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I'm a rocket man

With this latest Wu Ming, I’m finally hopping on the bandwagon.

Not as heavily as I had hoped mind you, but I’ll make do with what I can. 514 more words


Chapter 35

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Phantom of the Line, Part 2

Wu Ming had never seen a Shui Gui physically catch a person, let alone a group of them organized to that purpose. 1,419 more words

Seagrave's Journey

Chapter 34

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Phantom of the Line, Part 1

“Come closer. Don’t be afraid.”

Her words blared like a series of whispers uttered at once inside Seagrave’s head. 1,256 more words

Seagrave's Journey

War Criminals

So there goes another week without painting anything. It’s lucky that last time I had a go I got a bunch of guys done in tandem that I can gradually feed out into the blog. 243 more words


Chapter 31

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Song of Oblivion

The sound of the water lapping against the hull of the skiff mingled with faded images of the Cayuga Lake and the mellow tone of a melody hummed by a woman. 1,365 more words

Seagrave's Journey

Service updates.

This post is mostly about playing catchup with a few models that I painted recently but never wrote an article for. I also played a pair of games yesterday that happened to use all of these models, but more on that later. 750 more words


Wu Ming a Berlino, Le Balene mettono in palio tre biglietti omaggio

Il collettivo Wu Ming sarà a Berlino per una tre giorni di letteratura e musica e Le Balene Possono Volare supporta regalando tre ingressi omaggio ai primi che scriveranno a… 92 more words