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Chapter 25

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Garden of Eden, Part 1

Wu Ming observed Seagrave as he walked towards the house and lightning shone upon them. The rocking horse woman in the door looked like a shadow puppet in the backlight,whereas the other rocking people hailed Seagrave in his march towards the house crackling more and more rhythmically, as if they were following some forgotten melody. 1,155 more words

Seagrave's Journey

Mike Martello and the Miao Dao saber

Today I uploaded the profile for Wu Ming (the nameless). As you know, Wu Ming is using a Miao Dao saber as a weapon in his adventures with Seagrave. 588 more words

Wu Ming

54, Wu Ming

ieri sera ho terminato questo libro del collettivo Wu Ming… 54
siamo lontani dalla perfezione di Q, ma meglio dell’ultimo sulla rivoluzione francese, è un libro ben costruito sulla guerra fredda combattuta a suon di star hollywoodiane (Cary Grant, protagonista di una delle 3 storie che si intersecano), misto a storie di partigiani e mafiosi locali. 279 more words

Nicola Gervasini

Chapter 22

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Rocking Horse People

Wu Ming was baffled. Riding on the back of a fifteen-feet-tall glowing monkey wasn’t the weirdest thing he had done so far, but Seagrave was unusually enthusiastic about it. 882 more words

Seagrave's Journey

Chapter 21

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Saffron Brick Road

The ground of the road that Seagrave had devised over the top of the trees felt soft and puffy under their feet, and a bittersweet and leathery odor filled the nightly air. 699 more words

Seagrave's Journey

Concentrazioni editoriali e morte della critica (3)

Quando scriveva queste parole, Bourdieu non poteva certo avere in mente Internet: eppure il web può a buon diritto essere annoverato tra i cambiamenti esterni che favoriscono una rinegoziazione dei rapporti di forza nel campo letterario. 400 more words


Chapter 20 ~Season 3 Opening~

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Three-Headed Monkey

After the sunset the air was still warm. Wu Ming reckoned that the temperature was around 100 degrees, but now that the sun was gone it was safe for the monkey to climb the hill nearby and scout the area without suffering a heat shock and eventual dehydration. 1,128 more words

Seagrave's Journey