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China's biggest star Queen Fan Bingbing, goes public with her romance with Li Chen. Plus some trolls.

Li Chen (36), posted a selfie taken by Fan BingBing of the couple, both in white, on social media today, with a simple caption “Us”. She then shared his post on her own Weibo page. 337 more words


150529 Wu Yi Fan Weibo update

I also have “us” @lichen

“fiRst” (he commented as 1st person at his update)

Li Chen commented on Wu Yifan’s Weibo post:
Couldn’t think of something witty in time, like this! 35 more words

Kris Wu

[Vignette] An Unfounded Incognito

An Unfounded Incognito

Bae Suzy (miss A), Wu Yi Fan / Kris Wu (Actor), Victoria Song (f(x)), and others | AU, Fantasy, Surreal, Fluff, slight!Wizard | Vignette (2415 wordscount) | PG 15 (harsh words) 2,430 more words

Bae Suzy

150528 date with LuYu live trans

WYF said that Beijing is his 3rd home,after Guangzhou & Van,bc of work & family,& he enjoys coming back to China to being with mum… 1,304 more words

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150528 Sina Movie Update

There is 17 picture from sina update,but i just post that

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