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between death’s
many live’s
into one
light being
the way

Photograph By Jack Delano


Enlightened by Tao

Rejection and acceptance,
Giving and taking,
Knowledge and ability,
These six are the impediments to the free flow of the Tao.

When these…no longer trouble the breast, then you will be centred. 227 more words

Entering actionless action (wu-wei)

“It is said, ‘One who follows the Tao daily does less and less. As he does less and less, he eventually arrives at actionless action. Having achieved actionless action, there is nothing which is not done.’ Now that we have become active, if we wish to return to our original state, we will find it very difficult! 136 more words

Having and losing

“Chien Wu said to Sun Shu Ao, ‘Sir, three times you were appointed Prime Minister without showing any enthusiasm and three times you were dismissed without showing any distress. 141 more words

Seeking profit before seeing people (Heaven)

“When the ties between people are based upon profit, then when troubles come, people part easily.”

“When people are brought together by Heaven, then when troubles come, they hold together. 42 more words

Happiness as wu-wei

“I regard actionless action (wu-wei) as worthy of being called happiness…Perfect happiness is keeping yourself alive, and only actionless action can have this effect. This is why I want to say: 75 more words

Alfombra mágica.

Mi super alfombra mágica,
Esa que me teletransporta a los lugares mas encantadores,
Esa que me regala calma
Y me contagia el alma de magia.