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Check this out, from 2014. 4 years ago. I thought I disabled “Memories” crap. I dont even know who said this anymore. But whomever did…..really? For real, see its always hard to “MOVE ON” when it doesn’t fucking stop. 68 more words


Craigslist USA Has Shut Down Their Personals Section Thanks To Congress

Traditional sluts who still used Craigslist’s casual encounters section are pouring out a bottle of Wet Platinum lube today over the loss of a classic ho shit tool. 290 more words

I honestly don’t know if they were joking or being serious

Don’t get me wrong I love Terry crews just like anyone else but l am certain there are movies I’m pretty sure even  he couldn’t pull off ! 22 more words


Bolton IS in?

OMG, Bolton?

Well we know Bolton is all talk, lets just hope Trump doesn’t listen. well, hell, we know he doesn’t, and if by chance he does he fires  you. 481 more words


How Hard Can He Be to Find?

From Oregonlive.com:

FBI seeks man with ‘dork’ tattoo on throat

Amazingly, not from Florida…