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Algae toxin exposure linked to health concerns

Source: The Daily Mail.

When one thinks of algae, green comes to mind. Not just because of its physical appearance but because of its role in combating climate change, from being a potentially sustainable… 307 more words


More public grammar and spelling don'ts

Ignorance, sloppiness, autocorrect (a bane if I ever saw one) … there are many reasons for poor grammar and usage. But there are few excuses. 811 more words

WTOP — Nothing to See Here, Move Along

The most insidious aspect of media bias isn’t so much the blatant lies of something like the Dan Rather/Mary Mapes Bush Texas Air National Guard story, as galling as those are, but rather than surreptitious, constant, spinning of the news, controlling the media agenda and framing of the stories by liberals for the purpose of propaganda, coercion and influence. 533 more words


Throwback Thursday 6/25/1969 Washington Senators(2nd Senators)

the times

our record collection


tv  From CBS (Wtop the CBS DC station broadcast the Senators game)


Don’t know the date of this report included topical content Vietnam domainated 1969 life… 97 more words

Way Out Wed

Alexandria Man Shot on I-295 - Police Seek Information | News Alert | WTOP

WTOP has published an article in attempts to help police catch the person(s) responsible for shooting and killing 50-year-old Pedro Melendez Alvarado, of Alexandria, Virginia while he was driving on I-295 around 8:50 a.m. 9 more words