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Is The Current Oil Price Unsustainable?

The unpredictability in oil price fluctuations is leading some analyst to investigate past price swings in more detail. This comes as Wednesdays prices returned to recent lows that have some strategists saying they are unsustainable. 469 more words

Harga Minyak WTI Ambruk Setelah Rally Tajam Selama 3 Sesi

Pada akhir perdagangannya Rabu dini hari tadi harga minyak mentah mengalami penurunan tajam setelah sebelumnya selama 3 sesi berturut-turut melejit kencang (2/9). Harga minyak mentah WTI terpukul setelah keluarnya laporan bahwa pasokan minyak mentah di Amerika Serikat mengalami kenaikan tajam minggu lalu. 248 more words


Anjlok Lebih dari 8%, Minyak Hentikan Rally 3 Hari Beruntun

Monexnews – Buruknya data manufaktur skala global membuat outlook permintaan minyak mentah menjadi semakin suram, harga minyak mentah kembali anjlok pada hari Selasa, sekaligus menghentikan… 148 more words


Harga Minyak WTI Ditutup Naik Makin Tajam, 3 Sesi Rally Menguat 27%

Pada akhir perdagangannya Selasa dini hari tadi harga minyak mentah menguat tajam menggenapi kenaikan selama tiga sesi berturut-turut (1/9). 283 more words


My Proposed Oil Bottom Thesis, As Developed In Early August of 2015

There truly is so much I wish to write regarding my positions and predictions surrounding WTI. Firstly, for those who are new to the scene, WTI is light, sweet crude oil; it is the underlying commodity for the oil futures contracts that are traded frequently. 839 more words

WTI Analysis

Oil comeback to $70-$80 later this year: Former Shell exec.

Despite the two-day rally in oil, the volatility will continue over the next month or two, with the lows likely coming sometime in September or October, the former president of Shell Oil said Friday. 395 more words

Dua Sesi Rally, Harga Minyak Naik Nyaris 17%

Pada akhir perdagangannya Sabtu dini hari pekan lalu harga minyak mentah menguat tajam untuk dua sesi berturut-turut dan berhasil membukukan peningkatan mingguan (31/8). 288 more words