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I don’t know what I’m doing here or trying accomplish but whatever. Life is life and I can do whatever I please to MF-ing do. cx… 63 more words


Insanity in Mortdale

So we went along to an auction today at Mortdale, just for a stickybeak/entertainment. The backyard was jam-packed with potential bidders and gawkers like us. 236 more words


maybe it's me, but...

Fuck me, but the Romance Bookity World is a nightmare at the moment.  I mean, geesus.  What the hell happened to, I don’t know, reading?  For fun??   33 more words

Maybe It's Me But

Man Thought His Girl Was Cheating So He Super Glued Her Private Parts Shut!

This is crazy! A man thought that his girl had cheated on him so he got his revenge by super-gluing her private parts shut! See what she says happened… 192 more words


Song Premiere: Double Naught Spy Car + Stew: “The Authentic Soul (unedited)”

Before I head out the door for the weekend, I wanted to share a song premiere that I have. Basically, the backstory on this one is that, 13 years ago, a bunch of guys got a grant to record an album. 362 more words

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