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Giving up on the already exhausted will


… To rest is to give up on the already exhausted will as the prime motivator of endeavor, with its endless outward need to reward itself through established goals.

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Within the shadow of a cloud birds enumerate
the places in the desert they aren’t going to visit.
It goes on for hours. Ghosts know what they could… 7 more words


5 Tao Tips for Summertime Health

Follow the advice of the ancient Taoists and attune your mind, body and spirit to the exuberant energy and bountiful qualities of the summer season. 609 more words

Authentic Tao Living

Some Wu Wei wisdom (non-doing as path to freedom)

The concept of non-doing has been a big part of my practice lately. It’s a way to always have exactly as much energy as we need. 1,046 more words

Mental Health

You ARE doing it

The night of Adahlias 3rd birthday, I wrote a memoir of her birth so that I wouldn’t forget it.

I remembered how in the time of my transition, sweat pouring off me so thick that it lay slick on my skin like sheets of rain on a road, unimaginable pain rolling through my body like waves tossing a boat, my voice unrecognizably transformed into the deep, scream-moan of a primitive creature, without the aid of any painkiller, drug, or numbing agent whatsoever, I suddenly gasped/shouted: 463 more words

Healing Journey

The Ministry of Truth

One day Deng Qiu was sitting on a log taking his midday meal next to his field. It was a breezy afternoon and pleasantly warm. Qiu noted a figure moving towards him with a gait which suggested the omnipotent patience of Zheng Qianfan, a nobody who lived nowhere. 1,456 more words


Mystical Poetry, A Meditation

I put several poems up today after meditating all day and worshiping. They came spontaneously from the deep. I wrote them on two napkins furiously at lunch, front and back. 451 more words

Mystical Poetry