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“When you have like blueberry jam, you want the meat in it right? Like the blueberry meat is pretty good eh!”


Wednesday WTF: Meet Me At the Five Malls of Uptown Dallas

When you operate in the world of media for any length of time at all, you will get PR pitches. Some of them are best pitches welcoming you to inspect out some services or product that is entirely associated with what you write about.But sometimes, they are… 473 more words


'Last Jedi' seriously had ONE OF THE MOST WTF minute of any Star Wars movie


Yes, yes, there are spoilers here. Don’t be a dummy and check out below this if you don’t want a mild spoiler on Star Wars: The Last Jedi. 951 more words


WTF: Male Colleagues Let Impoverished Babysitter-Thot Confront Married Radio Host & She Quits On Air

( Picture by Brian Stukes/Getty Images)

Danni Starr Quits On Air After Ambush By Appealing Sitter She Chose Not To Employ

Is this reasonable our foul??? 463 more words