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Doing without doing

Sometime around 2600 years ago there lived a man whom we refer to as Lao Tzu, which simply means “Old Master.” One story is that he was the keeper of archives for the royal court of Zhou. 557 more words

Alex Colvin

Los siete mejores libros que he leído sobre filosofía Zen

Desde ya hace bastante tiempo, la filosofía Zen y el minimalismo ocupan gran parte de mi interés personal. No se trata de nada pasajero, puesto que ya desde pequeño fui criado en un entorno con muchas influencias sobre temas espirituales, especialmente budistas. 1,221 more words


The Tao Of Pooh

If you haven’t read this book you should definitely get straight to it…

The Tao of pooh teaches you how to stay happy and calm under all circumstances. 100 more words


Sprouts of the Heart

Touching off where I was lost in translation, I discovered a new way of looking at the I ching, through the Wu xing. However, historically I now find myself delving through a Confucian understanding which is in a time period later than the time I wanted to explore. 846 more words

Wu Wei

Another great video from School of Life.

Doterous God

As to human morality, if it could be said that the bible is its gleaning source, are we not at some point, cast-out as sufficiently tutored adolescents free to practice, free of the doting hoverage of a distrustful God-parent? 98 more words


Wu Wei and Winnie the Pooh

Theres a finite number of things that we have complete control over. And sometimes we feel like the world has it in for us. We become so hateful of the world that we begin to hate ourselves. 313 more words