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Marc Maron and The Ziplock Purse

I really like the Marc Maron WTF podcast, and last Christmas The Lady gave me Maron’s book, Attempting Normal. Per usual I read the first chapter as soon as I got it, liked it, then for no reason I let it sit there collecting dust for the next few months. 681 more words

A Man Born Without A Penis Is Having More Sex Than Everyone Else

Meet Andrew Wardle: He’s 40, looks like a sensitive dude, and has an impressive sexual past, telling news outlets that he’s had sex with more than 100 women during his life. 343 more words


First Commute on the Ninja

Today marked the first commute I made to and from work.

I’m not even going to lie: I was more than a little intimidated about the idea of getting back on the highway on a motorcycle after so many years of being away from one. 989 more words


Baltimore and Freddie Gray

I’m sure you have heard the news of what the hell is currently going on in Baltimore as of this writing. Here’s a video of one of the riots that was posted three hours ago. 607 more words


A Woman Dumped Her Boyfriend For Her 16 Creepy Puppet 'Children'

In terms of deal-breakers, puppets rank right up there with clowns. And for one man in Pennsylvania, his girlfriend’s puppets were just too much. So he asked her to choose between him and her 16 stuffed friends, whom she refers to as her children. 310 more words

Web Culture

Watch Kurt Cobain, wearing a wedding dress and Hitler mustache, read hate mail

In the lead up to next week’s HBO premiere of Montage of Heck, director Brett Morgen has shared several teaser clips of his Kurt Cobain… 85 more words