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Peace Fountain Park Early Morning Activism

When I told Sherry a couple weeks ago how much I enjoyed getting my photos taken while dance activating on the riverfront, she volunteered herself to take more photos of me. 133 more words


Wu Wei

Beizeiten habe ich mich schonmal gefragt, was wohl ist, was ich wohl tue, wenn ich, warum nun auch immer, das, was ich jetzt tue, einmal nicht mehr tue? 62 more words

Aphorismen - Sententiae - Sprachspiel

Protest the brain!?

Protest the brain. Brawny the pickpocket. Salaam the word that always makes Protest laugh. Wu Wei. The immortal emptiness. The flow of ink. Of ideas. Of liquids of all sorts. 42 more words

Humpty-Dumpty and the dragon

The folly of British politics in the run up to the General Election is shown by the “Humpty-Dumpty logic” of clamours to spend yet more on the National Health Service: 380 more words