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Photoshoot: Fan Bingbing and Wu Chun for SELF

Don’t you just love it when two extremely beautiful people get together for a photoshoot? A-list Chinese actress Fan Bingbing and Brunei-based TW actor Wu Chun recently did a photoshoot for SELF China magazine to promote their new movie, “Lady of the Dynasty”. 170 more words

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[Updated 7/20/2015] Lady of the Dynasty 杨贵妃 with Fan Bingbing and Wu Chun

Fan Bingbing is coming back strong this year once again! Not only did Fan Ye came first on the Forbes list of most powerful entertainer three years in a row, she is getting a lot of attention this past few months in the media: the popular broadcast of The Legend of Wu Ze Tian, her public relationship with Li Chen, movie with Han Geng last year, a new project with Jackie Chan to come out next year, two variety shows… and now, a new movie to hit the big screen at the end of this month! 149 more words

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Well, that was awfully patriotic of me...

I can be a loud person. 

Conversely, I can be very quiet, such as today, wherein I laid in bed until 11, got out of bed to fetch my phone charger and plug it in right next to bed, and got back in bed. 794 more words


Chance At Love 1.1

“Please tell me I made the right choice.”
She looked up at him, her eyes red-brimmed with tears. Danson stood over her, his fingers clenched in a fist behind his back. 4,522 more words


Chance At Love 1.0

“She knows.” Chun stated, looking for a reaction from Angela. There was none. Brushing his fingers through his hair in frustration, Chun got up from his seat and began pacing. 3,303 more words


Chance At Love 0.6

“So your flight was postponed?” Ella asked into the cell phone as she hurriedly tried to put on her black stockings without ripping them apart. 2,650 more words