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WTFood: International Stout Day

As I mentioned before, yesterday was International Stout Day, the day we celebrated my favorite style of beer! For those unfamiliar with the different styles of beer, a stout is a dark beer where the malt and hops have been roasted, giving it a strong flavor. 334 more words


WTFood Doubleheader: Kombucha and Chia

So this round of WTFood is a bit of a two-for-one deal; First we’ve got Kombucha, a tea-based drink originating in Asia, and second is Chia, specifically the seeds, an ancient Aztec crop related to mint. 1,105 more words


WTFood: Nattō

It’s been a few weeks since my last WTFood post, so I needed something truly legendary to get me back into the swing. Enter the infamous, the dreaded, the truly stomach churning Nattō. 504 more words


WTFood: Bird's Nest Drink

I’ve kinda had this feeling that the last two (and only) WTFoods have been a little plain. So I’m reaching to the far end of my comfort zone this week with… 370 more words

The Blogenning

WTFood: Dragon Fruit

This week’s WTFood: Pitaya, commonly known as Dragon Fruit or Strawberry Pear. The majority of people I know in the U.S. have only ever encountered this in the form of a beverage (most notably… 514 more words

The Blogenning

WTFood: Santa Claus Melon

People that know me have to regularly deal with the fact that I’m an amateur foodie. I watch a ton of food programs on TV, visit gourmet grocers and small foreign cafes, and regularly attempt to cook for others (4 years running and no one has been sent to the hospital on my account!). 395 more words

The Blogenning

Recycling 'blackouts in a can' should inspire other uses for recalled food

Truckloads of Four Loko and other alcohol-laced energy drinks are being recycled into ethanol and other products after federal authorities told manufacturers the beverages were dangerous and caused users to become “wide-awake drunk.” – …

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