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Wu yifan Studio Weibo Update; "Happy Thanksgiving"


Every Boss Wu’s footprints, every achievement, every creation he has done, those all because of Meigeni’s companionship. Thank you Meigeni. Happy Thanksgiving

Setiap jejak Bos Wu, setiap pencapaian, setiap karya yang ia ciptakan semuanya karena Meigeni yang selalu menemani, terima kasih Meigeni, selamat hari pengucapan syukur.

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Wu Yifan First Time Collaborating with Mr. Wang Chuang

Greenhouse Girl is Mr. Six promotional song and also produced by Mr. Wang Chuang. Wu Yifan performed this song for the first time at Mr. Six… 204 more words

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Wu Yifan Weibo Update; "Today I Look Like This."

今遇高手 功夫了得 待我取得真经 来日再战#今天我长这样#

Meet a martial artist expert today, wait until I get the scriptures (referring his role in JTTW) and come to fight once again when the day comes #today I look like this…

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Wu Yifan Studio Weibo Update; "Please be Safe,"

明天中雪天气,气温零下1到零上1摄氏度。请明晚到《老炮儿》演唱会现场看吴老板的每个你,注意保暖。雨雪天气,为避免拥堵,请尽量提早出门及选择公共交通,注意道路湿滑,安全出行。别忘了,12月24日还要和#吴亦凡# 继续约

Tomorrow under the snowy weather, the temperature would be minus 1 to plus 1. Meigeni who will go to Mr. Six’s concert tomorrow to see Boss Wu, please keep yourself warm. 155 more words

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Wu Yifan Weibo Update; "This is my Style"

我眼中的你们是有发值的and this is my style@挑战者联盟

In my eyes you are all have nice hairstyle and this is my style @ Challanger Union

Menurutku kalian semua mempunyai gaya rambut yang keren dan inilah gayaku

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Weibo Celebrity Rankings 9/11/15 - 15/11/15

Just for fun I’ll post the weibo rankings for last week. I may continue to post them each week if anyone is interested. The rankings are measured in a lot of technical aspects including but not limted to amount of searches and amount of fan love (comments, likes and reposts per weibo etc.). 136 more words

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Wu Yifan: Bad Girl (Lagu + MV)

Lagu terbaru Yifan “Bad Girl” sudah dirilis! Cek di sini.

MV: YinYueTai Youku Tudou iQiyi QQ YouTube

Dukung Yifan dengan menontonnya dari situs YinYueTai dan vote lagu “Bad Girl” di  23 more words

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