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On finding purpose

Finding your purpose seems to be a veritable Thing these days. Inspirational coaches abound, promising untold riches and boundless supplies of energy once that elusive Purpose is found. 1,189 more words

Mental Health

How To Cultivate Wu Wei

. The softest things of the world

Overcome the hardest things of the world

That which has no substance

Enters into that which has no openings…

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Quote/s: Practice and time

(My Kazimir Malevich d1935 Architekton blocks, as a mental exercise, put together with Wei Wu – effortless action)

To be humble with practice, is to know that time, even through it is a constant, only exists within these moments in time.  35 more words



Word to myself from myself: Drop everything. Divest ego’s need for things to be different than they are.

Francis Bacon: “The contemplation of things as they are…is in itself a nobler thing than a whole harvest of inventions.”

Keith Ashford

Spontaneity as a Method of Effortless Creativity

It’s interesting that from all my blog posts, this is been the one I have procrastinated the most about. It’s almost a lesson on the blocks of spontaneity because for a week or more, I’ve focused on everything but the writing of the post. 1,889 more words

Designers For Humanity

The Dao of Yearning

I’ve learned over the years that sometimes the more enthusiasm someone expresses for something, the more likely they are to lose that enthusiasm when they get what it is they wanted. 609 more words


Go with the flow, revisited

I’m becoming increasingly fascinated by the Taoist concept of Wu Wei.  I wrote about it to some degree in the “Go With the Flow” post back on March 8th.  744 more words