying he would not hire a woman “out of fear that we will get sued.” 371 more words


Crisis Averted

As most of you know, I depend on my iPhone for probably way too much. I do all of my updates, recaps, everything in that phone. 95 more words

Trump Times Entry 230 - Of Course Trumpcare Sucks

Of Course Trumpcare Sucks

June 27, 2017

Oh please, stop with the intentionally confusing analysis. Trumpcare returns $800 billion to the richest tax payers, that cash comes from somewhere. 264 more words

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All the WTF moments from last night's 'Bachelorette' episode in just 36 tweets

Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette was nothing short of infuriating. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show and I hope Rachel finds love as much as the next person, but the producers are really pushing the envelope lately. 1,147 more words


The World Taekwondo Federation Has Changed It's Name So It Doesn't Have To Deal With All Those 'WTF' Jokes

The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) has changed its name to World Taekwondo because of the “negative connotations” associated with its initials.

The organisation had used the previous name since it was established in 1973.

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Who does this shit?

So yesterday, I was walking into the thrift store to see what sort of crap they had that I couldn’t live without. As I walked down the sidewalk, I realized that my purse was extremely heavy, so I started digging. 16 more words

Paige McPherson Takes The Silver At Muju Championships

June 27, 2017- BREAKING NEWS- Two-time Olympian Paige McPherson (Sturgis, S.D.) won the silver medal in the women’s -67-kilogram division Tuesday as the World Taekwondo Championships reached its fourth day of competition in Muju, Korea. 54 more words

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