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On an ongoing exhibition

Paintings are exhibiting
Into the realm of mind
Accurately placing
Through the art of
Doing or not doing.

That’s good, that’s good
Unnameable apparently
Heavy storm appears… 32 more words

We see the goodness and the monstrosity,
The potential for bliss and infinite pain.
We face the chaos with comic pomposity.
We struggle to shape our future, in vain. 170 more words

Influence With Integrity

Itty bitty sh**ty days

We all have them, don’t we?

When we have a dark taste in our mouth and feel fidgety. Like nothing of any use is going to come through these limbs today. 558 more words


Sitting on a beach,
under a tree or a mountain
all the time, like Buddha did 4 a
while, is not actionlessness, something
which Buddha quickly realized !
30 more words


who does little
or nothing at all
is actionless.

Some people
could be talking good
or bad of that person, judge
&/or disapprove. Nevertheless, by…
31 more words


Wu Wei
refers 2 the
illusive need of doing
& 2 the dysfunctional belief
& hope that action, activity &/or
work or labor provides
happiness. …
20 more words